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  1. great deal with two great guys they both helped me out with some johan maverick parts (khils) kevin hilsabeck and (scott8950) scott gann thanks guys! vince
  2. that would work scott i can work with that what do you need? vince
  3. hey kevin i need both pieces i think i found a bumper! vince
  4. looking for rear bumper and tail lights for johan maverick or any other parts? vince
  5. had a great trade with al rich (thatz4u) vince
  6. Looking for front and rear glass for Johan torino stock car kit! Vince
  7. looking for a white 64 thunderbolt body or kit i have stuff to trade! vince
  8. it was also on facebook! i never heard back from either place from him! vince
  9. has an awsome job i think its the best build of that kit i ever saw!!!!!! vince
  10. hey kerry im just looking for the bigger ones! vince
  11. looking for a set of rear sprint car tires. vince
  12. hey tom i havea set from the gto funnycar that has the judge stripes if that helps you out?


  13. back at you scott was a pleasure dealing with you again!!!!!!!!!!!!! vince
  14. anyone have or know who makes the decals for a 71-75 demon? vince
  15. great trade completed with bigtruck!!!!!!! thanks buddy vince
  16. wouldnt want to part with a couple johans? and the gremlin stock car? vince
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