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  1. What a blast it was to see your collection of hotrods! Just seeing that scoop on the red 32 roadster takes me right back to when I was a little kid watching my big brother Wally working on his models. Very fond memories. Thankyou!!
  2. What a 'tight' build you did, all the edges and seams were taken care of. I love the colour combo. Very classy.
  3. You've done a beautiful and inspired job restoring this one. I love to see these oldies brought back to life. Gorgeous paint job, and I bet you had fun with the bare medal foil-fest! Did you send the bumpers out to be re-chromed?
  4. This is a gorgeous model. What a tremendous job you did bringing it back from a very sorry state! It's always great to see an uncommon body style. Everything looks very accurate and I enjoy seeing models that have a back story, -nostalgia is a big part of car modelling for me too.
  5. Smitty

    My 2020

    Quite a group of knockouts you have here!! Beautiful, beautiful work. Inspirational actually. It's almost impossible to choose a favorite, but I'm drawn to the '66 Chevelle.
  6. You might as well face it, you're addicted to rust! Your weathering skills are outstanding! You have a great collection of beaters here. I think my favorite is the yellow model A coupe. Is that the Revell kit? I enjoyed looking at your pictires, thanks for posting them.
  7. Smitty

    1962 Chevy

    A very cool and tasteful build. I really like your color choice, it's beautiful. Great wheels too.
  8. Talk about two thumbs up! Great job on your RT Gene! This model has it all. Love the color. A VERY clean build. 2020 was not too good to you Gene, but it sounds like you have some great memories to look back on. Eric
  9. Sorry to be unoriginal but cool is definitely the word. Just the thing for a day at the beach, as long as you don't mind lots of attention!
  10. Gorgeous Roadrunner Bob. I love the color choice! Your chassis detailing is terrific too. I also like the fact that you gave it a 383 engine, just a little something different.
  11. Thanks for all the encouraging words everyone! Time to rip the shrink wrap off another one and get back to it! A happy holiday to all. Stay safe.
  12. So, you take a piece of disproportionate plastic and simply sand, slice and saw away anything that doesn't look like a '40 Mercury convertible? Sounds simple enough, but I have to be able to see the inaccuracies and know where to cut before I can fix them. That's the trick. I'm very impressed (but not surprised) at how smooth and seamless this model turned out, given how extensive the body work was. I've said this before, but how you can scratch build a chassis like this and have all four wheels touching the ground and the stance spot-on too is beyond me. I'm a big fan of chrome reverse wheels and wide white wall tires, they're a perfect choice for this car. Another unique and superb build Cliff. Thanks for including all the in-progress photos! Eric
  13. Beautiful build on your Impala! Absolutely gorgeous paint job! The black on black color scheme gives it a cool, sinister look. The black wall tires match it well too.
  14. Great job on the panel truck Gene. It looks very period correct. I'd like to see it again once you get the business name up on the side!
  15. It looks like a real sleeper. You could put a 429 under the hood! A great looking model. Razor sharp execution on this.
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