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  1. I’ve been really enjoying looking at your models over the past few months. I find myself going back for a second look. They’re that good and the subjects really appeal to me. You’ve built this rare old kit to the high standard it deserves. The paint on this Plymouth is beautiful and you could teach a master class on bare metal foil application!
  2. Thanks everyone for your very helpful responses. I knew I’d come to the right place! I’m planning a surf wagon build of the AMT Nova wagon and I’d like to throw a surfboard or two up on it’s roof.
  3. Good suggestion Johnny. That was going to be my approach, but I’d probably just use styrene sheet. Being basically lazy, I thought I’d first check to see if there were some I could pirate from a kit.
  4. I seem to recall seeing surfboards included in a kit or kits sometime in the past but I can’t recall which one or ones it was. Can anyone remember seeing them?
  5. All the hard work you put into this build has certainly yielded a beautiful model! Very, very clean and tightly executed overall. I’m planning a similar build someday using a Jimmy Flintstone body. Thanks for sharing this one.
  6. There’s a very sophisticated and period correct look to this one. In the right hands these craftsman kits can be made into gorgeous replicas. I love the colour and the wide white wall tires. You even got the flags on the wheel covers!
  7. He must have really hated that model. Whatever ‘floats your boat’ I guess.
  8. Very well done and original. I like the modern touches like the decals and the light bar. Like others have noted, you could get to the hospital quickly -and in complete privacy too. Just watch out for the speed bumps on the way into the hospital!
  9. I’m a big fan of the Banshee. I have an extra set of decals you can have. It’s a tiny sheet. Pm me if you are still looking for them.
  10. It’s great to see someone tackle a project like this. Great job Mario. You put a ton of work into this replica!
  11. Another truly amazing model from you Larry! I've had the pleasure of watching you build a couple of models of this type now and I'm still amazed and left wondering just how a lot of it is done. The base engine is a fine replica in itself, especially having been hewn from a solid chunk of styrene! The large scale of this model lends itself to (and begs for) more detail, but the addition of so many operable features really puts it 'over the top'. Just check out those hood hinges! The precision of your scratch-building and the great paint finishes are always super impressive. Excellent photos too. I'm looking forward to seeing it in person. Until then, thanks for posting it! Eric
  12. No, not just ‘another 29 roadster’. This one has your stamp on it. I too like the cool color choice and the overall clean, tasteful and traditional execution.
  13. You did a beautiful job on this bird David. I’m impressed by how well the hood and the front bumper line up. I like your interior work too. That flocking layed down really nicely.
  14. You’ve done a great job on your Merc! The finish is outstanding! I would have done that engine swap too. The wood trim looks very nice, and I like how you picked out those chrome bolt heads.
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