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  1. Smitty added a post in a topic '50 Olds   

    Very nicely done., and your paint work is first rate.
  2. Smitty added a post in a topic AMT Cobra What the ?????   

    That's hilarious! I'm not sure if that's what you were going for, but it made me smile! I thought VW-based kit car as well.
  3. Smitty added a post in a topic AMT 1964 Pontiac Tempest Le Mans Convertible   

    It's like a step back in time! A superb job. Your colour choice is terrific, rather unusual and unexpected. Super photos too.
  4. Smitty added a post in a topic 1969 Dodge Super Bee   

    Really nice paint, and great job on the engine compartment!
  5. Smitty added a post in a topic An amazingly well done Land Rover Defender by ‘Almost Real’   

    This one is a 'jaw dropper'. Thanks for sharing it Cliff.
  6. Smitty added a post in a topic 1/18 1961 Corvair 700 sedan by Premium X   

    What an incredible model Cliff. I was always fascinated by Corvairs as a boy. I think the exhaust sound they made had a lot to do with it!
    Thanks for sharing it with us.
  7. Smitty added a post in a topic 1967 Pontiac Bonneville. A Wood Grain Trick.   

    Well on your way to another knockout I see. It's great to see these old rarities brought back to life! 
  8. Smitty added a post in a topic 1953 Ford Victoria   

    Wow, I'd say you knocked this one out of the park. I really like the colour combo, and as Manuel said, the seat decals are a great addition. Thanks for posting it!
  9. Smitty added a post in a topic Jaguar "D-Type"   

    That is one beautiful and classy model. The engine compartment is astonishing! Thanks for sharing.
  10. Smitty added a post in a topic 72 Roadrunner Kitbash   

    Thanks Mr. Mopar, and you're right, I completely forgot about the overspray on the chassis! Yes this is a pretty rare one. I built it when I was a kid, but never painted it back then so it was in pretty good condition when I started.
  11. Smitty added a post in a topic My ratty 1966 Ford Fairlane   

    Wow, it looks like someone gave up drag racing, parked it in a barn and just never came back for it!
    Great job. Very convincing weathering job.
  12. Smitty added a topic in Under Glass   

    72 Roadrunner Kitbash
    This is a model I've had since 1972 when I was 12 years old. Some how it stayed with me all these years, so I decided to go all out and try to make it something special. It's an original MPC 72 Roadrunner with an AMT '69 roadrunner chassis and engine under it. The exhaust tips are from Missing Link Resin.Somewhere over the years the kit hood was lost so I had to replace it with a resin piece that needed some work to get to fit. I'm still not completely satisfied with it, but I'm very thankful the model has a hood! I'm hoping to devise a way to attach the hood to the hinges in a removable way so that I can display it with the hood open or closed. The paint is Tamiya TS-12 out of the can with Testors wet look clear. The interior is painted with Model Master black chrome with a touch of silver mixed in. In hindsight I think I was trying a little too hard to make this one perfect and the 'fun factor' started to fade a little, but I explored several new techniques and learned a lot in the process. 
    Anyway, it will always be a favorite and I'm glad I still have it!

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  13. Smitty added a post in a topic 1958 Pontiac Bonneville   

    I'd really like to have one of these in my collection. It's great to see another old model saved. You did a great job and I love the colour!
  14. Smitty added a post in a topic '60 Ford Starliner and '59 Ranch Wagon (with subtle improvements)   

    Very nice models Cliff. They were crying out for the improvements you've made. 
  15. Smitty added a post in a topic KrAZ 256B 12 Ton Dump Truck   

    This truck is quite a brute Cliff! Superb job - even more so at the smaller scale. Great colour combo as well.