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  1. A small investment in time yielded nice results Gene. A big improvement. Eric
  2. '55 Ford semi custom from a stock parts car

    Excellent job Cliff! It's an authentic traditional custom with your own original ideas incorporated. The colour is beautiful, also, it's nice to see a custom done from that period that doesn't have skirts over the rear wheels for a change.
  3. Exoto's 1/18 1954 D-Type Jaguar

    Just when you thought you'd seen everything. Absurdly detailed is right! Amazing.
  4. 1967 Pontiac Bonneville, More Mediocre Pics.

    Steve, your models are always a treat to see. It's especially great to see such a rare model done so well. Beautiful colour choice! Eric
  5. Lettering on tires

    I'm with you Tom. I use a piece of glass, then roll some flat acrylic paint onto it with a small foam roller. I drop the tire onto the paint, then gently press down on the tire. You can practice and keep trying to get the results you're happy with, just keep some water or isopropyl alcohol and a cloth handy to wipe the tire off. Then try again.
  6. Another inspirational build, Larry. I like the background story here. You were planning this one for quite some time, and now here it is. There's a ton of satisfaction that goes with 'crossing one off of your list'. Those hand made curved front doors must have been a lot of fun to do, along with all the other amazing working features that are always a part of your models. Overall a very authentic replica. No doubt all the reference gathering you did over the years really paid off. Thanks for posting it Cliff.
  7. Hawaiian Charger

    Done a million times yes, but not always this nicley. You did it justice sir! I have one in my stash waiting for me...
  8. 69 GTX Johan

    Nicely done GTX to be sure! One can clearly see the differences between this and the AMT offering. In defense of AMT, I will say while I like the Johan body more, I think that AMT has the superior chassis and drive train, as it should, considering how much newer the AMT kit is.
  9. Your paint job does look really good on this one Dan, and I don't see what you've accomplished as cheating. You happen to have a particular skill that just happens to come in handy for model building!
  10. 65 Plymouth Satellite (Moebius)

    That's a very tidy build. I really, really like the color choice and your detailing on the engine and interior is exceptional!
  11. Flathead

    This is very exciting. While we don't all have access to 3D printing at the moment, I can see the future of car modelling, and it looks very bright!
  12. 1974 Plymouth GTX

    Really nicely done! You certainly ironed out all the 'wrinkles' in this kit.
  13. My only 3 for the year.

    Very nice work Gene. These are all dream machines, but the Chevelle is my favorite. Happy New Year!
  14. My Pathetic 2017 Class.

    Well, Steven, it's frustrating when 'life' gets in the way of your passion, but like everyone has been saying, you did a beautiful job on this Pontiac. Your black paint job is a knockout!
  15. 1967 Pontiac Bonneville. 2/20, COMPLETE!!

    That's pure magic Steven. That dash is like jewelry. I was wondering what you use to mask your seats when you do a multicolored treatment? Eric