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  1. Great job! Replica stock is my favorite building style, so this one really grabbed me. That's a beautiful and unexpected color choice.
  2. Cliff, you and Larry did a beautiful job on this model. I really love to see these classic rigs. The modified trailer is a great match to the Autocar and the reefer unit is really something to see. Quite an accomplishment at 1/50 scale! Stay safe, Eric
  3. Hi David, I thought I'd show you a '50 Meteor coupe that I did several years ago. I used the AMT '49 Mercury grill that you mentioned. You may have seen the '51 Ford trans-kit that the Modelhaus used to make to convert the AMT '49 or '50 Fords. I don't know if there are any of those floating around, but I imagine they would be difficult to find. Good luck with your sedan project. Be sure and post it when it's done, I'd love to see it!
  4. These are very nice models of some beautiful race cars Cliff. The modified red car looks very tough indeed. Great job! I really like the Halibrands on it. Thanks for posting these. Eric
  5. What a gorgeous model! It's a real joy to see such a rare subject built so beautifully. I think one of your talents is your ability to root out the the parts of a kit that detract from the model's realism and replace them with your own better solutions. Love the colour too!
  6. You did a great job bringing this one back to life. I would not have guessed it was in such poor condition. Now this old Desoto will live on! i
  7. Smitty

    '41 Ford Coupe

    You did a beautiful job on this! The '41 is my favorite of this era of Fords. Your body work is seamless. Great job detailing under the hood too.
  8. That's a nice haul Howard! What a trip down memory lane. You'll have fun restoring those! I had one of those Eldon Sand Draggin' kits when I was a kid. Eric
  9. That's hilarious! My reaction to the photos of your model was to start laughing (quietly), because I don't think I could quite believe my eyes! Just amazing. Thanks for posting it!
  10. A beautiful Cuda Tim. Very restrained and tasteful. I have to believe that many of the '70 Cudas built back in the in the day were along the lines of your clean, classy build. As a side note, I think you were right in describing the styling of the '71 Cudas as over done. I never really thought about it until you mentioned it - but when you see them with the rear wing, the rear window louvers the big side billboards the front fender gills and that busy grill, they stand in stark contrast to the relative simplicity of the 1970 models. No matter, I still love 'em anyway!
  11. These are beautiful models Cliff - a real feast for the eyes! Your attention to detail is amazing. I remember seeing tractors like these at a nearby steam show. They really are something to see. In those days they certainly went out of their way to make these machines look nice. They are rolling pieces of art. Eric
  12. Cool photo. It appears that a full-size chevy is coming down the line right behind the Camaro.
  13. Great looking Mopar Curt! That's a beautiful and realistic color choice. Your Mom had good taste! The convertible top well was a cool addition, and those redlines really set it off. Our paths have not crossed for quite a while. Hopefully I'll will see you and Gene at an upcoming show when things are back to 'normal.' Eric
  14. Cliff, When I mentioned this model in an email last week I mistakenly referred to it as a '32 Ford. Maybe it was the '32 Ford grill. I was surprised to learn that Ford even made a two-door Model A phaeton. I found out that Ford offered almost two dozen body styles of the Model A, not including commercial vehicles! This style makes a great looking hot rod and that top certainly is realistic looking. The stance looks spot on and your brass radiators are always cool pieces of craftsmanship. I'm also a big fan of chrome reverse wheels and wide white wall tires, and I have to say of all the colours that I like on a car, this red has to be right at the top of my list. A classy car and another pristine build. Thanks for posting it! Eric
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