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  1. I finished up the interior today and got half of the side chrome done. Dash, center console arm rest, and custom steering wheel painted Testors' Revving Red. Rear seat backs highlighted with Testors' 1204 red. Flooring done with Kens fuzzy fur maroon flocking. The chrome was done with a molotow chrome pen. Dash buttons gloss white and gauge faces done with semi-gloss black. The custom roof panels and rear glass came from another 63 Galaxie convertible I have. Body is also painted Testors' Revving Red with wet look clear. I'll be using the flip upside glass on this. The custom rear treatment comes from about three different custom treatments that came in the kit. Kit supplied big bullet tail lights are glued to smaller round filler lights that have been BMF'd. It's came a long way from when I first got it eh? Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed.
  2. I have one in progress with the same color combo, I hope mine turns out half as good as yours. Great build.
  3. This is a really well execute custom. The tail light, grille, dash, and wheels all work in harmony to the the wagon roof together. You have made the ultimate shooting brake!
  4. Being lazy and wanting it done. While Ford did have blue caps back then, this is not the color. It was a darker blue.
  5. Number Five for this year, Started back in August 2019 and painted Testors' Star Spangled blue with wet look clear. Built pretty much out of the box except the rear exhaust tips and muffler, those I took from the Revell 77 Firebird. I still need to put the decal on the badge and paint the front lights white. I glued the T-tops in. I could use a license plate decal on here as well. In real life, the blue plastic does not show through the semi gloss black paint, it just does it in photos. Not too much done with the interior since it is so basic, just semi gloss black and flat black for carpet. Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed.
  6. Started in 2008 and just finished in January 2021. Painted Testors Honduras Maroon. This was my 2nd complete for this year. Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed.
  7. Oh, this was my 3rd completion for the year.
  8. Finished up January 9th, this one is painted Tamiya TS-23 Light blue with testors Nassau blue interior. Built box stock. Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed.
  9. Painted with some auto touch up grey, interior is done with Humbrol reds. I lost interest in this when the decals disintegrated on me. Today I decided I either needed to finish it or toss it, so here it is finished! Box stock except for tires and wheels. Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed. This is my 4th for the year!
  10. I need some help, can anyone post pics of the open road camper instructions? I lost mine and can piece most of where everything goes but I'm a little confused about some of it. Thanks in Advance.
  11. Started this one on the 2nd of January and got it together today the 3rd. Painted Tamiya TS-42 light gun metal, it went together really easy. Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed.
  12. RDean58

    2020 BUILDS

    Cool looking completes for this year!
  13. 21 new ones and 1 rebuild, not too bad for this year. This next one is a rebuild of an original build from the 1980's. Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed.
  14. Cobra on some tires and wheels! I still need to paint the center red and the lug nuts chrome.
  15. Here is how I want the blue GT to look. This is my last set of MRC Crager mags and American Satco Parilli tires. I have made my engine selections. Sorry GT, you get the 429 Cobra Jet engine. The Cobra will get the Boss 429. While the engine would fit under the hood of the GT by using the air cleaner from the AMT 70 Galaxie police car, I liked the way it looked better with the cold air package from the Cobra. Tires and wheels for the Cobra will be a set of L60 x 15 RWL tires from AMT and the Chrysler Magnum 500s from the AMT 1970 Super Bee kit. I like the deeper look of the AMT wheels. Well, this is it for now, thank you for looking and all comments welcomed.
  16. Last week I was looking at all the models I have in progress and decided I needed to get at least one more done this year. I picked the Tamiya TS-50 Mica blue painted Revell 70 Torino GT kit. Old kit started in April 2005 But when I started to work on it I discovered I was missing some vital components of the front suspension, like lower control arms, tie rod, and stabilizer bar. Then I realized I forgot to put the rear view mirrors on before I painted, and the paint job was not as good as it was 15 years ago. So, I started my new and improved version of this same kit. I painted this one Tamiya TS-54 light metallic blue and for this interior I decided to go with the black and white optional interior as opposed to the light blue interior of my original build. New kit started October 2020. I also started the Torino Cobra kit in April of 2005 and only got as far as painting the body. Originally I painted it with some type of Testors Auto Lacquer yellow but it did not turn out well. Into the purple pond it went and on went some Testors enamel grabber green. Well that came out pretty thick and ugly so into it's box it went to languish for 15 years. I broke it out the other day and gave it another bath in purple power then shot it with Tamiya TS-97 pearl yellow. I will put a black interior in this one along with the rear window slats. Tires and wheels will be kit supplied I think, unless I go for some chrome reverse. The kicker is, one of these two Torinos will be sporting a Boss 429. I used the basic block from the Revell kit with the heads, intake, and valve covers from the AMT 70 Galaxie police car to build my Boss 429. I have read from online sources that an early factory brochure stated that the boss 429 4v was available in the Cobra only. Of course there are no records to indicate one was ever built at the factory so this will be a fantasy build or a "what if" build. If you do a web search on 1970 Boss 429 Torinos there are a couple out there where people have performed this swap in real life. I suspect Ford specified the Torino Cobra for the Boss 429 because of hood clearance problems. Since I do not want to cut up the GT hood, if the Boss don't fit below that then into the Cobra he goes. Stay tuned for more :-) Since I can't get enough of a good thing, I just won another Revell 70 Torino Cobra from evil bay. This one has the decals to make it a twister special which I might do. I would need to get some stock hubcaps/trim rings from Fireball model works for it to be accurate. As far as the Calypso Coral orange paint, I think I can fake that by first shooting orange on the body then shooting clear red over that. I also have some Testors Hugger orange and maybe a can of hemi orange, not sure about that last one. MCW does not list Calypso Coral on their sight and I really don't want to spend $35 for a can of paint from auto touchup. Or I could just paint it red and put the decals in a box someplace. The original in progress build is back in it's box and when I run across the missing parts I'll put it together as well. Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed.
  17. I am not sure if this is one I built originally or one I got from my nephew. Anyway, it was built back in 1982. Originally painted Ruby red (?) Testors' candy enamel. It had a big hole cut n the hood so I covered it up with the hood scoop from the AMT 65 Ford Galaxie kit put on with the opening facing towards the front. It looks neat to me. The hood was cut open to allow the SOHC high rise intake and engine to fit from the AMT 66 Ford Galaxie kit. I removed all the old paint back in 2011 and then it kind of sat in a box for the longest time. I got another 68 Shelby kit in 2015 to rebuild and have just started to do a build of that kit with the frame from the AMT 67 Shelby. Since I have left overs from the new Shelby build I decided to see what I could do with this old one. Here are some "before" pictures of it taken back in 2011 before I removed the old paint. Here it is with the new frame installed and a new shiny Testors' Revving Red with wet look clear paint. I am going to use a Molotow pen over the head lights then do a smoke cover for them. I could not get the old grille/ bumper to fit so I'll run this without any grille in it. I might find some black mesh to put in that big opening though. I will probably use a body color 67 Bumper to cover the void and split that opening in half. That was the original plan with the front pan/grille. Body colored rear bumper. The tail light panel is painted Tamiya TS-42 gun metal. I am not sure what tires/wheels I'll be using as I only have one of the originals left. I have a set of black painted side pipes from the Monogram 66 Chevelle kit for it and I've found a new Pontiac Firebird rear wing for it as well. I also have the small chin spoiler to put back on it as well. Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed.
  18. Another one started, hoping to get it finished. This is from the 3 muscle car set that includes the 69 Barracuda and 69 4-4-2. This particular kit came with the BF Goodrich tires that are okay but looked to small for this build. So I found a set of F60-15 RWL tires from various AMT kits. The real car came equipped with F60x14 so I an not that far off from stock. I think I have a warped frame because the wheelbase does not align, I will try and fix that later. The wheels are detailed and done except for a little cleanup. Then I got to looking at the interior. I do not know where AMT got this center console from in the kit, because the real one actually looks like ones in the 66-67 Mustangs. I am not sure what I will do about this though, I could cut out the bad console and fill the area in with flooring then put the shifter on. Or I could find a center console from a 67 Mustang GT kit for it. Easiest is to detail what is there in the kit and call it done. I cut away the rear bumper from the tail light area because the area below the taillights is supposed to be body color. I am going to try and not do too much more "adjustments" to this kit as it is very old and to really improve it would mean to replace the frame with another one from a newer kit (maybe a Revell 70 Torino?). Btw, the engine in this kit seems to be based on one from an AMT 61 Mercury kit! I base this observation on the oil pan being molded to the bottom of the engine halves and the way the timing chain cover looks. No matter though, it seems to fill up the engine compartment. No solid plans for a color, but I am leaning towards Tamiya TS-64 Dark Mica blue. Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed.
  19. I got this kit years ago and have decided to give it a go. There was a lot of stuff to clean up on this one. This kit has a lot of problems, first off, the engine compartment is no where near accurate. The wheels only have lug nuts molded on one wheel, I think the interior rear seat is too shallow and the front seats are too small. I think the L60x15 tires are too big. The engine is a bit of a mess, the combined grille/bumper is wrong, plus we get chrome headlights and driving lights. The tail light section is all chromed as well. And finally the frame looks a bit generic. I can't tell you about the accuracy of the body though, but I think it captures the look of a 68 Shelby. This is the kit I am building. I fixed most of the kits short comings by getting an AMT67 Shelby and will be using the frame/engine compartment and running gear from it. I have an AMT 66 Mustang kit coming for better Shelby wheels. The kit tires/wheels. I will be using the tires from the 67 Shelby kit along with the Shelby wheels from the 66 Mustang kit. Even though the wheels from that 66 coupe kit are not as wide as they should be, they are worlds better than the ones that come in the kit These seats are too small when compared to the seats from the 67 Shelby. I think this back seat is way to shallow. Door panel is pretty flat and would be hard to detail. I am hoping the Revell 68 Mustang GT kit has better door panels and that I can graft them onto the 67 Shelby platform interior/frame section. I have ordered a Revell 68 Mustang GT kit for the seats & door panels and will use the AMT kit supplied dash and center console along with the center console arm rest. As a lot if you know, when AMT redid this kit they combined the grille and front bumper as one unit. I started to compare the 67 Shelby front bumper to the 68 front bumper and noticed the overall shape is identical. So I cut off the existing bumper from the 68 Shelby kit and will be using the bumper from the 67. All I will need to do is to remove the two bars that hang down below the bumper to have an accurate 68 Shelby bumper. After I cut off the original bumper from the grille. 67 bumper test fit on 68 Shelby. The two bumper teeth will need to be removed. I have the grille and rear tail light section soaking in Purple power to remove the chrome. I'll clean up the area around the grille where I removed the old bumper, glue it into the body and shoot it body color. Once that is done I will go around the outside with a Molotow pen to do the chrome stripe. The plastic grille section will be cut out and replaced with some black mesh I have. The 67 Shelby kit will donate the clear headlights and my parts box will supply the rectangular driving lights to replace the chromed ones that come in the kit. I am also thinking I want to substitute a different big block Ford engine for the one that comes in the kit. Maybe one from a 65 or 66 Galaxie. So, bottom line, I think I can make a pretty nice replica of a 68 Shelby GT 500 from this kit if I use parts from the AMT 66 Mustang Coupe, AMT 67 Shelby GT350, Revell 68 Mustang GT, and AMT 66 Ford Galaxie! Thanks for looking, all comments welcomed.
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