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  1. Yes, I have seen your drawer with plywood and cutting mat. It's inventive and creative. Your work space may be limited but you don't appear to be. Your skill and work is great for any amount of space. Jonathan
  2. I work off an old cafeteria tray with a Christmas cookie tin as a parts box. I can work on the old oak desk my father gave me but its the computer desk and I get kicked off all the time. So I sit on the floor to build and take pics on the desk (better light). Always, Clean and ready! Jonathan
  3. Bigfoot approuves of Bigfoot truck. And so do I. Great paint job, nice work with the cracks. Jonathan
  4. Thats one slick looken truck, very clean. Jonathan
  5. Wow looks awesome. One day I too will have skills like yours, until then I'll just have to look at your build. Love the rollover tarp! Jonathan
  6. I too never got the privilege to chat with him. From what I have read he's a true American hero and gentleman. "no one is ever truly gone as long as you remember them" To those who served before me, the brave who are serving now and to those who have yet to serve--- You will never be forgotten! Rest in peace, Sir.
  7. I have been moving photos to photo bucket and now have the space I need. I was talking to Foxer about his awesome Cooper countryman, he mentioned that he would like to see this dozer. "Ask and you shall receive". Here is the finished product, painted nutmeg then layered stone grey over. If any one want I can post progress pics but heres the box, A fun little build would go well with sone Japanese planes. I'm an HEO and I work with dozers, so I do any model of one I can get my hands on. I do really want the AMT's cat D8H just to pricey for me. lol
  8. Great work, fun build.
  9. Always good to try new projects that are out of your comfort zone, learn and grow. Looks to me like you can handle these bikes no problem. - Jonathan
  10. Great work, I'll have to pick up 2 or 3 of these kits; the wife it a big WV Bug fan. Showed her yours, she got real excited and loves the Rod Bug you did. Thanks for all the pics. Great work, - Jonathan
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