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  1. What does the correct steering wheel look like?
  2. I couldn't care less about the show. In fact, the only reason I even know about it is because of the famous '67 Impala Sedan. I'm a huge fan of 4 door cars in kit form, so I plan to buy a couple more. When my order arrived this morning from Autoworld and I opened it, my wife immediately recognized the characters and graphics for Supernatural. I'll probably build a strock family sedan and I think a taxi would be pretty cool.
  3. Before Modelhaus shut down, I was lucky enough to purchase their LTD grille, rear bumper/trim and hood so that I could build this kit as an LTD.
  4. I'd buy any new tool domestic truck kit that Moebius would release.
  5. Well due in part to this thread and the Dentside replica group on FB, I purchased a standard long bed from Kris Morgan. He's also got Mercury M-100 conversions coming for the '65 and '66 Moebius Ford kits.
  6. I've got a couple earlier grilles and cannot remember where I sourced them from. I've been looking for a correct short bed and I've been waiting for a resin Supercab so I can give my 1/1 '77 a go.
  7. The Ranger was wildly popular during it's entire lifespan, although I think it's "model kit" appeal died out after the mid 90's. It would've been cool to see a release of the Edge. With the 83-89 Ranger, they could look into a Bronco II as well I believe.
  8. I'd be interested in a Ram or Colorado. I was hoping that Meng would have taken a stab at a late model Ram 1500.
  9. I've built a couple of the Revell '56 Kits and I agree with you on it 100%. I’ve never built the AMT ‘53 Kit, but I’ve never heard anything bad about it. It seems like a nice kit. I’m sure it’s not in the style of Moebius, but I’d be pumped to see them take a crack at the ‘80-85 and ‘86-91 F-150. Someone needs to, since the Revell F-150 Ranger is lacking a bit. The variations could be spread out more if they added the Bronco as well. Of course, it’s all wishful thinking haha.
  10. I'd definitely buy a couple Dodge kits, if they're offered. I own a '77 Ford Supercab and am a pretty big fan of the '73-79 Fords, so I honestly hope they go there next. There wouldn't be too many changes to the can and bed.
  11. Now that the 65-72 Ford Truck series has been pretty well covered, what do you think is next?
  12. An '85 Town Car sedan and a '77 Town Coupe. On Facebook, I found out that a page named "Too Many Projects" is producing them. I've got one of his bodies already for a Ford LTD. The quality of the body, grille and bumpers are very nice, despite the lack of interior, wheels and glass.
  13. Anyone have any clue who makes one or will be releasing them? I saw them on Instagram and there was no other information released at this time. Thanks for any direction!
  14. They have the Coca-Cola version of Eleanor coming out in August.
  15. I'm excited to see this progress. Also can't wait to hopefully get my hands on one or two!
  16. I'm happy to see the kit bashing! Looks like we're gonna get even more bang for our buck with utility bed out now as well. I sure hope Moebius releases that bed on its own, however I have no problem buying another truck for the bed.
  17. I love these trucks! I have one of each of the 69-72 kits and the '66 so far. Have the '65 with utility bed ordered and will get the Fleetside when available as well. I truly wish that Moebius would take a stab at the 73-79 and then the 80-86 Ford trucks.
  18. I'd be in for one for sure! Especially if I could figure out how to get a front and rear end that would look like my '94 I had!
  19. Looks nice! Always a huge fan of the Fairlanes!
  20. Very cool! It's harder to build a realistic wreck than a realistic vehicle fresh from the assembly line.
  21. Wow, this is incredible! Can I ask where the rear window is? I wasn't sure if they had them or not in those days for limos.
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