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  1. Finished this Aoshima London Black Cab kit this week, one of five Aoshima kits given to me. I would have to say I’ve never seen one of these posted here before. Paint is Tamiya black over the molded black body, could have left it unpainted if it were not for mold lines. Thanks for looking.“The case of the bonnet open”
  2. My son gifted me these five kits for combined Christmas and Birthday. Several cars that I never new existed. I have finished the London Black cab and will be posting some pics of it later.
  3. Man that turned out super nice! I too was concerned with all the negatives but it does build quite nicely.
  4. Just finished my build of the 75th Anniversary White-Freightliner. Although the directions pretty much stink it will build into a nice looking cabover. White paint just Tamiya primer and the red is Tamiya TS86 Pure Red followed by a clear coat. Unfortunately while trying to fix the roof seams I proceeded to sand off the rivets. I’ll post a few pics in a couple of weeks of it it hooked up to its AMT trailer. Thanks for looking.
  5. Thanks guys! Jim, it is an actual Coca-Cola kit from AMT. I do want to get the USA-1 kit one of these days.
  6. Your Freightliner turned out great! I'm very close to finishing mine up, you have set the bar high! I also opted to use the back panel with the small windows, glad to see it on yours.
  7. Thank you guys! It's good to have a four door in the collection.
  8. I finished this up several weeks ago but am just now able to post some pics. Quite a fun build with the ginormous tires. Unfortunately I didn’t get the Tamiya TS86 Pure Red paint high enough for the large Coke script and I had some seep up the panel lines. The White color is just Tamiya primer with a clear coat. Thanks for looking!
  9. Finished my Impala build a few weeks ago but have just been able to get some pics. All and all a pretty nice kit. Paint is Tamiya TS14 Gloss Black with the TS13 clear coat. Trim is silver Sharpie. Thanks for looking!
  10. Great looking build! I just picked this kit up over the weekend.
  11. Very nice Marc! Curious if you had the glass fitment issue and how you dealt with it.
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