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  1. Good to see another Aussie on here. This is looking like a great project. I was looking at the front end where the carbon decal was applied, I cant get my carbon to look like that around corners when I'm applying it to my F1 models, takes me forever. looking forward to seeing the finish project.
  2. That paint job has come out awesome. The stance looks mean. Cant wait to see how the interior turns out.
  3. Sounds like a good plan, looking forward to seeing the finished model. ill be keeping an eye on this.
  4. This has turned out awesome. Great detail. Has given me some ideas. Thank you. GREAT WORK dude
  5. Looking good......looking forward to more
  6. Looking forward to seeing this build. Nice work. I have a few of these Tamiya F1 kits in my stash.
  7. Looking good dude. This kit reminds me so much of the first series of Miami Vice and what Don Johnson was driving. All class. NICE!!!
  8. The detail to this model is awsome.. love the seats.
  9. Nice project. I have the same kit and detail bits except for the HRM enine (something I will have to look up). Keep the updates coming, looking forward to them
  10. Looking good. My favourite car manufacturer. Looking forward to seeing the finished product.
  11. WOW.....nice work dude. Nice to see another Aussie on here.
  12. Now this has my interest.....my sort of car. Looking forward to seeing the end result.
  13. That white and red combo looks so sexy......came out very nice.
  14. Love the body mods. Nice work. Looking forward to the end result.
  15. Awsome work. Love what you did with the interior, very nice.
  16. Looking good. BMF work has come up nicely.
  17. Very nice color dude. Got me thinking for a R32 Skyline
  18. Now thats some nice work........keep it up. Now this has definitely got my attention. Also thanks for some of the tips
  19. This has turned out very nice. Well done. Nice work
  20. Looks like its been a great year for builds???
  21. Looking good......waiting for the finished product. Enjoyingt the scratch building
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