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  1. Simply outstanding work! You outdid yourself on this Pete!!!
  2. Very nicely done. I just built one of these as well. Quite the challenge, looks great!
  3. Alright JT, we are all watching you tackle this monster. If anyone can get it done, it's you!!!!
  4. Hermann your work is always fantastic. I am always in awe of your builds, great work!!!!
  5. Outstanding work on the entire rig. Very impressive.
  6. Excellent as always JT. Now you have me working on fire fighting equipment. The orange looks fantastic!
  7. Fantastic job!!! I can't say enough about what you have done here. Excellent work on the CAT!!!
  8. Hey Guys, This is my attempt at making an early 80's GMC General. After looking at many different brochures I decided to give it a try. The modifications include; moving the front axle more forward although, I didn't move it far enough, replaced the engine with the Detroit motor from the Tyrone Malone Hauler, larger sleeper,and cutting down the battery boxes to reflect the changes made in the 80's. She's not perfect but she's done. Thanks for viewing!
  9. Excellent job on your pair of Petes. Your modifications are spot on.
  10. Good work Brian, looks totally realistic. Super job on your weathering. I hope the Alaskan Hauler gets released again soon.
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