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  1. Thanks everyone for the comments. I couldn't resist orange in the paint scheme, I was sure JT got a kick out it.
  2. Great looking rig. I hope you enjoyed driving the real tank. I was a tanker for 27 years, nothing beats being in a tank!!
  3. Nice work, the Freightliner cabovers are always a challenge.
  4. Beautiful collection of rigs. You really did an outstanding job on all of them.
  5. First things first, this build fought be from start to finish! I have built this conversion before using the old AMT KW cabover kit. This attempt I used the Tyrone Malone KW cabover. The cab was actually easy this go round. Instead of using putty to fill the gaps, I used melted styrene to fill all of the seems. Melting the styrene is quite easy, I cut the model sprue into small pieces then let it sit in a bottle of Plastruct Plastic Weld for a couple of hours. Once the plastic melted, I used the applicator that came with the plastic weld and dabbed it on the cab, let it dry, then sanded. Modi
  6. Good job on the Freightliner. The colors are perfect.
  7. Outstanding work, I love everything you have created here. The color combination really works with this rig!
  8. Your work is always fantastic and well detailed, wow!!!!
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