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  1. Nice build! This color really shows the lines off nicely
  2. Very very nice! Photos look great also
  3. Excellent build, all the extra details and SBing look great
  4. FabbricaP

    1962 Bel Air

    Beautiful build, the colors look great
  5. Fantastic build JC. Really enjoyed the WIP. The detailing is excellent, especially like the rear brake n oil lines, very realistic! BTW, what did you make the fan belt out of?
  6. Turned out great. The diffuser looks surprisingly good with the 250 rear end!
  7. Looking forward to seeing this one!
  8. Wow i really like your color choices. Looks like they are gonna great with the LB bodykit
  9. Amazing build, enjoyed the WIP
  10. Very nice, the overhead shot looks awesome
  11. Looks awesome, better late than never!
  12. Looking great. Really like the interior detailing!
  13. Very nice, the styling is so period correct haha. pure 80/90s
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