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  1. That is all for now!?! That made me laugh! What a nice looking build, you did an amazing job!
  2. These are nice looking. I like your engine work on the Camaro and the stance on the F100.
  3. Very wild! I love all of them. I'm not much of a drag racing guy but yours are just spectacular builds.
  4. Welcome Samuel! I just subscribed to your YouTube channel. I'll be watching your vids later today. The NSX is on my short list so I'm looking forward to seeing them.
  5. This is the first thing I thought when I saw it! I'll have this same one I'm building done this week. It will NOT look this good.
  6. Looks like a good start my New Jersey brother!
  7. You have amazing attention to detail. Very nice!
  8. I'd certainly be interested in more seat pattern decals for almost all my builds.
  9. Beautiful, just beautiful! Can't wait to see more, lots more.
  10. All very sharp, nice job 👍
  11. Oh and for all you raving anti-Festivites: Merry Christmas And Happy Holidays!
  12. Do it!!! Having a goal might get you modeling a couple nights a week even if it's just a few minutes each night. I actually have a TV next to my bench so I can work and not miss big games (like tonight's Giants game). Plus I have to have noise, either music or TV. Maybe you can set it up to have the best of both worlds.😁 Oh, welcome to the forum!
  13. Agreed, and the yellow really is a nice touch.
  14. Both look great! Nice color choice on the Belvedere.
  15. Thanks! Yes, I'm decided, I definitely love it. I'm guessing you didn't do a WIP on it, I would have really loved to have seen your build in progress. I plan on doing a '66 Chevy wrecker as a replica of the one we had used at our family's auto body shop. I drove it for 15 years, and it was a workhorse into the late '90s. I'll have to scratch build a large part of it for what I have planned I think. The problem is it might be a little beyond my skill level at this point. I guess if I don't try I'll never know so we'll see.
  16. Glad to have you join in the fun here!
  17. We do a Festivus party every year. We have the Festivus Pole and we put up pics from the show. We also serve food from the show. This years menu includes Vegetable Lasagna, a Big Salad, Soup, Meatloaf, Marble Rye, Calzone, Shrimp and Chips and Dip. For desert Cinnamon and Chocolate Babka, Frozen Yogurt, Bosco, Snickers, Junior Mints and Pez. The Airing of Grievances tend to be mild complaints and the Feats of Strength is only some arm wrestling but we try to cover everything. My wife is getting t-shirts this year I'm hoping mine says "Yay Jerry got it open"
  18. Looks like a fun time at The Frosty Cup! I'm really digging the Ford wrecker. Wouldn't mind seeing some more pics of that. Campground dio should be cool too.
  19. It helps to read the other replies before you decide to write your own. I know it takes a couple minutes but it's worth it.
  20. All very nice, but that Wagonrod is a real eye catcher for me!
  21. Yep, that's it. The song is "The Shape I'm In". The other hint I thought of was: This group was Bob Dylan's backup band in the '60s.
  22. I don't know if this clue will help but. The band that does this song has a generic name.
  23. Great engine detailing! Very nice build overall.
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