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  1. Finally got this finished. It fought me the whole way. I painted it twice, applied the decals twice, the whitewalls twice. I like the way it turned out, its good from a distance, but i am not happy with the wheels and tires. I love the engine bay, though. Also very happy with the interior, its one of my best.
  2. This is a super cool build, I am enjoying watching it come together.
  3. Does anyone make decals to replicate these cars? I would like to replicate one of these. Hopefully there is a decal set out there somewhere.
  4. I really dig that Ford van. Nice job on a totally oddball subject.
  5. This car is nearing completion but I can't quite get it to fit together right. The front of the chassis is sticking out the bottom. not level like it should be.
  6. This is finally coming together. It's been difficult though. The hood was more difficult than it should have been, had to paint it twice, decals laid nice, then half of them peeled off when I masked it to repaint a spot. the decals are part of the stock decals, and part of the Keith Marks decals.
  7. This is a cool project. I have one on the bench to build as well. Cant wait to see how this turns out! What paint did you use for your engine?
  8. IMG_0372.HEIC IMG_6334.HEIC IMG_5317.HEIC
  9. Has anyone started one of these kit bashes yet? I am curious to see how they mate up, size-wise.
  10. I picked this back up again, and got the engine wired. I drilled out the oil filter adapter for the coolant lines, and will continue to add detail as it goes.
  11. That license plate is correct for 69-71 but they changed it for 72. Odd choice by Revell to do the decals that way. Truck looks awesome. Very nice job.
  12. I also still have that issue of Car Modeler. Its one of the first I ever bought as a kid, and I have looked at that Pontiac so many times, I can't count. He is an amazing scratch builder. I also have the SAE with the 72 Roadrunner he made. His work is inspiring, thats for sure.
  13. The first generation Bronco was on my dream list for a long time. I was very pleased when Revell made one. I would love to see a Studebaker pickup, 1949, a stock 1972 Torino, ( I know there is that race car kit, but it seems small, anyone build that?) and a nice 1970 GTO Judge.
  14. I love Plum Crazy with a white interior. great combination.
  15. Got those side panels roughed in.
  16. Greg, I plan on making sides for that. should be pretty simple, just haven't done it yet. Dominick, I have been following that build, it looks great so far. I am planning on cutting the roof off the 69 GTO i have as well, since its broke already, and I don't have glass for it. I was thinking of using the 69 chevelle for parts, but after seeing yours, might use the 72 cutlass instead.
  17. Still working on my airbrush skills, but this color looks awesome.
  18. I haven't posted anything on this car in a while. The hood gave me a lot of trouble. I couldn't quite get the seam to disappear. Oh well, driving on.
  19. This turned out very nice. I have the 53 squire stalled on my bench as I struggle to make an interior. Do you have any pictures of how you did yours?
  20. this is coming together great! I love the color!
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