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  1. I'm gonna agree with these two gents. I've been a member here forever and we just DON'T see many Hubley kits get built. Much less get customized. Outstanding work.
  2. The Mr. Horsepower decals are VERY common. You can find them on lots of different kits. Especially old muscle car kits that come with drag options.
  3. Very solid work. I'm not a big fan of outlaw hoods but you did that one very well. Most impressive.
  4. I'm afraid so. Or rather the right kit at the wrong time. The initial release had the nailhead. This release. The 30 Coupe that came out after it, had the blown SBC. When they released the roadster a second time, they changed to the SBC for it as well. A real shame. As modelers were up to our ears in small block Chevys, but a good nailhead is a grail item for us. Revell really didn't read the room. Good luck.
  5. As far as sheer scariness, for me it was Stephen Kings IT, and his novella collections, Skeleton Crew and Night Shift. I read a few other horror writers like Dean Koontz (awful writer), Robert McCammon, Brian Lumley, John Saul. None are as good as King, frankly. Let me reiterate, about Koontz. He writes well, spins a good story, but his endings are the most disappointing of any writer I've encountered. A 340 page novel should not end and wrap up in six pages.
  6. That looks very slick. I'm impressed.
  7. While I haven't done a Halloween theme yet, I have done a villain car, a fictional one based on Stephen Kings villain Randall Flagg. I figured something big, loud and aggressive without a lot of reflective surfaces. This '73 Cougar fit the bill.
  8. With some imagination, you can turn just about anything into a Halloween themed vehicle. I'm going to turn the Revell '37 Ford Panel into a horror ice cream truck. I mean you'd buy ice cream from this guy right? Get creative.
  9. I think this Nascar Pontiac hood is a step in the right direction.
  10. One other major alteration I'm kicking around, is the front ram. This batmobile always looked a bit too vulnerable in the nose area. While researching design changes for this kit I came across this image from an animated series' concept art. One detail that has shown up many times on comic book batmobiles in the 60 years of Batman, is the front ram. As you can see this design already borrows a lot from the Batman Forever batmobile. So I'm planning to add a similarly stylized ram to the front. If I have to knock a bit off the nose to do it, I will. More soon.
  11. One issue with this kit is the level difference between the "hood" and the nose. It's even visible on the box cover art. Not acceptable for this one. After a bit of sanding and grinding, I've got it sitting flush. Just a bit of work left on the center fin delete option. It's close.
  12. I built one of these as a kid. I know it was molded in opaque green, so I'm assuming it was the Duster. I'll have to buy one and built it out of sheer nostalgia. How's the tires on these? Two piece?
  13. She's a stunner. Tasteful and classy. She won't look dated in 20 years. I approve.
  14. Terrific! I did a surf Lincoln as well, very different from yours. May I ask how you did the tinting?
  15. Ah. I did a fair bit of lowering, It's possible I trimmed a bit off the crossmember, losing the mount point. I'll take another look at it.
  16. A terrific kit but it seems the hemi was added as an afterthought. I couldn't figure out the mounting points for it.
  17. It is the Fifth Element. Spoken by Gary Oldman as the quirkiest of villains.
  18. I've heard far more positive reviews of the Batman than negative, from my friends that are into these films. I haven't seen it yet. As for the build - I've just returned to night shift and will be until January. We shift every four months. As soon as I'm acclimated to the new schedule, I'll feel more like spending time at the bench. More soon.
  19. This is a very well rendered engine IMHO. There were full size vehicles that used an SBC but in scale sometimes the engine can look a little small in the engine bay. Using this 1/24 engine fixes that problem. All the Monogram 37 Fords had this engine with various intake options.
  20. Way to insult everyone who likes that wheel/tire set. Those would look fine on most any pro-touring car.
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