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  1. Here's a couple that I've already build models based on. 1947 Plymouth built by Charles Darmanjian 1953 Chevy Truck build by Dayne Lorentzen
  2. Most of my recent work has been based on or at least inspired by a real vehicle. Here's a trio of awesome rides that will be finding their way into my plastic soon. This is a '55 Desoto that Dave Mackey of Blue Dog Garage has called the Chupacabra. This one's got a big online presence and is easy to find info on. Mobius' '56 Chrysler would be a good candidate here I think. http://www.blueovaltrucks.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/08/1955_desoto_4x4-1.jpg This is Mike Burrough's at Stanceworks, Model A. I've contacted Mike through Instagram and he's great about sharing info. I'm currently gathering parts for this one. The AMT Phantom Vicky is providing a lot of help. Wheels/tires are proving difficult. http://speedhunters-wp-production.s3.amazonaws.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/12182939/2018-Mark-Riccioni-Stanceworks-Model-A-Speedhunters-38-1200x800.jpg This is Bombshell Betty, built by Jeff Brock, a 1952 Buick. When the Foose Caddy was released, this is what I had In my mind. Although having to rework every panel in the interior has me daunted. So, that's what's got my creative juices flowing, how about you? Post up whatever real 1:1 car has got you inspired enough to build yours in scale. I'll be adding more as they occur to me.
  3. This is very impressive. I love the extended wheelbase. I did something similar on a '37 Chevy a few years back.
  4. If I could make a recommendation? Mix up a wash of rust colored acrylic craft paint and go over the body with that. The thinned paint finds the scratches from your sanding and settles in there nicely and really brings the whole patina look together.
  5. Nope not a bit. I work at it and get it smooth and looking good through primer and then paint. Then, bang there it is.
  6. As some may have noted in past posts, I live on a little acreage in an Idaho canyon. It is 12 miles off the paved road. Another 28 highway in to work. The gravel roads are well maintained by the county, but it's still rough on my vehicle. I drive an 2010 Toyota Highlander. I can't say enough good things about the car. Though it wasn't designed for this sort of travel, it's held up remarkably well. 185,000 miles. Motor (V6) and tranny have been absolutely bulletproof. Zero leaks. 22 MPG. It has never let me down. Oil changes and coolant flushes for the win. BUT. The terrain is rough on the suspension. I'm about to replace the second set of struts, in four years living out here. I just had the front end rebuilt. I think, that when I replace this car in the future I'm going to have to step up to a tougher part from OEM, when things wear out. So the plan is to get two more years out of it (about 250,000 miles). Which, finally, brings me to my query. What vehicle would you recommend, that might take the abuse better with about the same mileage, that's not a truck? My wife drives a pickup and we really don't need two. At least 8 inches of ground clearance. I usually buy used but recent, vehicles with no plans to go electric. Some folks have mentioned Subaru's but I've no experience with them. Throw out some recommendations please. Thanks for your time and attention.
  7. So what I NEED to know is how you polished the hood without rubbing through on the edges of the opening and the edges of the dip in the hood. Terrific work BTW, very impressive.
  8. To do this, the model has to be taken apart. Is that the plan anyway? It's quite possible that the 50 year old glue has aged also. Depending on the amount of glue, some gentle pressure might free them. Also soaking the assembly in water and then freezing them might pop the glue joints. Best of luck.
  9. This is my pal Gomez talking up floor space. Tish is his sister. Great pals.
  10. I'd love to see this one reissued. I know it's all kinds of tacky by todays standards but very likely, so am I. I throw this one on a NASCAR chassis.
  11. Right there with you. There was girl in jr. high that I liked quite a lot and Duran Duran was her thing. So I listened to it and found I liked it quite a lot. Still do. Also, my mother is a huge Neil Diamond fan and that's what was played at home when I was a kid. I grew up with his music in the background. I've seen him live three times.
  12. It is an outstanding kit and a terrific build. Well done sir.
  13. This might be the sexiest car I've ever seen.
  14. If the Revell '57 Caddy was a super common kit with parts easily obtainable, I might have gone that way. But I'm also a proponent of using what I have on hand. As this build is only "inspired" by Klaus' Chevy, I'm free to get creative as I want to. Thanks for your interest.
  15. Thanks guys, I was able to find a set of '50 Ford rear fenders in the parts boxes. I'm going to fill the indent on them and gettem' smooth.
  16. Using the large mouth bass custom grill that comes with the '51 kit, and the Desoto grill from the Revell Merc, I've come up with this. Very pleased. I'm not normally a "kustom" guy but I'm enjoying this.
  17. That's funny, mine fit just fine. 😁😃
  18. A quick mockup. Stretched the chassis 3mm just to keep the proportions right. Next up is to get the suspension looooww. And make the wheels work with the suspension. I think some F1 tear fenders might work better. I'll have to see what I've got.
  19. Thanks Carl. There's a lot of measuring going on.
  20. The plastic is a-flying. Eye protection is recommended.
  21. Whoops, found another. 51 Chevy Fleetline Paris to Peking racer. Hopefully it'll be finished someday.
  22. Like most of my work recently, this next build is inspired by someone's real vehicle. While perusing Pinterest a few years ago I came across a custom Chevy RPU and I stuck the photo in my files and forgot about it. Recently I found it again, and set out to find the owner/builder. Through the fine gearheads on the H.A.M.B., I tracked him down and eventually made contact with him. Klaus Gardan lives in Denmark and he built this himself, in his garage. He's the real deal. A true hot rodder. Lots of outstanding metal work. The car is called the Lady Luck 1953 Chevrolet, and you can find it on FB if your interested. Like most home-build rods it's been through lots of "versions". The red one is it's current look. Klaus has been very accommodating and has answered all my questions. It's conventionally lowered, 350 powered and if you're trying to place the rear fenders, they are hand built from a Volvo roof and VW fenders. It started as a '53 Chevy Tradesman. What I love about this phantom is that it blurs the lines between customs, hot rods and even rat rods. \ So my plan for my model will be "inspired" by Klaus' '53, will be an AMT '51 Chevy, using a '50 Chevy bed with '57 Chevy fenders. I'm going to start from this pile of various AMT '51 stuff. It's gonna be fun. No firm plans, I'm making this up as I go. And yes, I'm starting with the Fleetline body. Once I cut it in half, the roof will keep the body more rigid, so it'll be easier to close the back of the cab. More soon, I hope.
  23. 1953 Ford PU - straight from the box 1955 Nomad Gasser 1967 Allison Powered Charger `1971 Charger Jet Car Shadow Box Diorama - this will become a priority very soon. If I attend GSL, I want this one done. It will feature a 51 Henry J, project car. Stand by for the new project - 1951 Chevy RPU.
  24. As it turns out, although I take a lot of WIP shots, not many mock ups. So I thought this would be a good opportunity to go through and count up the WIP's. I'm happy to find the list of models in progress isn't as bad as I assumed. Nine. Although by the end of the weekend the count will be ten. 😃 To kick it off, a 1925 Model T track roadster. 1932 Chrysler Beach Racer 1940 Ford 4x4 Boonie Bouncer 1940 Ford Coupe Hot Rod
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