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  1. fireguy14 added a post in a topic Wip: '94 F-150 Xlt 4x4(update 1/5/08- Two Toned!)   

    Great work! I have a '96 F-250 4x4 extended cab with a 460 in it. Awesome truck, and still going strong with 171,000 on it. Did you take pics of your own dash or did you get a pic somewhere else? Have a couple of these kits myself and I really like how you did yours. Later.
  2. fireguy14 added a post in a topic Complete: 2003 Lowe's Spongebob Monte Carlo   

    Great looking car! The detail and execution are outstanding. BTW - where did you get the decals?
  3. fireguy14 added a topic in Drag Racing Models   

    My Version Of The Rat Packer Chevy Ii
    Hi yall. Another new guy to the board, but not real new to the hobby. Lurk on several other boards, all but one with the same posting name. Recognize some of ya, see a lot of people I don't. Some real cool builds and info here. Finished this one up a few months ago, and had an absolute blast with it. My first gasser, pretty much straight out of the box. Removed door handles and some trim. Been thinking about going back and adding radiator core support in it, with the radiator removed and relocating Moon tank behind the grill. Decided to use the main sponsor decals from the '68 Firebird. The rest came from various sheets. Took a lot longer than I expected to cut and and place the decals. But I like the result. In all, spent just under 2 weeks on it and it has quickly become one of my most favorite builds. Thanks for looking. Sully

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  4. fireguy14 added a post in a topic Bad Chrome Bare Metal Foil?   

    Hello all. I also have a sheet that has done this. Full of cracks, does not come off like I want it, and does not stick real good. I have been told that it is due to temperature extremes. Makes sense to me, as most of my building is done during down time at the firehouse. All my stuff is stored to be portable, but my notes binder where I keep my BMF has been addidentally left in the cab of my truck before. Just wanted to add my 2 cents here. Sully