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  1. Revell '68 Corvette Roadster 2'n1

    All good advice guys. I've found that the diameter of the stock axles are roughly 3/16". I might search for some aluminum rods of that diameter. Do you all think aluminum would be alright for the rest being plastic? I mean I was thinking I could put a solid axle (like you would find in the rear) in the front, even though it would not be realistic whatsoever lol. But it would be stronger!
  2. Revell '68 Corvette Roadster 2'n1

    Okay guys I've ran into a problem. I tried to switch out some wheels I had glued onto the axles, but 2 of the axles came with them... Help! What to do??
  3. Revell '68 Corvette Roadster 2'n1

    Also, I am going to repaint it soon but there was some Scratch Out that got into the door cracks, I'm wondering if I should just leave it there? I tried to rinse it out of the cracks but it just won't come out... Also, do you notice something different about the quality of my pictures? That's right! I got a new camera which has 4k video!
  4. Revell '68 Corvette Roadster 2'n1

    Hey guys. Sorry for the lack of progress these past couple days, I had some surgery. I'm currently recovering. I did acquire something though, it's called "Scratch Out". I found out about it in a YouTube video involving fixing orange peel. Anyway, I tried it and it does work, but I still think I will need to repaint the main body piece.
  5. Revell '68 Corvette Roadster 2'n1

    Yeah I've heard of that too, but I actually just leave it out in the sun for like 10 minutes, but no more. That way it won't get wet. I must bring to your attention that in the instructions, there is a step that says to cut out 2 circles for the exhaust tips. The circles are there, the plastic of the circles are just more thin than the rest of that panel. I couldn't tell if you already knew about this, but I figured if you did it still might help someone else that was confused.
  6. Revell '68 Corvette Roadster 2'n1

    Ah-ha, I like that analogy. Thanks for the reference to the Tamiya polishing compound. Alrighty. I also just realized something, I think my main problem was I wasn't always spraying vertically. The top side of the body was being sprayed with the can horizontally. I guess I should just position each part so the current surface will be sprayed with the can upright?
  7. Revell '68 Corvette Roadster 2'n1

    Thanks! Yeah I was considering putting the blower on, but I decided to save it for a different car. Oh okay, I didn't know it was contaminants. I thought it was something involving the paint coming out of the nozzle. Thanks everyone for all this helpful advice! I declare this forum my go-to place for getting help on my model car builds lol!
  8. Revell '68 Corvette Roadster 2'n1

    Wow, okay. I guess I'll have to give that a try some time. Also, I have heard that rubbing wet sandpaper with toothpaste works well for removing orange peel on body parts. Below are some pieces that have orange peel, and then some toothpaste I recently acquired... (sorry for the blurriness) Can someone confirm if that method is alright for eliminating orange peel (also some "fish eyes")? Thanks!
  9. Revell '68 Corvette Roadster 2'n1

    I can't tell if you're joking or not. If I try that out then it will be on a piece of scrap plastic lol
  10. Revell '68 Corvette Roadster 2'n1

    Thank you! Yeah I can barely wait to see how those taillights turn out. Thank you! I felt that there are lots of red Corvettes out there, which does look great, but I felt that I should make one in blue. I agree. Feel free to point out any of errors I overlook. Don't worry I will not be offended
  11. Revell '68 Corvette Roadster 2'n1

    Yeah I will definitely be using flat colors for interiors from now on. Here's some more progress. I acquired some spray paint for the body. I always get the underside painted before I paint the side that viewers would see. Also, this is my first time using a wire coat hanger to hold the body for painting. First coat is done on the underside of the body, hood and roof. I might do only one coat on the underside, or I might do more. I'm thinking on it. Well, that's some progress. I'm hoping tomorrow there will be more painting-appropriate weather outside. I guess time will tell
  12. ’73 Camaro

    Fantastic work on the fire extinguisher! What program did you use to create the printed label on it?
  13. Revell '68 Corvette Roadster 2'n1

    Hello all! This is one of my first model car builds in a while, mainly because school is out and summer is here. So now I have more time to grow my skills in this wonderful hobby. Here it is so far, I'm still working on the chassis and little things here and there. I decided to make this a sleek and custom Corvette. I want to use the taillight pieces below, which may look like they are from a Corvette, but no. They are from a '58 Ford Thunderbird. A custom spice! This is the first model car I've done with a flat-color interior. All of my previous builds have gloss black interiors, which I will admit is not very realistic. That's all the pictures I have for now. I will gladly post more in this thread as I progress through this build. Thanks for viewing!
  14. Revell 1970 Dodge Challenger T/A

    Looking sweet! I like how the chassis is the same color as the body.
  15. 1970 Chevelle 2nd Time Around

    Looking great! One of my favorite years of Chevelle. Question: what camera did you use to take those pictures? I'm asking because I need to upgrade my camera, and I want to present pictures of my models properly.