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    From the album: test

  2. jchrisf


    From the album: test

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    From the album: test

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    From the album: test

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    From the album: test

  6. jchrisf


    From the album: test

  7. Let us know.. the website says they are a couple days behind due to the larger than normal ordering. I'm good for a while.. got my last order that last week of March before all this quarantine
  8. Yep, that's why I queued it up there.. this was not the original video I was going to post but after some research I found this one 😀
  9. Here's that video.. I love Paul.. Learned so much from him
  10. Thanks Dave.. plain ol water is nice and cheap and smells nice.. I can use lots of it to clean it out. Yeah, I have all those airbrush needle ranges. I'd prefer not to thin so I'll try it straight out the bottle. Thanks Mark.. I'll definitely test it.
  11. Good to know Mark.. thanks! Did you shoot Lacquer over it?
  12. Thanks for the tips Dave... Glad to hear water works. I'll have to see what Paul uses. .I'll post his video later where I heard about it. I usually tear my airbrush down every time I use it and soak in Lacquer thinner. Never do this with Vellajo.. I learned the hard way. Do you think lacquer thinner will get rid of the left over badger?
  13. I will.. I would love to have an acrylic primer that goes on smooth. I love Paul's channel and his builds always turn out incredible. Hopefully it doesn't stink and dries fast like most acrylics. What do you use to thin it?
  14. I was watching Paul's videos on the International Scale modeler YT channel and his primer .. I'm guessing... is badger stynylrez primer rebottled for his company. He uses it for everything and then sprays all kinds of different paints over it including lacquers. Anyone tried this with success?
  15. jchrisf


    From the album: test

  16. They are getting slammed now.. I guess all the modelers are stuck home and ordering more. Good to hear they are still shipping fast. I am very impressed with their packing too.
  17. I don't think anyone can touch ScaleHobbyist on price or shipping. https://www.scalehobbyist.com/
  18. i got mine at michaels
  19. I assumed it was amazon but couldn't find it there.. that is a great deal!
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