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  1. It’s not a very well engineered kit. Lots of time time spent making things fit. If you want to build one, I would go with the Tamyia 1/12 scale kit. They are available if you search and not that expensive. Plus, it will go together without having to pull your hair out.🤣
  2. Thank you. That’s the finish I was going for. My favorite F1 car of all time too.
  3. My first large scale build. Certainly a challenge with it being a kit from the 1970’s, but extremely satisfying when I completed it.
  4. At the end of the day does it really matter? While no one like price increases, we will buy the product anyway. All the other manufacturers will follow suit in time. This hobby is still low cost compared to other hobbies.
  5. I’m looking to replicate the fuel system and throttle linkage for a 60s gasser with a Hilborn injector with a 671 Blower amd moon tank. Can’t seem to find any clear pics. Any help is appreciated.
  6. Thanks. No on the filament, but that is a great idea. A friend gave me the wire and said came from headphones.
  7. I wanted to add detail to an old school gasser to add interest. This is what I’ve come up with so far. A few more final tweaks and it should be done, if done is ever achieved in this hobby.
  8. PearlEx added to the clear.
  9. Model Master Semi Gloss black with PearlEx added to the clear.
  10. Model Master Semi-Gloss Black with PearlEx added to the clear.
  11. It’s PearlEx Powder I added to the clear.
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