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  1. Nice to be retired😁
  2. Another one done, 66 Suburban on 78 GMC 4x4 pickup chassis. Built the trailer from the leftover parts. Now working on two AMT American Lafrance fire trucks.
  3. I am Batman!!! Through this pre-painted snap kit together today.
  4. A little out of sequence and the wrong type for this topic but so what. This was the first CV kit I did. (March 15th.)
  5. To all, thx for the compliments. BTW, the hat came with the kit.
  6. Post your homebound models here: Breaker 1-9 this is the Bandit. Just finished.
  7. junkyardjeff Do you still need one? I have this one you can have for free. The springs are molded to the axle.
  8. Thanks Jersee Jerry. I'm originally from Jersey and saw many of these. The salt load is a piece of hard open cell white foam carved to resemble salt. Now live in NC where as I post a 3 in. snowfall is paralyzing the whole state.
  9. This is a original issue I built when it first came out. Added plow about three years ago
  10. David G, bare plastic coated with Future floor wax.
  11. Have fun. Spent some time (early 70's) in a 53 1:1 dually ( 22.5 split rims) that was a wrecker. Ex Army truck, still olive drab interior. Bought as surplus. Road very hard and was geared low. Top speed 50 mph with the ohv straight six. Would tow a 64 Caddy like it wasn't there Like to build a replica with its Weld Built wrecker body.
  12. Finished both of these this week. Built specifically by request by my wife. The pickup is a 1929 Model A all metal Hubley kit I had for years. The bed will be filled with seasonal themed objects. White pearl is one of her favorite colors. No. 1 is Chrysler's Sub-lime Green. So I bought the white pearl paint at Hanger 18 Hobbies in Raleigh NC and did up an Escalade from my unbuilt stock.
  13. Nice build. What paint did you use for the blue?
  14. Since there are no locating holes for the cab trim except for the door handles, using a gel type super glue will alleviate much angst when attaching the parts, especially the mirrors. .
  15. The tractor was coated with Future floor finish hence the shine.
  16. Grod.. I tried for the workingman look, minimal chrome. The grass is leftover from my model railroad supplies.
  17. From WIP section. Other than the usual 1970's fitment issues, not to hard of a build.
  18. Used elastic thread from Hobby Lobby to use as cable for the two bunks. Additional benefit is the stakes can move and hold the lowered position.
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