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  1. Our Sugar Rae had a bump removed and they say it's cancer. The incision is healing well and there is no other sighs that she has anymore right now. My wife and I are hoping she will be with us for a long time yet, but who knows. I've been hesitant to share this as it makes it more real but now that she seams to be on the mend I thought I'd share.
  2. Joe, Alistair is cute, he does not look 80 lbs, wow. Ken, Spuds looks like a character, I bet you have many stories over you 9 yaers together. Here's hoping for many more! Rob, Gomez and Tish are great looking friends, I bet they have lots of fun roughhousing! Jerry
  3. Jeff , sorry to hear about your loss of Turner. It is indeed painful when they leave us. They don't live long enough but it would be painful even if they lived longer. You may be aware that we lost Rocky last Newyears so I have some idea what you are going though. Turner was very adorable I know he will be greatly missed. I have you in my thoughts and prayers during this tough time. Jerry
  4. Diesel had a great time at the Agillity trial last weekend. Sorry but I do not have any pics. I do have some video but didn't think I should post it here. I will say that he is getting faster and if I do not adjust my handling technic he will leave me behind! LOL Rob, looks llike your little buddy is very comfie! Jerry
  5. I also have to agree the wheel and tires you chose are very well suited for the Malibu Dennis. I will be following this one. Jerry
  6. Glad to here Snake is on the mend. Wishing for you a quick and full recovery . Jerry
  7. Another great chapter Francis. The dash looks perfect ans does the rest of the interior! Amazing work. Jerry
  8. Some small progress to report on Zuul. I have added some muscle tone in spots , curled the front toes to hang over the curb. And of coarse, made a base for Zuul to stand on [and house the batteries and such]. As always, comments are welcome. Jerry
  9. That looks great Tim. I love the rack! What a great idea! Jerry
  10. Dave, great pictures of Magee. I would not have guessed 90 lbs. Wow he is a big boy! Richard, sorry to hear about your Pug, I know some Bostons and they are great little companions. I'm sure yours is lots of fun. I know our Diesel helps us with the pain of loosing Rock. Sometimes he cannels his Husky side and talks up a storm. Not so good when you're trying to watch T.V. but very entertaining! Jerry
  11. So much for FSM adding cars to the mag after SA went down. Jerry
  12. Richard, you are so right. You can never replace them, but bringing in a new friend does help. Sorry for your loss. We lost Rocky, our male boxer mix new years eave at the age of 15 and I still tear up if I think of him for too long. Our young one, Diesel, defenitly helps though. He is such a character! Jerry
  13. Great looking F/C Tim. Very well done! Love the color. Nice to know I'm not the only one that takes a while to complete a project. I think I've seen this one before. In a magazine perhaps? Jerry
  14. Very clean build Gary. Love the smoothies! Jerry
  15. Nazz

    '66 Impala SS

    Very clean build Anders. Well done. Jerry
  16. Nice Chevelle Bob.Beautiful color. What's the paint? Jerry
  17. Cricket is adorable John ! How old are they and do you know woat breeds are in them? Jerry
  18. And very happy to show them off! Jerry
  19. Thanks Tim for the very helpful info. I asked because I have reciently started working on a hot rod version of this truck. I will be posting soon in WIP . May I ask, how much did you lengthen the frame? Jerry
  20. Hey Steve, the Coronet turned out great! Great to have you back! Jerry
  21. Great collection of Model T's Tim. They all look fantastic. I especially like the stake truck. Can you tell me what kit it is please. Jerry
  22. I had the pleasure of working with our Sugar Monday. Diesel ,our other dog was at a seminar with my wife whom usually works with Sugar so I stepped in to take her place. Sugar was amazing! She read all my ques and had lots of fun doing so.I really enjoyed playing with her. Here is a pic of Sugar in a competition a while ago. Jerry
  23. Thank you all for your kind replies. It is nice to know someone else enjoys looking at it too. Jerry
  24. Very nice. Not kit wheels? Jerry
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