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  1. Nice collection of ThunderbirdsGustavo! Well done. I think the colors are right on! Thunderbirds are go! Jerry
  2. Thank you for the kind complements. They are much appriciated. Jerry
  3. Here is the finished model of Zuul. Terror dog from Ghostbusters. The model is a 3D printed kit a friend of mine printed for me. The model is about 18 " long which makes it about 1/4 scale. This is my first 3D build and had it's oun challenges. Paints are mostly Vallejo. There are some pics of it in the WIP section. Questions and comments are welcome, Jerry
  4. The Terror dog is finished and in the under glass section. Say hello to Zuul! Jerry
  5. This is the Black Spider Camaro by MPC. To my knowledge, it was only produced once in the mid 70's. This one was a gluebomb I got off e-bay. I also got the decals from e-bay as well. I added engine details from Ted's modeling marketplace. I rreplaced the wheels with resin ones as the originals were missing. This buils was suppose to be an out of the box original copy but I couldn't help adding some detail. I think the rest of the build is close to theway the kit was produced. The F/C represents the box art. There was some repair to the kit and only one part was missing that I had to make from scratch. I think it is part of the brake system. Maybe a master cylinder. I opened up the header ends but in doing so they broke apart due to the brittle plastic. To rectify this I added aluminum ends with tubing and turned them om my drill to thin them . The paint in Testors orange on the body and Alclad steel on the frame. Thanks for looking. All comments welcome, Jerry
  6. I finally finished the last details for the Camaro F/C. Pics will be on the under glass section. Jerry
  7. TRhanks, guys. Patrick, yes , it will be Buford car. Alberto, I am planning to get one of those as soon as they become available. Jerry
  8. Hi guys, I have a '76 Lemans body that I would like to make into a 4 dr. I know the wheel base is 116 " what I need is the measurements for the doors. Can anyone tell me how long the front and rear doors are. I am hoping someone out there knows someone who has this vehicle and can get the info to me. This will help in knowing where the door gaps go. Your help would be greatly appreciated.Thanks in advance. Jerry
  9. Some small progress on Zuul. I finally got the eyes in and am working on lighting them. More to come soon. Jerry
  10. I am so sorry to here about your buckShot Kyle. It is indeed painful when it is time for them to go. I know only too well. I have found for me the memories help. Our Kodi and Rocky have been gone for some time and there are times when a memory will just pop up from out of the blue. I can tell you loved BuckShot very much. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Jerry
  11. Diesel at his 1st Barn Hunt, he really didn't like finding the rats in the bales of hay but he did enjoy running around, climbing on the hay bales and going through the tunnels. The rats are safe in PVC tubes and are used to dogs as they are domesticated and live with dogs and their people. The point of the game at the start is for the dog to find one rat (There is one rat tube, one tube with liter and one empty tube on course) and go through a tunnel and have all 4 feet on a bale at some point during the 2 min that they have to do all three things. The faster you can do all three things the better, Diesel doesn't like to say here is the rat so this really isn't a game for him.
  12. Excellent work Mark! Very well done. I really like the reallistic weathering job. True talent! Jerry
  13. Right you are Max! Well done! Jerry
  14. Cool project. I will be watching for sure! Jerry
  15. Great job on this 57. I love the choice of color and wheels! A definite improvement on the kit ones. Jerry
  16. Definitely a best seller Francis! It was definitely worth the wait! I dont know what else to say except, Well done! Jerry
  17. Our furry friends become part of our familly in my experiance.I think that is why it is so difficult to say goodbye. There are always the memories during the time you have together that makes it a little easier. Sorry for your loss Joe , he looks like a great cat . My houghts and prayers are with you and your family. Jerry
  18. This is Diesel yesterday in his first official trial Now that he is 2 he can compete. He was also measured to determine what jump height he would be at. He measured over 23 " at the withers so he jumps 24 " . He didn't win any ribbons but he sure had fun! Also, I think the squirrels have left our neighborhood. We the neighborshad some is their evergreens. I haven't seen them for a while. Maybe Diesel scared them away? He did like to chase them when he get the chance.LOL What have your dogs been up to? Jerry
  19. Not bored and no need to be sorry Tim. This is great work you are doing. Thanks for sharing. Looking forward to more! Jerry
  20. Nice work on the door panels Steve. The arm rests look just right! Jerry
  21. Here Alclad is applied to the bumpers and side armor. I added checker decals to add some detail to the car. I just thought it needed it. Rock on! Jerry
  22. Hi Ron, Ace looks very cute. Last Saturday was Diesel's birthday.They are 2. We celibrated by getting together with 2 of his siblings for a romp in the park.They even made new friends! Diesel had so much fun that he tore his pad on his left front foor and his right rear! He had to miss agillity but he should be back soon. No matter how much time passes when they are apart they still instantly recognize each other. I just love watching them play. Sugar Rae, our other dog, wasn't there as she isn't very social ,but she is doing well. Her incision is healed and her fur is growing back from where she was shaved for the ultrasound. This is a pic of them from Saturday in the park. Jerry
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