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  1. I mostly order online, there is a good hobby shop in winnipeg, it's called hobby sense. Then there is redline hobby, been there a couple of times, not bad selection. There is a good hobby shop in saskatoon I was there earlier this year, nice varied selection/full line hobby shop with railroading, rc and diecast. I also use ebay.
  2. With the superglue, get you some debonder. Your going to glue your fingers together and need some to unstick them.
  3. Though, if you mean any type of car I'm customizing hot wheels. Right now I'm doing a more custom on a cobra. I'm adding a roll cage them might do a wheel swap and new paint.
  4. What would be a recommended for a 3rd gen corvette? Something that doesn't go together with a lot of pain? That has good engine detail? Thanks!
  5. Though I have a tamiya GTR R34 that I thought I would do some extra detail to, like seat belts ect.....
  6. Some awesome kits there! The three pack of car, trailer, and drag car looks sweet! Wish they made prints of the artwork, so you could frame and hang them.
  7. Doesn't look to be any plastic kit available at this time. Though there are decals https://www.scalemates.com/search.php?fkSECTION[]=All&q=Corvette+C8.R#
  8. Nothing yet. Possibly to start my 1st car will be a snap fit corvette or other easy to build kit.
  9. Have you tried to spray automotive spray paint over it or speciality paint like gravity colors?
  10. Awsome pickup today. 2 M2 Chase And the turtle wax Soo happy!!
  11. As the name says, I was looking at spot models website a few weeks back a saw in Ak interactive book Civil Vehicles Scale Modelling Guide: FAQ - ENGLISH edition It's in this video at 4:08 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jo2qoLrkbPo Is this a doable idea? Thanks!
  12. Wow! This is one one the want list! Looking at tamiya's web page for the kit, it looks pretty awsome! Should go together like a tamiya kit. Wonder what the aftermarket is going to come out with.......
  13. 👍 Love that bronze color!
  14. No one but use chickens here!🐔
  15. Hey, I was wondering if there are any modelers up here in canada. Also, is there anyone from saskatchewan? Thanks, Mark
  16. If you want to get your mojo ack, so to speak, try a simple kit, like tamiya. Or you could try a bandai star wars kit, the fit is absolutaly wonderful.
  17. Beatiful 70 GTX your building! Wow the machinest work you put into your builds are mind blowing! Something use mear mortals can dream of doing one day! 😆
  18. You guys are lucky, atleast you have stores colser to where you live! The closest hobby shop is about 100-150 miles from where I live...... At least I have a couple of hardware stores in my larger town where I go. 😕
  19. Thanks everyone! Yes, this a a great forum! So much excellent information! And very helpful people too!
  20. Yeah, the muscle car modeler has a really good channel!
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