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  1. Great job! Not your everyday gasser, kudos on thinking outside the box!
  2. That’s a really cool Camaro! Great save! Never saw this kit before.
  3. Great looking Ferraris! I like the blue, quite different!
  4. Another beautiful Edsel! Looking at these makes me want to build one.
  5. Great looking Camino! Looks ready for the winners circle.
  6. Great job on the build! I’ve never seen this car before, I assume it’s a concept car? If so, too bad it didn’t make production. Really neat car!
  7. Outstanding Corvette! Great job on the paint and details!
  8. Beautiful Olds! The dark blue really suits that car.
  9. Beautiful 55! The first picture looks like a real car.
  10. Very cool! That’s from the days when they raced CARS.
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