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  1. This all looks fantastic. Your attention to detail and hard work is obvious in the pictures. It looks so real I'd almost expect to see it at the nostalgia drags. Your work leaves me in awe!!
  2. Thanks for all the responses. I appreciate them!
  3. Mr. Van, the decals that I'm having problems with are about a year old, plus or minus a couple of months. I ordered several in the fall of 2014 approx. So not new, but not old either.
  4. I'll start this by making sure everyone knows that I am not bashing Slixx decals!! I love their product. With that said, I need some help from the forum members. I have been having difficulty with some Slixx sheets that I bought directly from Slixx about a year ago. The decals are literally "shattering" when I get them wet and before they even loosen from the paper. I have used Slixx decals for several years, and I've not had this problem before, so it is probably something I'm doing, but for the life of me I can't figure out what or why. Here is my procedure: I run some warm (not hot) water in a glass bowl (cereal sized). I cut the decal as close to the actual decal as possible from the sheet, place it in the water for about 10-15 seconds (until it is good and wet) place it on a paper towel (face up) for about 2-3 minutes and then check to see if it has loosened from the paper. This has worked fine for all waterslide decals for years, but the last three Slixx decal sheets I've used the decal will break in to multiple pieces within in a minute or so of me placing it on the paper towel. I'm open to all thoughts, ideas, criticisms, whatever. I just want to solve my issue Thanks in advance for the help!!
  5. Beautiful work sir! Your fabrications skills are out of this world. Amazing!!
  6. I don't know what other superlatives to say about this build. Unfreaking believable!!! Amazing!!! Awesome!! Those are the first ones that come to mind. Beautiful work.
  7. Amazing work. Your attention to detail is off the charts. I love seeing you progress on this build!!
  8. Every adjective has already been used. Amazing, astounding and beautiful! Great job!!
  9. Nice job!! Looks like a rig headed to the local Saturday night track!!
  10. Just fanfreakingtastic work Mr Sobak! The J hook work is unbelievable!! And the paint work on the blower is beyond incredible. As I said before, this is becoming more like artwork than a model. The detail is incredible. I bow in awe!! Steve
  11. Absolutely stunning work on the body and tin. This isn't any model any more. It has transitioned from a model to a work of art!! Steve
  12. The transmisson/bell housing assembly has turned out just beautiful. Amazing work sir, amazing!! Steve
  13. Mr. Sobak, I would agree with others that Mix 2 is the closest color match to the picture of the actual car. As several have pointed out, getting an EXACT match is going to be almost impossible, as duplicating real fabric materials is shooting at a moving target. The materials change due to time, heat, wear, etc., and the colors can be misleading due to lighting, angle etc. Get as close a match as possible and just go with it. I know you are striving for as near exact detail as you can, and your attention to detail is somewhere WAY beyond amazing, but when it comes to fabrics, duplicating colors exactly just may drive you crazy. Steve
  14. Amazing craftsmanship throughout on this work of art! Calling it a model is not appropriate any more!! Beautiful El too. Steve
  15. Amazing work! I can't hardly wait to see this piece of art completed!! Just fantastic work!!
  16. Amazing detail work!! This isn't going to be scale model when you are through, it is going to be a work of art!! Your patience and thoroughness are fantastic. This has been and continues to be a joy to follow! Steve
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