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  1. Not a trade but a big thank you to stavanser for two free books on old trucks.
  2. Beautiful cars. The '55 Olds conv. in particular. My Mom had a '55 Olds 98 Starfire conv. back in the late 50's & early 60's.
  3. Got mine today. It looks like another great issue.
  4. I bought one of these cars back in the mid'90's. It was a 1988. I bought it from a car lot for $1200.00. It was a nice little car to drive. I had it till around 2002 when the strut towers started rusting out & made it unsafe to drive. I sold it to a junkyard & they rebuilt the towers & resold it. They are based on a Chevette platform. I had to replace a few front suspension parts & found if I bought them for a Chevette they were the same & a whole lot cheaper. I found the testors version of the kit in a drugstore in a small town I was passing thru in 1998. Of course I bought it. I think they were selling it for around $7.00.
  5. Thanks to Nacho Z (John Brolin) & Black Sheep 214 (Thomas R) for the decals. They were kind enough to send them to me without expecting anything in return.
  6. I'm usually careful who I buy from but the Hobby Wheels site looked legit & I was stupid enough not to look up their reviews. I ordered a model on Feb.19 & never got it. No answers to emails or phone calls since then. I filed for a refund from my bank, emailed the BBB & wrote a letter to the Pennsylvania Attorney General to try & help put these scammers out of business.
  7. That's a beauty! I'm building one & while it's looking good it won't come near as good as yours.
  8. I had a '71 Chevy Impala back in the fall of 1984 that ate oil at a rate of a quart every 20 miles. I had to clean the oil off the plugs every night after I got home from work so it would start the next morning to go to work & reclean them when I got off work to go home & my job was only 8 miles from home. It smoked so bad it was like setting in a fog when I had to stop. Unbelievably a neighbor offered me &125.00 for the car knowing what shape it was in.
  9. I've got a Johan #GC3200 Pinto funny car also a Hasagawa #HC6 "68 Subaru 360 or a Lindberg #72712 Chrysler Atlantic if you're interested. All are unbuilt. The Chrysler's still sealed.
  10. I pick several models out I'd like to build & have my wife pick one. It takes me forever to pick one myself.
  11. The interior decals are just what I need. The engine & other decals stayed together. Only the interior ones came off the backing in pieces. so I cut out the bed decal to glue it in so it doesn't fall apart.
  12. Mine fell apart trying to put them on. Got some parts to trade. Not a lot but maybe something that might be needed.
  13. I love the model reviews also. They help me decide if I want to get a certain model. A big plus, they're a lot more complete compared to Scale Autos reviews.
  14. Has anyone dealt with this company? I ordered a model from them in mid Feb. & on Feb. 19 my order was confirmed & the money taken from my bank. So far I haven't heard a thing from them. I've emailed them twice & nothing. Maybe I'm rushing things but that's why I'm wondering if anyone here has heard of them or had any problems with them before I contact my bank to try & get my money back.
  15. Highway star- Deep Purple Toys in the attic- Aerosmith Train kept a rollin- Yardbirds & Aerosmith
  16. Got my issue today. Going to renew my subscription soon. MCM is a lot better than SAE ever was.
  17. Thanks. I thought it would but I wanted to make sure before ordering it.
  18. I'm building a Palmer '63 Pontiac Bonneville that doesn't come with a windshield. Would a .005 sheet of plastic be thin enough to conform to the window frame? If not what is a good substitute to use?
  19. It's hard to pick one. My Mom took my brother & me to see the Rolling Stones for my 11nth birthday in Nov. 1964. I remember the police were lined up across the front of the stage & the screaming was so loud you could barely hear them. I also saw the Who in late 1967 during there instrument destroying days. I couldn't hear right for days afterwards they were so loud. My Wife & I saw Paul McCartney in Indianapolis in Feb. 1990 & I'm a big Beatles fan.
  20. I don't have any painters tape or WD-40 but I do have rubbing alcohol & it worked. Thanks for the help.😁
  21. I painted a model with Rustoleum 2xx paint. I then used Bare metal foil. Pulling it off has left a lot of adhesive on the paint & I'm not sure what to use on this paint without ruining it to get it off.
  22. I owned one of these back in the 1970's. Gorgeous cars. Unfortunately some idiot ran a red light & totaled it.
  23. Mine arrived also. Looks like a great issue.
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