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  1. I have one of these and I do like it. But be careful when tilting the body to spray the rockers. I dropped a pickup cab while doing this. I just taped mine together, while other have put a screw in the stem to hold them together.
  2. This is headed in the right direction. Nice work on the flares.
  3. Bob I know I am a little late with this for you. I see you are in a northern state. If it is not warm where your purple pond is at ( above 60) it will strip paint slower. Room temp of 70 plus is better. Around 90 to 95 works very fast. I do not have central air and the fastest I stripped any paint was a warm summer day.
  4. I agree, looks like changes that come from above. Just like K-Mart. Yes, I am another infrequent shopper on the Bay anymore. Between shipping and the continuous search changes.
  5. I like the idea James. You have 2 options if you want Fenders. 1) Is to tub the the bed for the tires to set inside and that would require messing with the frame Also. 2) Would be to widen the rear fenders . After that what do you do with the running boards? Yes I have thought about this before also. As far as the front fender unit why not use a set of fenders from an AMT 32 Ford kit, or at least the fender with the well in it. The wheel base for the 32 should not be the same as the 34 truck has a longer wheel base. In scale it might not be that much different.
  6. Went to Hobby Lobby and to my surprise they HAD 1 of the 442 Cutlass Hard Top kits.
  7. You will like this for your hot tub in the winter.
  8. I second the love for the bed. I really like this project. The cab looks like a Ron Cash resin product. But I think other have done it also.
  9. Makes you wonder if AMT before the sale was planning a few different bed options for this truck. The slide in campers were seen all over around here back then also.
  10. It has been a good year for leaves here. 50% blew away before I even started. So far I am at 40, 55 gallon bags full of mulched leaves. This is between the 3 yards, Mine and the 2 next to me. Tony next door burnt over half of his before I got the rider out with the bagger. Tom helped with his wife with the transferring the leaves to the bags. I take them to my mulch pile or dump them at my Step moms field. They don't blow back from there, it is 10 miles away. Tried the burning thing for 3 years, and it just takes all day to do half my yard.
  11. Picked up the leaves at my house before the snow started.
  12. You should be able to wash the screen with dish detergent ( dawn). The screens can plug up the screens I have been told. Yes I have washed mine in the past. just not lately.
  13. Thank you for posting the link and Pictures Tim. I think there could have been a few more tables for the show but you can never know how many models are going to show up. You can't move them around once they are there. So I get it. All and All it was a great show and it hurt my wallet to go there. The vender area was awesome and we were not standing on top of one another to shop.
  14. Went to Hobby Lobby yesterday after picking up leaves in the yard. Just to see if anything was there and I needed a break after dark. Ended up with a 70 Pontiac GTO Super Stocker I have been looking for that I forgot to pick up at the Detroit NNL. The 71 Plymouth GTX (Is there a conversion to turn this into a 72 Satellite out there?). 1967 Mustang fastback and the Ford GT Revell kit.
  15. Mike go to Model builders warehouse and take your pic of what you want from clearly scale. https://www.modelbuilderswh.com/collections/engine-kits?page=2
  16. They do not carry every release anyway. Many kits never hit their shelves.
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