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  1. With the cost of Shipping what it is , even the extra Coke cost it is worth it to pick up a few of these kits. I did my part to get them to bring kits in this area again next year.
  2. I talked to him today, and yes it is to keep the front down. He said he went 157 on that bike once this year. The local Drag strip ( Milan) is closed and for sale.
  3. The extended swing arm is to keep the front down when they drag race, from what I can tell. I can ask the kid at work that ran his at Norwalk this weekend. 8.4 in the 1/4 if I remember correctly. Mostly stock except for the longer swing arm. I tell him he is a nut. LOL
  4. These are great for small parts. Just make sure you check for a small hole in the bottom of the drawers. Some have them some do not. I use these and larger sterolite totes that are for shoes and the next size up from that. I just put body parts and such in zip-lock style bags to separate by brand.
  5. This is turning out very nice Dennis. Spent many an hour walking around cars shows in the mid 80's until now. This is right in the sweet spot for me with the mods. Right before it all went to the wallet builds.
  6. I bet back in the day it looked much better. It is also very close to the currently closed Milan Drag way.
  7. I found this to be an interesting ramp truck. Listed in a small town not far from Toledo Speedway Or Flat Rock Speedway.
  8. To clarify Mike you will takes any version of the Pro stock Firebird kit? Not sure If I have one but I know I don't have the pictured release.
  9. Tim this is still awesome as always from you. For the record I am busy the day you are bleeding the brakes. LOL Have you tried WD/40 or any light oil while cutting with the small endmills?
  10. Bob check with your local VFW or American Legion hall. They should know.
  11. Yesterday Greg's ( NOBLNG) picture did not show up but today it is here.
  12. BTW , anyone that uses nail polish for paint check out the Halloween selection for colors. There was even a glow in the dark color bottle.
  13. Went to the store in Holland OH today. Just before close and a nice girl asked if I needed help. I asked about models and she told me they are in the warehouse of the store. should be out tomorrow. Well normally I am a day late and a dollar short, not a day early. LOL
  14. For the rear view of you truck. I don't think you are to far off.
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