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  1. I am No expert but I owned a Brockway about 40 yrs ago. It was close to a Mack but had positive ground with a Gm engine.
  2. I think with your organization everything will work out fine, looking forward to seeing your paint jobs.
  3. I also build alot of models. Decades ago I found around 1 out of 10 models primed with duplicolor would craze. No ryhme or reason. Later learned company's switched plastic or process. I switched to another brand and had zero problems for decades. A couple years ago they changed formulas and their primer sucks also. I again switched to Tamiya and zero problems, Zero. It also is self leveling which the others were not. More money yes, but you get what you pay for. just my 2 cents.
  4. Question, what is the hole in the hood and duct to scoop for ? Beautiful work I love it.
  5. I use a small drill bit at the top of the can and try not to move the can, you will not get paint that way. The gas blowing out they say is propane so be sure to vent to outside. When it dies down I use bigger drill bits till all vented then cut the top off and pour contents into glass jars.
  6. 1962 - 1971 all B & RB = turq. 1969 - 1971 HiPo 383 & 440 street hemi orange. Nice engine though.
  7. Round thing looks like a rear end cooler, square thing looks like an oil reserve for the engine if they had dry sump system, or maybe a battery.
  8. Masking tape cut to size and painted black.
  9. Anything from rnd2 in my opinion is mostly junk. I do purchase a kit or 2 now and then but I am highly selective. But someone is buying this BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH or they would not keep re re re re reissuing it. Money talks.
  10. Question, last couple big trucks i bought the instruction part numbers did not match the kit part numbers. if you got a good view I was ok but alot of stuff I couldn't. Really made it hard for me and swore to not purchase ever again unless they match up. So does the instruction numbers match ?
  11. This saturday will mark 9 weeks for my order but I did tell him I was not in a rush.
  12. I epoxied my tamiya paint stands so they don't fall apart, found out the hard way they came apart.
  13. I do not know why people shy away from resin ? They probably are already using super glue, sands easier and you can use what ever paint you want as long as you prime no crazing.
  14. What is the deal with Model Master Metalizer ? Can only find spray Aluminum #1452 I think.I know they quit making magnesium awhile back but I was looking for titanium #1454 and stainless steel #1453.
  15. If you shop you can probably find an H for about $60 . For air alot of choices, a storage tank, pancake tank, regular air compressor, or air brush compressor. Do you have the space , need quiet, its up to you and what you need. The H you will have the rest of your life and your compressor will probably last most of it also, cheap is not better.
  16. I agree totally with The Ace. I found a small auto parts store on my state line still selling Plasti-cote and when I used it , it would not dry and was entirely a different formula from the good stuff. I had pretty good results from Dupli-color but about 1 in 10 or more was just too hot for the new plastic. So thats when I switched to just Plasti-cote. My problem now is I can't find it in light gray color only medium or dark and these old eyes just miss too many bad marks with those colors. So I bite the bullet and use Tamiya.
  17. Well I hope it is true about the Model King and the 1965 Dodge awb cars as Mopar made more Dodges than Plymouth. I'd like any Mopar and those chevyII 's would be nice also.
  18. Norm is a true craftsman and we have never met in person but seems like a true gentleman.
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