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  1. Got home and these were waiting on me from the Postman. Got them off of Marketplace. The bagged kit is a 68 or 69 Olds- not sure. The AMX is in decent shape and complete. Glad to have another with the stock hood. Got the AMX for $15 and the Olds for $10. Later-
  2. Driving home this morning and saw a Yard Sale sign. Stopped to find most of the normal garbage. I asked if they had any model kits. The guy brought out these that he had said he had for years. Both complete and unstarted. The Duster is still sealed inside. Got them both for $15. Now I'm looking for more Yard Sales on the way home. Just stopped at my second. Lol. Later-
  3. Great stance and color choice. It may be a bit late now with the dark body color but a white or silver roof would look great! Silver would probably cover the green better. Later-
  4. I love what you have done to this and I really like the B400 body. I have wanted to build one of those for a long time. This is really moving me to start one. You're going to Louisville next month? I am also planning to go. I'd love to meet up and get a closer look at this. Later-
  5. Got these Dodge pickups and the Firebird delivered today. Got them cheap off of FB Marketplace. The black Dodge has a Chevy bed. Now to find the missing parts I need to rebuild the pickups. I didn't know guy was throwing in the 63 Galaxie parts. Later-
  6. If you get to Spokane, WA there is B&B Hobbies on Fracis Ave. Been in business since early 60's. Wide selection of kits and stuff. Later-
  7. That's funny...I think I started mine around that time too. Somewhere in the mid 90's. Someday I'll finish it. Later-
  8. So far it is just square styrene. I stalled out trying to make a custom chassis for it. My plan is to get back on it very soon. I reworked the front and rear window frames after the chop to bring them back to stock height. I also cleaned up the bottoms of fenders and made new running boards so that the bottom was all on one plane. And sectioned the cab 1/8 inch. What other plans do you have for yours? Later-
  9. I like the mods so far. The widened fenders are a must. Where is the bed floor from? The Chrysler 300? I like it. I have a 55 Ford that I have been pecking away at for years that I have modified every part of. This makes me want to do some more pecking on it. Later-
  10. Did some clean up to the body last night to get the fenders smooth and identical, one side to the other. Also started the framework for the rear airbags and narrowed the front track just a tad. Not much as far as difference in photos from before but a solid 4 hours of work put in last night. I think I have settled on a body color but not certain yet. Still a lot of work to be done. I tried to take some pics that showed off the shape of the body a bit more but not sure it worked. Later-
  11. What might you be looking for in trade for the 67 Cyclone? Later-
  12. I picked this up off of FB Marketplace and got it in the mail yesterday. Sealed inside. One of my favorites and have been looking for another at a good price for a while. Later-
  13. Simply gorgeous! I love the interior with the carpets. Nice job on this. Later-
  14. First yp is a 64 I started quite a while ago and got burned out on. Next 3 pics are of a Honda Odyssey that I got from my buddy that someone had destroyed and I pieced it back together. (Third pic in the group is what I was given to fix and the first two are where it is now.) Last two pics is my creation from parts box pieces. I have a few others, but this is enough for now. Later-
  15. Well, it's been quite a while since I've done anything with this project. I started back on it since I belong to a model Square Body site on FB and they are having a build-off. I know I won't finish it in the short timeline they have set but it gives me incentive to work on it. I have shot a quick coat of primer on the body to see that I am extremely far from done with bodywork. I also cut out the center of the bed and scratched a modified rear frame section to give me the clearance I need to install airbags and finish the suspension. Here is where I am at after working most of the day on it today. Later-
  16. Nice looking color and paintwork! I'll be watching this one. I loved building this kit years ago and have wanted to get another one. Later-
  17. Just got my end of a trade with afx! My end was delayed in shipping due to visiting family. Great trader and hope my end shows up soon. Thanks for the patience. Later-
  18. Got a haul today. Got the Corvette Grand Sport in a trade with afx and three sets of 3D printed wheels off of FB Marketplace. I also went to Wally World today and picked up 4 colors of craft paint and 8 bottles (four colors) of fingernail polish, microfiber towels for polishing and a four pack of superglue. Later-
  19. I got this in the mail yesterday from a purchase off of FB Marketplace. Been looking for more of these Square bodies and Blazers. This one is complete, unstarted and in beautiful shape. Later-
  20. Yeah, that was what caught my eye as to an original. Thanks. Later-
  21. Thanks for the info. I was not aware of that although I saw the Mercedes Benz on the valve cover last night. Later-
  22. Looks great! I'd love to have a body of that. Later-
  23. I dropped visiting family off at the airport in Nashville today and stopped at a thrift store on the way home. Found both of these for $15. The El Camino is sealed inside and someone had NOT even robbed the trail bike out of it yet! Later-
  24. Camaro. I thought the same thing and I have a plan to once I finish a couple that I'm working on now. Later-
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