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  1. I am going off memory here and after I took my night time meds!!!!! The first IMSA Ford kit was the Zakspeed Roush GTX racer. It came out around 1982. The 2nd IMSA Mustang kit from Monogram was the CTP Mustang / Probe kit. 1984?? Then in 1986 came the IMSA Mustang GTO kits. These were shown at the RCHTA show as Monogram kits but ended up labeled Revell. RM looked at doing the IMSA GTP Mustang/Probe kit but it never made it past the idea stage. Tamiya did do it in 1/24 R/C model and QuickSkins did a really nice resin kit.
  2. That is a real gray area!!!!!! The lead kit designer at Monogram before the merger was Bob Johnson. He then did the same job for RM. The first kit that I recall that was announced as a Monogram kit, designed by Bob, but showed up in a Revell box, was the 3 IMSA Roush Ford Mustangs. This was around 1986. I was lucky enough to know Bob and I asked him about the announced 1/24 scale but switched to 1/25 when they showed up as Revell. He said that being race cars he felt they would look OK. Besides, the tooling was cut and no going back! And when you compare these '1/25 IMSA Mustangs' to the Monogram GTX IMSA Mustang and they do not look out of place......so they are 1/24......to me anyway! The last Monogram design??? Hard to tell as the design team transferred from Monogram to Revell pretty seamlessly. Bob himself would have to make that call. The Monogram / Revell IMSA GTO Mustang
  3. Not to try and derail others.......... But my PENNGWEN line of decals offers 1/25 and 1/12 MM decals. Mine are not printed with a colored background. My whites are printed. My 1/25 version
  4. The body is pure generic, the front sheet metal is Chevy but far from stock. I have looked at the same project. I found the window area kinda stock but the body is channeled. It might be more work to convert it than build from scratch. I did convert one into a flat nose bus.........
  5. Very sorry to hear. I really feel late stage Alzheimers is a fate worse than death. My Dad's mom went through it.....Dad had to get locks on all doors to keep grandma from walking away in the middle of the night. I hope you can find a solution that works for your family.
  6. LOVE IT!!!!! There are so many vehicles from all the beach movies I want to build. The king of the beach movie vehicles is ZZR......how I wish they'd reissue it!!!!!
  7. This kit is listed as 1/8 scale.....Tamiya never did a F1 in 1/18. Entex did the Lotus and a McLaren F1 kit in 1/8 scale.
  8. Gotta be the old Entex kit. Can't see a all new tool of that car. Wonder what the $$$$ will be?
  9. What model is this new printer??? What 3D software do you use?? Thanks!!!
  10. Wow....a dream project.. I have wanted to build a MC9 bus for years.
  11. One reason I watched was the time period and vehicles. Series looks great but I may give up because of all the subtitles, very small and not on screen long enough.
  12. So sorry for the loss. It looks like you gave him a GREAT LIFE!!!!!! Sad part is this times comes. RIP
  13. Wonder if, like the Batmobile, they will do a curbside then do a full detail????
  14. Or a new tool Javelin. Someone was working on a kit of a first gen.....but I think it has been dropped.
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