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  1. I checked my Ollie's today as I was in the area. The normal snap and 56 were in the Christmas inflatables row. I was cutting through or I'd never seen them. Grabbed a 56 and Jeep....not sure why. Young guy at checkout did not even know they had gotten them.....I had to tell a store employee where they were!!!!!!!!
  2. I may be the only buyer, I hope not, but I've been asking for this one. It's a Tom Daniel design so that's covered. They should have the tool.....it was part of the Unreal Roller and Groovy Grader series....... Honest Engine...................
  3. It may be the Air Boss' fault......but still a tragic loss of life and history. I feel for the Air Boss too.....not sure I could live with that.
  4. The value of this tooling goes down every minute it sits. I'd sell it for a $1 over scrap value to get it gone. Someday, maybe now, it is worth more as scrap......so that may decide it's fate.
  5. He ran into costly licensing fees......Rumors out there WHY that was an issue........but only Ernie knows and he gone now IIRC.
  6. I'd buy some of the Caddys......even the Chrysler 60's wagons. BUT these are not the kits the mainstream model co are willing to take a chance on. The market is already pretty small.....some of the cars the tooling is out there for are a small slice of a small market.
  7. The JoHan tooling out there are real niche vehicles. 3D printing or making new tool by scanning old kits would not make any money. These tools are at a tool & die shop, in good shape (and why he wants $$$) but the DEMAND is not there. If you want to make new tooling by scanning old kits, thousands of better projects than 60's era Chrysler mid size cars.
  8. A single kit at my Ollie's......a left over '5 senses' Lindberg. Not too disappointed as I needed none of the kits others have found.
  9. There is JoHan tooling out there NOT in Okey's hands. If you will recall Moebius had announced they were LOOKING at a number of kits that were ex JoHan. They would upgrade the interiors and chassis to create a new curbside kits. After looking into it and the cost of the existing tooling the ROI was not there. The current owner of the tooling is VERY firm on his costs. Accurate Miniatures looked into the tooling about 7 -8 years ago....they came to the same conclusions. If someone thinks they have the DEEP DEEP pockets to buy what is out there....good luck!!
  10. RIP EVERYWHERE........................................
  11. Nice kit.......I bought a few when Ollie's had them a while back....
  12. Correct........and while I like Hobby Lobby.......their prices are MSRP plus so they can do the 40% off every other week.
  13. The Revell snap kits @ $12.99 is no deal!! That is about the street price today. I do need a se of wheels and tires from the Jeep.....I may pick up one. Thanks for sharing.
  14. Looking through stash the other day......Ollie's kits were $7.99 not that long ago. $13 will keep me from buying many IF we get them and/or any I want.......so a good thing really.
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