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  1. Chassis is the same Salvinos chassis that was under OLDS and Monte Carlo. Leaf's out back, bars in front. Which engine is correct depends on the year you are building. I do not have exact dates but NASCAR went from HEMI, big block to 366 or smaller during the use of that body Charger.
  2. I think I know where they got the idea for the 30 box........ A good idea for a '2 kits in one box' maybe??
  3. DJ....we will be taking our Mustang to Somerset in AUG for the Mustang Day show....... Hope your move goes well.
  4. A few good places in Lexington where my son lives. A side note. I never spent much time in KY but since my son moved there I have found it a very nice place.......kinda a flat West Virginia!!!!! We are doing a car show next weekend in Somerset KY.
  5. I went back and looked over the photos again....so much great work!!!! Also trigger the thought that at a glance you could tell one car from another. No mistaking a Brabham for a Lotus!!!!! Today I can't spot one from anohter......gone are the days of individuality.
  6. #208 is a good issue. CONGRATS on the hard work by all involved. ONE thing I did not think was great was some content from the MCM website. I can see why some of this was used......but as more original content becomes available I hope new issues are all new. Again thanks to the folks that provide us this magazine......I still like holding paper in my hands and spending time reading.
  7. Being a model railroader too.....I build a number of structures. Your diner is a great build on such a large scale. As buildings get larger scale it can become more difficult! Here is a modified O scale 1/48 scale diner on my layout. Thanks
  8. I got invited to a car show at the Greenbrier.....so looks like will miss this one.......
  9. Depending on $$$ may need a few.
  10. VERY nice work!!!! I built that when it first came out....box stock. It and the 6 wheeler are my favorite F1 racers.....great era!
  11. Nice work.....just odd enough!
  12. WOW...that is a TON of work!!! Give us a few details how you built thing. Nice work.
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