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  1. Dave Van added a topic in Under Glass   

    Moebius Batman V Superman Batmobile.....FINISHED
    While this version of the Batmobile is not my favorite design......it is one of the most unusual vehicles and the kit builds very nicely and sometime unconventionally. It is also the biggest Batmobile......a little bigger than a Hummer, which is what it reminds me of.....kinda a cross between a Hummer and a Scarab beetle!!! 
    Kit has a simplified engine that is very hard to see once vehicle is built. Interior is complete but simple. Body is multi part affair that goes together very well and fits excellently. Tires are all new rubber like units that are big and I can see on other Sci-Fi or off road builds. 
    Most difficult part was the rear 'wings' support. But take your time and DO NOT remove parts all at one time......left and right are very different and are keyed one way or another. I attached the main supports to the rear axle first then the smaller supports to the wings....then dry fitted the wings before applying Tamiya Super Thin glue to them.....worked like a charm!!! 
    Paint is hot rod gray primer over all parts while still on trees. Then as sub-assemblies were completed Tamiya Gun Metal was applied in a misting coat.....allowing some of the primer to show. Washes of Tamiya black brought out details. 
    Overall a great kit even if the subject may not be your cup of tea.....a fun build and some cool parts!! 
    Thanks for looking!!!! 
    Kit in transport now.....due next month or so. 

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  2. Dave Van added a post in a topic CLEANED my workbench........   

    My first hobby!!! When I moved to So Cal in 1960 the kid next door built model cars.......We talk and visit each other often even though we are 3000 miles apart....more than a hobby!!! thx
  3. Dave Van added a post in a topic CLEANED my workbench........   

    Color is random......I just like the contrast of a day-glo color and black Sharpie. I have a touch of color blindness so sharp contrast is a good thing!!! Thx
  4. Dave Van added a topic in On The Workbench   

    CLEANED my workbench........
    My model room has needed a complete reset for a while....I am in the final stages of that now. 
    So maybe now I can get more work turned out....not this good in ten years!!!!    .Thanks

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  5. Dave Van added a post in a topic Decal help   

    Slixx had a bad batch of decals a number of years ago......are your new issue decals or older items. You are doing nothing wrong....the clear carrier was applied wrong....to thick, thin or an issue with type of carrier.  If you just bought them I'd check with Slixx. I've manufactured decals for almost 40 years....happens to the best.
  6. Dave Van added a post in a topic AMT 1923 Delivery Van   

  7. Dave Van added a post in a topic AMT and MPC new releases for 2016   

    Hope someone does a hard top body for the Bonnie!!
  8. Dave Van added a topic in Car Kit News & Reviews   

    Moebius Batman V Superman Batmobile parts photos
    Follow the link below to see photos of all the parts to the new Moebius Batmobile kit.   Kit is molded in a silver gray plastic with nice engraving and no flash. Tires are black vinyl and all new tooling. Kit has a engine and interior details.....full suspension. Hope to start building today. Thanks!

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  9. Dave Van added a post in a topic Plastic Solvent Cement_Plastruct Weld And Other Solvent Type Cements   

    I really like the Pro-Weld.....the Plastruct really irritates my nose for some reason. thx 
  10. Dave Van added a post in a topic Hmm, another brass-era Model T I'm going to have to have, I think!   

    I have never heard where or if the tooling is still around. Being owned by a toy company tool disposition is a little different.....they are in the habit of scraping old tooling faster than kit companies. It could be sitting at a tooling company of it it went over seas it might be part of that Subaru you saw today! 
  11. Dave Van added a post in a topic Plastic Solvent Cement_Plastruct Weld And Other Solvent Type Cements   

    Is Ambroid Pro-Weld still in production??? I am running low and can't find any. thx
  12. Dave Van added a post in a topic Anyone Know If These Monogram 1/24 Molds Are Still Around?   

    The BMW kit like the Rover was a full detail kit.  I'd buy any of the others.....the 911, TR7/8 and 924 if the include the racing parts and stock parts. Decent little kits.
  13. Dave Van added a post in a topic QUESTION ? Laramie Stage Ghost 1/16 scale Pyro C85-400   

    Never heard that before....My kit is a junker that's incomplete.....I'd ask over on Dave's Showrod forum.   The grille is the same as the other Pyro T's  of the era....IIRC
  14. Dave Van added a post in a topic Dieselpunk Alternate Reality Turbine Hybrid II, sneak peek   

    Love the concept!
  15. Dave Van added a post in a topic My Goal For 2016 - Buy A New Mustang GT Premium Before 2017   

    My son just bought this candy apple red Mustang 4 cyl turbo about two months ago.  He loves it......way too fast of a car for him....but he pays the bill so what do you do???
    The sort time he's had it it's been perfect....but at the price they should be good cars!! That's his Civic si he traded for the mustang.
    I'll keep my 66 Mustang 2+2 289  4 spd  thx