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  1. Was hoping for Unreal Roller.........
  2. A few points......... Per an interview on Race Hub the manufactures are working on bodies to submit to NASCAR so there will not be ONE body. This is getting very close to a SCCA Trans Am spec car. NASCAR just needs to say so.....the SCCA has better ideas. The cost savings comes from laying off MANY folks in the shops....not lower car cost. Sad day in Mooresville in 2021 (many fewer fab and body guys and gals) Those alloy wheels would not last one lap at the Rpval and got to be a lot more costly than steel wheels. . I'll take a wait and see. But it starting to sound like a IROC series and I'll have free Sundays in the future.
  3. Please tell us...I wanted one myself. What was the HL price??
  4. Super clean work...and in that scale!
  5. Kinda figured....but thought you'd like to know the official name!
  6. 3D printing a body will not work for mass production. A body can take 12 - 14 hours to print plus basic clean up. For R2 to make money they need like 3 bodies produced a minute minimum.
  7. Yellow flags at odd times is called 'Marcel Debris' and that comes from a long time NASCAR official.
  8. During the RC2 days when Model King was re-issuing every NASCAR stock car we could.........we asked about the Road Runner. RC2 said they'd pull a test shot for us. After a month or two we were told the tool was not usable any longer. Not sure if the NASCAR tool BODY and stock tool BODY shared the internals but they could. The cam action inside of tooling is REALLY expensive to fix....most time you just make new. Best bet is let R2 know you want the RR kit...in a polite way....maybe if enough folks do they will spend the $$$ to fix.
  9. Major road block is still cash. R2 holds licenses for all the above already....and while it would need approval for final product R2 has a good working relationship established. The Trans Am issue is the SCCA being aggressive with that trademark....not a group R2 works with.
  10. I do not SEE anything that is going to lead to much lower costs.....which is a major reason for the next Gen car. The composite body may be cheaper.....depends on how they do it and how much $$$$ each cost. Alloy wheels and low profile tires are NOT more cost effective than steel wheels and tires Goodyear has been making for many years. Sorry....no impressed.......glad I saw and was in the sport in it's heyday.
  11. Not sure about how much they read here......but there are not many folks at R2 and they tend to read and reply to e-mails. But if you make a offer to restore and you get a CORP answer it's there way of saying no in a polite way.....never know.
  12. That has been done in the past. Model King paid to repair a number of kits. He even cloned the complete chrome tree for the 59 Imperial kit. But when the group headed by Tom Lowe took over they ended all private involvement in the company. This was JUST A BUSINESS decision and not a slam on them. So I kinda figure your offer will not go far....but contact them with it ....I never say never when it comes to plastic!
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