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  1. No real info here......just guessing......Could be that R2 needs to run let's say 5K kits to get a good price from vendor in China. They know they will sell 3K in normal channel and Ollie's will buy the overage at 40% of their retail of $10.....a wholesaler normal. R2 gets the price point from vendor, more kits into hands....a win win..........just sayin.....
  2. R2 kit???? Mine is on it's way ask we type......
  3. If the goal is a open hood full detail 1972 Gran Torino the Revell chassis is a good start. I used a promo chassis on my curbside 72.
  4. Last time I checked, IIRC, it was about 3/16 off. Take that out of the center should work.
  5. Yes....and I was saying art imitates life.....you model what you see....
  6. As I looked over my built Torinos......... If you want a stock 1972 Gran Torino I'd go with a JoHan or AMT stock body with a Revell chassis. You will need to shorten the Revell chassis a little to make this work.....much less work than cutting up bodies. AND ....if you look close the windshield on the Revell kit it is not as accurate as the JoHan is. The Revell windshield is way to flat and not a wide curve shape it should have. So cutting up the bodies gets you the WB needed but will have other issues. Just IMHO ONLY!!!! Thanks
  7. Could be.....as I left the show that afternoon I saw two DD cars being towed north!!!
  8. Dave Van

    1/64 Nascar

    I did a bunch of them back in the day. There was a company SCM that made 1/64 kits. The bodies were very poor but decals great. I bought them and used the decals on HW or other DC. This is a IMSA Cougar conversion I did.....no NASCAR pic handy.
  9. Before the bankruptcy stuff I talked to Revell about doing a Eastwood 'Gran Torino' kit based off the S&H......but now who knows if that ever happens.
  10. This is the Issac MPC body, JoHan Grille and JoHan interior and promo chassis......a Franken model!
  11. The AMT 72 Torino is the JoHan kit re-boxed. The MPC 72 Torino was cloned off the JoHan kit and modified. Hoods, bumper and grilles all swap.
  12. I like this show........the right size and I get to see many of my Ohio friends!!! Thanks
  13. Odd thing is the two models wheelbase is different.......in real life they are the same.......I had planned such a build.
  14. Kit builds a NASCAR stocker without any issues. As stated the body, grille and bumpers are showroom stock. So if you build it as a racer you have to remove the body trim and emblems. The grille cover is correct but the headlight covers were illegal in NASCAR. Find photos of real 72 race Torino and you will see the difference. I just drill out the stock headlights and make covers from a paper hole punch and .010 plastic sheet. Overall chassis is correct but is missing the stamping a factory pan would have...not a huge issue but a flat/smooth pan would be illegal too. The Boss 429 is not correct for a NASCAR Cup car....nice motor.....but a 351 from a AMT 1989 Thunderbird kit is more correct. Mine.....Penngwen decals
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