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  1. Very nice work! I felt the stock wheels and tires were to small and used ARII on mine.
  2. One of my favorite AHM kits........1/48 scale
  3. Tht display sold out long before Xmas at our store.....hmmmmm
  4. Unless you caught a WOOLCO AHM FALL SALE!!!! These kits were 99 cents then.
  5. AHM reboxed a number of Revell kits. I have a Meter Cheater in a AHM box. AHM worked with retailer WOOLCO a lot.
  6. There were always a few vendors selling them at the Fall Toledo show. But in the 1980's they were $100 or more.
  7. All the info around the new 1009K filing is in the American Rescue Plan signed March 11 2021. It's public info.
  8. Cash sales at in person will not be affected. ALL....repeat ALL transactions via a online payment system, no matter the reason, will be taxed if in a single year it is more than $599.99. This means Paypal, Venmo, CashApp etc etc Let's say the boss asks you to stop and get doughnuts and coffee on the way to work. He uses Venmo to pay back the $40 it cost you. That will be TAXABLE as income if you receive more than $599.99 in a single year. Think about that. This works out to a little over $12 a week.......you are now liable to file a 1099K which is PURE income. My son hit hard times when his wife had a major health issues. His car died and he needed to replace it. No credit so I bought the car and he pays me holder of the loan. We used Venmo in the past but now he will have to put cash in an envelope and send registered mail. Repayment of a loan IS NOT INCOME!!!! Final thing I'll say. As a retired banking analyst I will say this is being done to break these 3rd party payment systems AND collect taxes on money THAT IS NOT INCOME. This is a source of income that requires ZERO personnel is fully automated and generates cash for the government even if the money is really not taxable. Off the soapbox. Thanks
  9. This is being pushed by the FED's not ebay......I think it will end up hurting all online sales by people just selling stuff. The 1099K law will affect any transaction where people use any online payment service. If you sell on Facebook and use Venmo, you will be taxed.
  10. To deduct any 'cost' from the 1099K total you will need to be a 'INC', LLC or sole proprietor with Tax ID and license required by local. I'll not go into the logic behind all this as it would just get thread deleted. Thx
  11. With the new 2022 IRS 1099K rules....I do not see myself ever selling on ebay again.
  12. Well done build.....getting the wheels right too!!!!! I have gathered stuff to build my 82 Z-28......my project has lasted longer than yours!!!! LOL
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