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  1. Free shipping..... I bet if you buy with Paypal it will take you to a non secure PP site and get your log on......just sayin
  2. How about some of the more unusual Hot Wheels........from my collection....Most would be tough to make in 1/25...maybe the Gremlin!
  3. Looks to good to be true!!!!! I'd bite at $25 if real!
  4. I am always looking for movie cars....that one slipped by me...well done!!!
  5. You did a great job!! I would get one in 1/24 in a minute.......yes....scale snob!
  6. The chassis on the Revell SCCA Trans Am versions is imcorrect.....but as Bob Johnson told me it was a fight to get the IMSA cars made and he only got the SCCA Trans Am version done if he reused the IMSA parts. No shame...... I produced a Roush Merkur trans kit years ago to make the IMSA and Trans Am version.....I only made one body and changed the decals and spoilers to make IMSA or T/A cars.....so I did the same thing Revell did!!! Someday I'll tell you how we almost got a Roush Cougar kit!!! Resin Merkur
  7. A IMSA Mustang GTO and a SCCA Trans Am class Mustang can look alike outside. When Jack Roush was running both series in Motorcraft sponsorship it may be confusing. But under the skin, which was different too, there were lots of differences. So we are not rivet counting....just noting the difference. The Revell kit was a IMSA kit first.....they then tooled SCCA Trans Am body for the kit but left the chassis as a IMSA spec......again all this is FYI. The fact Mitch was able to make it look this good with old kit decals is a big win!
  8. My store is down to big ships, Civil War cannons, 58 Chevy DC....I'll check Monday when I grocery shop.....just in case!
  9. You did well.....I like those kits! Small correction is that Mustang is a SCCA Trans Am racer.....IMSA cars are a little different...both same type racer.
  10. A Maverick from Moebius has been brought up in idea meetings.....but never got past 'a good idea' stage.
  11. Thanks so much for that info. I had Clifford headers on a Dodge P/U and they were nice....did not know they had anything for 200! THX
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