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  1. A Tucker did run 2 NASCAR races. A stock, race and custom COULD work IMHO ONLY!
  2. Modelhaus resin kit is as close as you can get to a 'plastic kit'. Danberry Mint made a 1/24 die cast that is very nice too. I have both and really like the Modelhaus version........the die cast is a little more detailed but like a kit.
  3. Current 2021 chassis is the same across makes. SO add FORD engine and body and you have a correct 2021 Mustang..IF...IF you get the OK from Ford.....which often they grant very cheap or free. A number of racing Ford kits that Revell Monogram did were licensed for free or even part paid by from FORD.....wanting to get product in front of consumers.
  4. I have not either.....but Hobby Lobby runs 6 - 9 moths after release on many items...so hoping!
  5. It's called Plan-O-Gram. Most big chains use some form of it. My son has worked for two major retailers and both had very strict P-O-G programs and as a manager you were graded on it. SOP
  6. Simple, easy cool kit. and south of $20 will be a DEAL at Hobby Lobby 40% off.
  7. Atlantis MAY have the tooling. Drop a note to Pete/Atlantis and let them know you'd buy one.
  8. Also the 2002 Revell chassis would be 100% incorrect for a 2021 car.....so just as well.
  9. Not w/o FORD license...........There is a number of tools sitting in Salvinos vault that they could run but they have yet to get a SORD license of any kind.
  10. Yum.....Pup-n-Taco....... I'm old enough to remember when I think on WED they had a mix and match 10 for $1 dog or taco special. We had one in La Palma......drive through A frame building!
  11. Pete/Atlantis puts his money where his mouth is......
  12. Atlantis needs to land the FORD license first.....
  13. As a kid...ignorance is bliss. I built this kit and the Maverick, which today I can see are poorly done......but now I look back at how much fun I had building these 'bad' kits.
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