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  1. Change......

    Change. I don’t like change...never have. But it’s time for some. Due to something I found out recently I feel it’s time to change things. I found that there are people on the net impersonating me, using my name and an avatar I created myself, to post negative and at times nasty things. There is not a good way to stop this so I have decided my time on the internet is done. This way if you see negative posts, credited to me, you will know it is not me doing so. This is not the only reason I am ending my participation on the net and it’s forums. Over the past year I have lost a large number of friends in the model hobby, car hobby and my model train hobby. It has made it very real to me our time here is limited. I feel sitting in front of my PC is not good use of my time left. This is not a ‘the internet is bad’ thing, although I do see more and more negative over positive of late. I am thankful for all the folks I have gotten to know. Those that continue to use the net…..watch your back! God bless all….
  2. E-pox-y ....only way I attach resin.
  3. Up to my ears in ship ! ( model ship ) Finished !

    Came out good!!! I have a Artisia Spanish Galleon to build...someday!
  4. Grand Canyon Roadster

    Great work!! Nice figure work too......
  5. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    Salvino's JR could use a good product manager......
  6. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    Thanks Sir for that.......it kinda sounds like calls will be made in Germany. But positive on surface.
  7. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    Thanks for your expert input on this. I said the same thing and was called a heretic. BTW thanks for your years at RM. The Caddy would have been cool. There were a number of cool kits cooking......I fear the same fate.
  8. Brett Bodine

    Very well done...not often seen.
  9. Positives to come from the Revell Deal?

    If I valued your opinion half as much as you value mine I'd prove my work in all fields....but I don't so no need. Thanks for playing at any rate!! Ignore button pressed.....
  10. Positives to come from the Revell Deal?

    Gotta keep up.....I went into detail on the scale thing other tread. My info come from working, freelance, for Monogram, then RM since 1980's as I had access to most NASCAR shops, I had credentials. Last project I did work on was 1957 Ford. That Big Boy for $20 was more than likely the marked down price.....I never saw it in a retailer for that....even close out at Hobby Lobby was $22.....thanks!!
  11. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    The new Cup kits were first based off old Monte Carlo tooling....1/24 scale. When they sold well enough the new tools fell under the old rule I talked about above. thx
  12. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    Lots to unpack here. The scale change came about from the Revell and Monogram merger. But it had a number of 'reasons'. If you recall the Roush IMSA GTO Mustang kits (Motorcraft, 7-11, Folgers) were announced as 1/24 Monogram kits in theory to compliment the Monogram GTP Zackspeed and Probe kits. (all 1/24) When the call came to tool them in 1/25 they moved them to Revell as to not mix scales/brands. Soon after that those in charge decide two scale were a costly pain. Management picked 1/25 as being morepopular with US builders and all new tooling was to be cut in 1/25.....all but NASCAR Cup kits so the line started in 1983 would be constant. Note 1/25 was deemed the best seller among the two choices. The exotics that were 'new' tooled in 1/24 were for the most part engineered by RoG and aimed to the international market. Revell USA got to market them to the US market at the range of other Revell USA offerings in hope it would greatly increase sales here. And a number of older 1/24 tools have been altered with 'new tooling' on box.....and the kits do have new tooling, in 1/24, but you are correct ...not all new tooling.
  13. Positives to come from the Revell Deal?

    That Monogram UP Big Boy loco was msrp around $10 but RoG was $30......for a tool long paid for....that 'fee' to import is to high for me......and do not see that going away./
  14. Hobbico - BANKRUPT!

    Bob Johnson of Revell Monogram is my source....I like 1/24 too....but it was the number one complaint they got from US builders. It's why they went to 1/25 for all new tooling.....