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  1. Well done!!! One of my fav Cup cars!
  2. WOW...I have 3 of the first set......Those guys are in their 40's now!!! I'll get a set or two.
  3. While Revell is doing some stuff.....R2 has a REAL opportunity to take command of the US market. With R2 listening to the US hobbyist and more flexibility than a company HQ in Europe. We just need to keep buying....
  4. Please find the U-Haul trailer for the NOVA!!!!! I know it was in the full kit and not Craftsman....but what a deal if they did!
  5. I want them.....stupid kits....hated them as a kid......now I wanted them because I dismissed them back in the day.
  6. I'd say the Coke Ford van IS pretty accurate. During all of the 1970's I lived in Charlotte NC. That is home of CCCC which is a Coke licensee that is bigger than Coke itself. I recall vans like that running around.....delivering machine, repairs and tanks. While I never took a photo.....they look like what I recall!!!
  7. I am working on art for both now. I lost my screen printer this year when they retired....so as soon as I can get back into the decal biz I may offer them for sale.
  8. My only business dealings with the big 2 soft drink companies was through my buddy and his small chain of Pizza places he owned. When he opened he had the two big suppliers come in and bid. Pepsi under bid by a HUGE amount. So even though he was a Coke drinker business said Pepsi. That lasted less than a year. The Pepsi fountain machines broke down all the time....and took weeks to fix. Supplies were spotty at best. After a year of this he called Coke. They came in with all new machines, lines everything. And Coke came in twice a month and tested and calibrated to make sure it was right. They made and gave him signs for his store....with COKE logo but FREE! This lasted the next ten years until he sold the chian to an investment group. Best pizza ever and I miss it.
  9. How many are showing up at IndyCar races??? 32-36 max. So it's not a NASCAR only issue. SCCA Trans Am may have the best fields considering they still have teams run from peoples home garages.
  10. Reminds me, Coke collectors, of those weird-o-s that collect boxes of plastic model cars!!! 🤣
  11. From what I understand Entex was a marketer of kits and did no original tooling. Their kits were various Japanese kit makers. So they just sold what was on the market.
  12. Those 70's era ENTEX kits are always a gamble. When they were sold in Woolco stores for $2 the gamble was not as bad but I got burnt many times. Many of the kits said 1/25 but were 1/28!!!! Others are bodies with a power chassis like yours....good as it can look!!
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