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  1. 32 Ford's

    From the movie 'Hot Rod', catchy not, a flathead 32......
  2. 70 Road Runner (Monogram)

    Nice neat clean work!!! I like those old 1/24 Monogram kits. I know many dislike the scale,,,,but good lookin kits in the end. My movie car version.
  3. Randy Ayers Nascar board

    Randy's was/is a place that had info like no other. We had a number of past and present people that worked in NASCAR from year one. First hand personal info is hard to replace.
  4. Blue Bandito

    Very nice, neat clean build........ I build my version of the kit and finished it about a week before RM announced the reissue!!!! My perfect timing!!!
  5. new for 2018

    Hope you got LOTS of cash for it.....I like the orphan, unloved and odd cars......
  6. new for 2018

    One Rare and fantastic car.....still own it???? First car I bought my son was a Mercury wagon so I am bias!!!
  7. New kid on the block ?

    I would hope as someone I'd consider an industry insider, you'd know the story of both AM I & II. But I detailed it above if not.
  8. New kid on the block ?

    Having done work for both Accurate Miniatures I and AM II , doing everything from building sample kits, test shots and even packaging kits....I have a perspective few have. Both versions were filled with talented dedicated folks. Both companies failed because of perfect storms. AM I I will not detail to much.....I was an freelance worker and was outside looking in. AM II I can detail some as my family was deeply involved. AM II had some great plans. Unfortunately salezs did not support the planned tooling. Left with the GS Vette and some plane kits.....cash was an issue. But that alone did not do them in. My brother-in-law was art director and was a big part of kit design and development assisting Bob Johnson, expert kit designer. My brother-in-law passed away quickly and very unexpectedly. He went from working one day to passing 3 days later. Thom's passing did not shut AM II....but almost all the folks at AM II had major life altering events within a month. All this combined caused the end of AM II. It was just fate. This new JR model co is in for a very tough road. I do not know anyone involved.....but having done work for Moebius in the early years I have seen how difficult it is......and how costly. I hope I am wrong but if they just set the CAD to the tooling maker this week (per their FB page) I do not see a kit before Fall '18 if all goes well. I WANT that Olds.......I make a number of decals ready for it.....but I'll take a wait and see.....thx
  9. 1977 Mustang II

    Not to Hijack....but that photo triggered my Mustang II build...
  10. Quick Y-wing build

    I have the 1/72 scale version yet to build.....nice work!
  11. 1977 Mustang II

    Nice clean build!!
  12. new for 2018

    Do we get ONJ with that version???? Hot Wheels did a nice BTTF complete with cow patties!!
  13. AMC Hornet AMX

    I'll be watching.....I owned a '77 AMX and it was a cool little car. I also have that same promo......and wheel flairs from a Volaire kit!!!
  14. Junior Johnson #27 '61 Pontiac

    Great craftsmanship.....