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  1. It sure looks like it. Add to it the last AMT 935 kit I bought had a sticker applied to the box that said 'parts made in Italy'. It's a simple kit, almost curbside with the engine just 3 parts. But builds quick and looks good.......to me!
  2. Were do you find Italeri kits in US?? A few I'd like....
  3. TD says he will no longer be working with 'new' Revell......kinda says it all to me. Ditto Firebomb....
  4. This is Revell based build......Tweetie Pie IIRC.......
  5. So if Bandito is not going to happen, add the fire engine parts and reissue it as Firebomb.....that was not a TD design but a Monogram redesign.
  6. Gofer racing has some gasser decals. I did the art,,,,they are not for any real car......just made up. Model Roundup ha them.
  7. Them and Spotlight are both good to deal with. No issues, fast ship.
  8. Got an e-,ail this morning from them.
  9. Cool work!! Wish they'd reissue that kit....I need two....
  10. have never seen that kit look that good. Any chassis photos? IIRC mine had a separate roof...tough build for a kid. I make screen printed decals for that kit if you need some.
  11. Looks like my Maine Coon Henry I loss to vacine related cancel. 24 lbs of the biggest baby cat ever. Still miss him. My rescue red tabby now sleep on my shoulders while I work at my desk...... Henry.....and yes it's summer do heat is off.
  12. She looks FANTASTIC to me!!!! I'd be proud to have her in my garage! Congrats! and thanks for some great reference shots...I plan on getting a few of the kits.
  13. That's outside the box thinking!!! Cool!
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