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  1. Routemaster Car Transporter

    WOW...nice detail!
  2. I had a buddy that was in the offset printing biz. I'd help out at times......I'd always grab a few plates. That was the 1980's and I know burning big plates is long gone. You may want to check the metal craft area of Hobby Lobby....I bought some sheet stock there in the past.
  3. Tooling gone long ago.....Atlantis will not tool a new version.
  4. 79 Ford LTD 2 coupe

    looks pretty good......I wanted a real one back in the day....a neighbor had a black sport version......
  5. Models Back at Walmart!

    I heard about the Round2 display on a SciFi forum a few weeks ago. Hunted a number of WalMarts and found nothing. Then while traveling in Weston WV I found the merchandiser. Just OK prices....got a Space 1999 HAWK for $20...best deal....
  6. 1983 Volkswagen Caddy Mk1

    Very nice clean work........ I have to tell a story about my brothers real VW pick up he drove to school at OSU......the car had a bad water leak around the passenger door. It stayed wet on the passenger floor. One day my brother picked up a big bag of bird seed for our Mom. He didn't realize the bird seed had a small tear.....and seed spilled out. Weeks later he came by to pick me up and go out.....he had a beautiful green field of wild grasses and flowers growing on the passenger floor!! Not what VW had in mind !!
  7. '81 Dodge Omni "Mahogany Rush"

    Very cool!!!
  8. 71 Thunderbird

    Cool Big Bird!!!
  9. Accurate Miniatures Grand Sport Corvette

    AM designed a roadster body and started tooling.......but it never made it to test shot stage.....Oh the plans AM had for this and other all new tools.....
  10. Accurate Miniatures Grand Sport Corvette

    You still made it look good!!! As I commented on the build thread there are two versions of the kit......the 2nd version had some refinements.....sounds like you got a 1st version maybe. Still a build I'd be happy to show!!
  11. Tyrrell P34

    WOW WOW!!! I have never seen the 6 wheeler run without side pods or cowl!!!! Goes to show how little protection those guys had......Patrick had more protection sitting in an apple crate!!! thx
  12. Tyrrell P34

    The death of the Tyrrell 6 wheeler had as much to do with the F1 rules as anything. Other F1 car builders started playing with different combos of 6 wheels. Four small wheel/tires in the rear etc. F1 thought this was going to far and made a rule 'Four wheels max and no more than any 2 in a single line....thus making the traditional layout the only option. Ken would have made the 6 wheeler a big winner if aloud. thx
  13. Tyrrell P34

    Very well done!!!! My favorite car from my favorite F1 era!!
  14. I always wait about 3-4 days after I finish decaling and then wipe done the model with a wet paper towel folded into a square. This cleans up the extra glue and stains.
  15. JADA is BAD about box scale.....I ordered the FnF Honda S200.....1/20 scale or bigger!!!!! Argggg.....