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  1. You have a better hand and eye than us old folk ....they look great.
  2. I like Duplicolor primer sealer #1699 under Duplicolor.
  3. I don't recall S&H calling the Torino 'tomato' in the movie.......think it was in the TV show they did...
  4. I bought everything I could afford.........unlimited funds I bought 95% of their catalog!
  5. If that is the Coke Levi machine they made a bunch of and gave away...I'm in!
  6. Never got to the tooling stage. R&D work had been done but never got any further. My brother in law was the art director and helped with R&D at AM II in Concord. If you have their B-25 I packaged it!!! The AM NASCAR Taurus tooling was completed....but by the time it was done the bubble had busted. See it here:https://public.fotki.com/DaveVan51/accurate-miniatures/ BACK ON topic....while cleaning the model room I found two bags of wheels and tires I bought from Don but had misplaced!! It was like Christmas!
  7. About as well done as any I've seen. Isn't the kit listed as 1/18??? That's the reason I've passed om getting one.
  8. Indycals is great to deal with....good decals and service.
  9. good little show last year...hope to attend!
  10. Thanks for the info. As a retired Sr system analyst I understand how much work it is.
  11. I just finished the two Monogram Ford GTP front engine kits. While working on them I watched the IMSA race from Road America. The GTP cars are all ugly looking 'things'. Nothing like the old Probe, XJR-5 or even 962......all of which I have built or on the 'to do' list. New production car based kits would be cool.
  12. I'm designing that Capri right now. The front end is easy.......that back hatch and glass is tougher. I think Randy Derr did one....I may need to contact him and ask if he still has the buck for that rear glass. Thx
  13. How about a few build details???
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