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  1. OK...kinda cool...is it a tractor trailer set up or a 2 axle truck w/box??? There is a video on Youtube about 'Road Trains' of the future. The film was from the early 40's and it showed drawings of truck with a cab much like your model, many trailers with the same cross profile, all followed by a unit much like supplied.
  2. Hope they still love it when a dispute ends up in a withdrawal by ebay without their consent......(they did give consent in that agreement they did not read.)
  3. Welcome! Grew up in Whittier and La Palma. 1960 to 1970. A great time in SoCal! Still visit every year until 2020.....I'll be back.
  4. True.....and ebay MAY at some point block Paypal....but as they are not the booming site they were....I don't see them limiting payment methods. IMHO only again!
  5. ebay and Paypal for SELLERS has changed. Disclosure: I did NOT read the thousands of words in the new agreement....I have a life. BUT....in my opinion here is the what and why I have gotten from independent sites on the web. ebay, with it's guarantee of buyers getting ALL their money back when they do not like the item they bought. had to chase the money Paypal sent to sellers account. Now they want your bank account to 'deposit' your funds from selling items directly......very handy right? Also very handy for ebay when they need to refund a buyer.......the agreement gives them the power to WITHDRAW funds from your bank account even if you do not agree. I had 2500 feedback....almost all from selling. I will not sell on ebay any longer until this situation changes. IMHO ONLY!
  6. When I need something that my regulars do not have......last resort....Amazon.
  7. We have crackheads and drugies here, not many, there are only about 5,000 residents in the county. But EVERYONE has a gun, lots of dogs too. So the crackheads tend to go after businesses and commercial property knowing no one is there after hours. Two idiots broke into a quarry a few miles from my house. They stole stupid stuff like a conveyor belt motor. Then they went after copper wire......copper wire that was HOT with 220 volts. One got fried.....the other left and a few days later tried to sell the motor they stole......he must have been very sad.....NOT!
  8. MAJOR award for getting those decals to work!!!!!! New they were a pain!
  9. My spin: 1/48 SR-71....Wow Kit that includes a MASK???? Really?? Star Wars Razor Crest!!!!!!! One of the best SW designs in years!!! The VW vans will be on my list.......'Little Miss Sunshine'
  10. A REAL early crush...before I knew what that was....RIP Mary Ann
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