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  1. WOW....love it!!! I have a very bad Shadow kit by Otaki that is 1/28 I think??? Love a real kit.
  2. 1971 Mustang front bumper is needed along with grille....but looking at the movie stills is it even a MACH1?? Dog dish caps, no stripes....dual scoop hood....but no MACH1 emblems.....
  3. If it sells 500 more kits than if not licensed....good deal!!
  4. Yes......R2 does not have a true 71 Mustang,,,,,,,hope for some tooling updates.
  5. I grew up in So Cal 1960-1970. If you are old enough you remember that in 1968-69 we had a lot of small quakes. It was a rough time as many 'experts' said it was leading up to the big one. People were buying personal submarines as if CA was going to drop into the sea.....and somehow they could escape!! But as a kid.....it messed with you. And today when I visit So Cal I am always earthquake aware. My buddy, living in So Cal since 1959, will not stop at stoplights that are under overpasses, tries to not get stuck in traffic on the tall fly overs......just stay out of areas that might be bad places in a big one. It's a different way of life.
  6. I feel like my Modelhaus Cheetah is well worth the money....and it's curbside. Often depends on wants.
  7. Right....then new 1/20 F1 kits were hitting $80....curbside......I thought I had bought my last Tamiya.
  8. You do better with English than I often do!!! I did a lot of technical writing in my real job.....and too often write in tech speak!
  9. Tamiya\s DTM Alfa Romeo Jagermiester kit is the best building kit I have ever completed. Not best detail or favorite....but it falls together without a single hitch.
  10. Tamiya is smart enough to get things wrong most of us will never know....I have two 959 in the stash.......never knew that!!!! thanks
  11. Good looking Red Tabby........oh....and model too......
  12. And why I said 'in the past'........But Salvinos, Atlantis and Moebius never have been. The current R2 crew is lead by Tom Lowe who is a car guy and hobby expert......weather he has a MBA or not don't matter.....from my dealings with him....hobby first.
  13. I don't think any of the US based model companies are lead by MBA's today. Some were in the past.....but the real US based model kit companies are lead by hobby guys. Atlantis, Salvinos, R2 and Moebius are VERY small and all hobby guys....still have to make money....
  14. I'd find a font that would get you close on the 'resh' and then draw by hand the 'F' . You may have to edit the fonts, like the 'h' for sure....but should get you real close.
  15. Layers seem to confuse my brain.....maybe just me.....
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