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  1. Dave Van added a post in a topic Mad Max Gigahorse   

    My plans for the dash, if I ever got that far, was to draw up the artwork and have it printed in foil on a ALPS printer. Might lack some thickness.......but under glass the effect would be great. 
  2. Dave Van added a post in a topic 1975 Ford Gran Torino   

    Nice neat clean build......like it!
  3. Dave Van added a post in a topic large decal application   

    I offer no promise that this works 100% of the time.  When working with new decals always check with a un-needed decal.
    Having said that I have been a decal manufacture and artist for about 40 years. 
    Water - warm water with a single drop of dish soap. 
    Cut decal near halo or close to image on sheets that have clear on entire sheet.
    Dip decal in water for 10-15 seconds.
    Cook decal - place wet decal on a damp paper towel and allow to sit until it move on the paper freely.
    Prep model - apply some drops of your decal water to the model in the area the decal will be applied. 
    With tweezers place decal on model were it is to be applied. Holding decal PAPER pull paper out from under decal hold the decal in place. 
    Use a 1/4 to 1/2 inch wide stiff paint brush to squeegee  out the water and glue. Work from center out while holding decal.
    Use a damp paper towel to further seal the decal to the surface. Also remove water and glue. 
    Now the scary part....Solvaset decal set. Some folks hate this stuff......used correctly it works 100% of the time for me. 
    Apply a light even coat  of Solvaset allowing it to work.....if done right it will not wrinkle severely....only slightly at most......lots of wrinkles....too much Solvaset. 
    If decal needs to be 'worked' into seams etc....use your damp paper towel to press the decal into recesses....you can also use the paint brush to push decal into areas.
    Allow decal to sit untouched for an hour or so. Repeat Solvaset if needed. 
    When dry for a few days wipe all areas with damp paper towel to clean up any solvent and glue....glue will dis-color with age.
    I protect my models with Future floor shine (or whatever they call it today)
    MY way only......not the only way.
  4. Dave Van added a post in a topic Anybody seen this before?   

    Built a white page?????
  5. Dave Van added a post in a topic Hobby Shops In L.A. Area?   

    Glad you had a good trip. I grew up in So Cal and Dad was racing director for Valvoline so I did lots of 'car' stuff.
    To bad Peterson museum was closed as it is a great place too. 
  6. Dave Van added a post in a topic Mad Max Gigahorse   

    very nice work!
  7. Dave Van added a post in a topic Reissue of Warren Tope's '73 Trans-Am Mustang   

    A modern tool 71-72 has a number of options as Tim says. Just tool both hoods, scoop Mach1 and base model flat, so we can finally get a model of the REAL Elanor!!! 
  8. Dave Van added a post in a topic Trouble Posting Photos by URL   

    Have not been able to insert via link since the change. As long as I am at home I just download.......but only way for me.
  9. Dave Van added a post in a topic AMT and MPC new releases for 2016   

    It will be interesting to see what the 'open all closed gates' gives us.  That MAY be goo......
  10. Dave Van added a post in a topic Fenderless AMT "40 Ford Coupe (Roadster)   

    Very interesting......
  11. Dave Van added a post in a topic huge crush on Jennifer Love Hewitt   

    Models??? I guess this counts.....
    I'll settle it now.....

  12. Dave Van added a post in a topic AMT and MPC new releases for 2016   

    BECAUSE there is still a group of us that are willing to pay cash for it. Enough to make a profit R2 thinks. And judging by the price they have sold for on ebay some are willing to pay a LOT for them. Sunday a ZZR went for almost $300 and a Cashbox more.....both  'stupid' showrods. 
    If you don't want to buy a kit.......just pass it by. Negativity we have more than enough of that in the world outside this forum.  I seek out the vast majority of positive folks here. thx
  13. Dave Van added a post in a topic Rough Weekend :(   

    Very sorry for your loss........
    I like to look at it as all the years of love and care you gave to your buddy......and how good of a life he had. 
    I can say I understand as we lost a 14 year old kitty 2 months ago. Our first Manx and we had hand raised her. It can be very tough.
    Thanks for the great care you provided. 
  14. Dave Van added a post in a topic The 60s must have been some WILD times they were   

    My dog says 'ruff ruff'
  15. Dave Van added a post in a topic GMC turbine   

    It came with AMT GMC COE kits back inn the day......Not sure if anyone does it in resin.....but I picked up a unbuilt of ebay a few years ago cheap. 
    This is one I built back in the day....