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  1. 2019 Motorcraft Ford GT

    My USA versions came today.....pad printed windows and lots of parts.....looks good!
  2. Plowboy, the rat tractor

    COOL!!!! A little Mad Max in there!
  3. It's not THAT BAD!!!!! at the 55th show.....
  4. Got back Sunday from the 55th....cold and rainy Thur-Sat.......really hit the show hard. Weather folks called for tornadoes too....didn't happen thankfully. But show attendance was off. The very few photos I took https://public.fotki.com/DaveVan51/mustang-55th-convention/
  5. 2019 Motorcraft Ford GT

    Great build and photos.......my 2 kits arrive today!
  6. LOTS of Mustangs,,,,847 in the parade last nihjt which is less than the number here. Vendor and Ford display not as large,,,still good.50th was a bigger party with Ford doing a lot more. Museum is nice....about the size of football field. Gift shop yet to be finished...no big deal. No bad weather showed up but they had everyone scared to where show was mostly closed, Sat will be good. Full report when home. thx
  7. Studebaker Atlantic custom concept

  8. I am at the Mustang 55th today....but they have kinda shutdown today because of tornado warnings. Saturday is going to be nice so hope better Sat.....
  9. Benny Parsons #72 Kings Row Monte Carlo

    NICE work sir BP was a great guy
  10. Donnie Allison's Hawaiian Tropic Monte Carlo

    The AMT trailing unit shown in my photo is from my Salvinos OLDS build.....it is not real hard to mod and make it work.
  11. Donnie Allison's Hawaiian Tropic Monte Carlo

    That is one mod everyone that did a build on Randy's did.....it does help a lot......made your build look better in a subtle way.
  12. Donnie Allison's Hawaiian Tropic Monte Carlo

    I don't dis-agree with what you say. I tried to give them a break as a start up.......but as stated they want no help in improving. Had the Monte Carlo been more to my standards I'd bought 12 of them....SO many famous cars to do. But the long list of things I feel the need to fix makes made me buy two kits....and that was to support them, hoping future offerings are better. One question on your build. Did you address the wide gap between the chassis and body?? In playing with mine it looked like 1/8 to 1/4" gap that needs to be filled. Once I get back to building (after 1/1 car season) I will build a MC and show what I feel is needed........and yours may still look better a 3 feet!!! thx
  13. Donnie Allison's Hawaiian Tropic Monte Carlo

    I did mean to say Steve did a great job as always....making that kit look as good as it can. Here is one issue I have....... AMT 1/25 scale rear trailing arms on the left....Salvinos model of the exact same parts on the right. No big deal???? If Revell did it to a Camaro kit there would be a 25 page post on how bad Revell is.....recall the 1990 Mustang LX thread. Not try to beat up Salvinos.......I am happy someone is making new kits. But they have been offered LOTS of free help in making things right and everyone was told to 'start your own model company'....oh well...
  14. Donnie Allison's Hawaiian Tropic Monte Carlo

    I want to add to the comments on the Salvinos kits. The Monte Carlo addressed the issue of the OLDS having the wrong front and rear suspension. They tooled new rear suspension.....only issue is it is wrong! They did truck trailing arms.....but they are about 1/32 scale and not near correct. I call it growing pain's when you bring kits to market to fast without enough R&D done. I hope they will get it right as they go....but doubt they will ever correct the rear suspension.....so live with it..... The bodies on both the OLDS and MC need some work to get them to look more like race cars than they do box stock.....but if you want to see what they need there is ton of info on Randy Ayers NASCAR forum on how o.
  15. 55 years old today....let's see the models!