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  1. ...and a list of his models to be restored.
  2. Copy of the page from Mark Gustason's model car museum write up of Dave Shuklis...mentions how Norm Veber of Replicas & Miniatures of Maryland acquired the collection from Dave's father.
  3. A Shuklis cover car for Car Model magazine....the "Orange Juicer".
  4. More Shuklis compositions....the guy was imaginative and prolific.
  5. The 1962 Auto World catalog....with two Shuklis models on the cover...the "Red Rever", and his 40 Ford.
  6. The catalog had some other Shuklis model concepts....
  7. The cover car was Dave Shuklis' "Red Rever"....
  8. I started modeling as a kid in the sixties when the "boom" was on and hot rod and custom cars were all the rage....you could find those kits for sale just about everywhere since they were pretty much a guaranteed sale. Back then there were a lot of contests on both the local and national level and most of my fellow modelers were on the learning curve. Most finished projects back then showed lots of imagination but basic building skills often took a back seat. After a very long hiatus I got back into the hobby as an aging baby boomer and the skill levels being exhibited had improved exponentially. Wanting to jump in I often chose subjects that would capitalize on my strengths and minimize weaknesses...not wanting to become discouraged. After participating in a few local and regional contests it was gratifying to win a few awards and receive positive feedback as well as useful criticism. Having accomplished a level of modeling competancy Ive come to realize researching a subject and putting together the necessary components is as satisfying as the build process. Nowadays I will often build an "out of box" just to keep loose and enjoy the process if kitbashed scratchbuilds and ultra detailing become arduous and more drudgery than fun. Bottom line to me now is that the more I build...the better I get. As eye sight and manual dexterity declines I know I will never achieve the level of perfection obtained by particpants on this site ( like Mr Obsessive ) but just completing a project.... from vision at the start to final finish ....which presents well on the book shelf or contest table...is good enough for me ( although the occasional compliment or award bestowed by peers is immensely gratifying. )
  9. I've been a fan of Tamiya rattle cans for a couple of decades now, they cost a bit more but Ive always been impressed with the smooth way they lay down and quickly dry. Hardly ever have runs or orange peel. So impressed with the final appearance I have yet to try their clear coats, even though I have bought a couple of cans. Anybody have any issues with Tamiya clear coats? How soon have you applied a final clear coat after color coats? Is it OK to wait a few days or weeks and then clear coat? Or is clearing recommended within a closer time frame?
  10. Man...what kit mfg is that? Looks like one of the late futurist Syd Mead's illustrations.
  11. If I could catch a whiff of that old AMT spray lacquer, I bet it would immediately trigger some long lost childhood memories. I remember liking them cuz being hotter they laid down better than the Testors rattlecan enamels. They had interesting colors too....I remember my bro' painting his Revell 57 Chevy "Aztec Gold"...and his Revell Roth Road Agent "Orchid Silk".
  12. Man...that suit is about as tasteful as some of his custom cars.
  13. My closest store in N.Va reopened Sat morning May 30...after two month one week shut down.
  14. My tastes run pretty traditional these days ( guess you could call me a H.A.M.B.er ) but in their day I could appreciate the alien artistry of Roth and the smoothness of Coddington. About the only thing I absolutely can't stand is the giant wagon-wheeled cars with a skinny strip of rubber for a tire ( what did they call those things? Donks ? ) Every time I see one of those I wanna retch...just don't look right to me...cartoon cars.
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