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  1. Nice benches guys. Dang J.C.!....a lot of good work has come out of your tiny work space!
  2. styromaniac

    Tamiya Decals

    I think that might be the problem, if I recall correctly given time MicroSol will actually start to make the decal soften to the point it easily breaks.
  3. Magnifico! Love the color....and the 60's custom look.
  4. Is this the hard to find Revell '30 coupe that is supposedly making a comeback some day? Couple of questions...where did you source your flat head, and what paint co. provided Washington Blue? The Replicas and Miniatures of Maryland. S.C.o.T. blower is a dandy piece. The Revell '37 pick up is a good source of period parts too.
  5. I have a couple of the original issue kits from the 60s....I will be watching your progress.
  6. styromaniac

    The future

    If the popularity of the hobby is measured by the presence of neighborhood hobby shops I'd say it is in definite decline....I live in Northern Virginia....outside DC...a major metropolitan area. In the last 25 years I've seen several hobby stores close up shop...we are down to just one now and it's out near Dulles and caters primarily to radio control. Hobby Lobby has taken up some slack , they carry paints and some modeling tools but their kit selection is very narrow...mostly a handful of truck and muscle car kits with a smattering of military subjects. What gives me some hope that the hobby survives is the attendance at the local model contests, here and in Richmond and the surrounding "ruburbs". Participation remains strong. And yes, Gundam is a coming thing. But attendance of the shows is holding the hobby together. Guess everybody is buying their kits and paints online.
  7. Agreed. I managed to acquire two of the three Revell double kits...the Mooneyes dragster and the Fiat kits...although I had to supplement them with parts pack parts as one was pretty much a glue bomb kit. The Bantam Bomber Scarlet Screamer eludes me to this day.
  8. Great shade of blue....nice finish. What paint is that? Or is that the kit color?
  9. https://images.app.goo.gl/d5QEg6nBT8xsfVad6
  10. Since the 1964 Monogram Little T was the first model car I ever entered in a competition when I started this hobby a half century ago I was curious to see how much my skill set had improved so I purchased 2 or 3 original issue glue bombs off the internet. Every one had disintegrating front suspensions and glue stained windshields. I managed to create the survivor shown below. Most of the deteriorated chrome I deplated and painted. Some black washes helped bring out the details. Funny how my first Little T won me a second place junior division trophy back in 65, and more than 50 years later my salvage job won 2nd place at an IPMS show in Fairfax Va.
  11. Wow Casey...looks like you nailed it! Thanks again for your assistance.
  12. Sounds logical. At first I thought it had to be a Woodie kit but the drag racing type decals didnt seem to fit, the scenario you cite makes more sense.
  13. Thanks guys...I knew there might be one or two modelers with a good grasp of our history out there. I'll PM you Casey.
  14. Found it on Ebay , seller simply listed it as "Static Model Wahini Wagon Cowabunga Unused Decal Sheet Vintage 1/24 Scale"....what a mouthful, but seller didn't know the source kit. This link to the image works on my computer but given the way this is going probably won't work here. https://www.ebay.com/itm/15380726012
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