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  1. styromaniac added a post in a topic Barnes & Noble and MCM   

    Have been seeing it more frequently at the B & N  near the Springfield Town Center Mall in N. Virginia . Bought #'s 199,200, 201 there. With the loss of hobby shops it's good to have some place it can be found. 
  2. styromaniac added a post in a topic Double cobra 427! 1/16 & 1/24 (finished)   

    Looks like a good start. Always loved the Cobras. Don't know why the big one does not have the opening the little one has.
  3. styromaniac added a post in a topic TV Tommy IVO Showboat Dragster   

    Any tips youd like to share on getting this kit actually finished? Like a lot of Revell's Speed & Show kits back in the day, the detailing is good but the builds are frustrating.
  4. styromaniac added a post in a topic Fracturing decals ?   

    Thanks for the info. .
    I'll give it a try.
  5. styromaniac added a post in a topic Fracturing decals ?   

    What's the best remedy for salvaging decals?
    A clear coat spray?
    A liquid solution?
    Can anyone name a product they've used with success?
    I have a few nostalgic decals I'm sure will require some kind of treatment as a precaution if they are to hold together.
  6. styromaniac added a post in a topic 2013 America's Most Beautiful Roadster Winner! Totally Traditional!   

    Rolls Royce Merlins in P-51 Mustangs.
    Hopped up flatties in period perfect hot rods.
    They just sound so right.
  7. styromaniac added a post in a topic Revell '32 Ford : any interest in traditional bits ?   

    Norm Veber of Replicas & Miniatures of Maryland is a master of his craft & as nice a person as you will ever meet in this hobby.
    I've been buying his products for years..his nostalgic rodding & custom products are varied ( especially his flathead hop up items ) and his collaborations with other skilled builders like Rik Hoving know no equal.
  8. styromaniac added a post in a topic Revell '50 Oldsmobile Club Coupe 2'n1   

    At Last!
    I started this thread back in mid April.
    Thanks for all the photos & write-ups guys.
    Sounds like a Nostagic Rodder's dream come true.
    Gotta get me a couple...or three.
  9. styromaniac added a post in a topic Revell '50 Oldsmobile Club Coupe 2'n1   

    I've been wanting a new classic Olds mill for rodding projects for some time now.
    It was a popular engine back in the day.
  10. styromaniac added a post in a topic 1/24 Monogram '30 Ford Model A 5-window Coupe   

    This '30 Model A coupe by Monogram is the first kit I built when I got back into modeling back in the mid-90's.
    I turned it into dry lakes racer w/ a nifty weathered paint job.
    I liked it so much I picked up a couple of more for my stash.
    It's an old tool but a goody...not too clunky being a Monogram kit
  11. styromaniac added a post in a topic Ala Kart by AMT?   

    Common complaint for the newer AMT issue was the incorrect look of the cowl/nose piece & the too small looking engine.
    Many suggested the older version of the kit mixed w/ some parts of the new version would yield an acceptable rendition.
  12. styromaniac added a post in a topic Your favourite Box art   

    Walter - I agree.
    What's cooler than those jet interceptor pilots admiring the graceful lines of that XKE ?
    ( reminds me of that Hot Rod magazine cover from the same era of LeRoi "Tex" Smith's XR6 parked next to the F-104 Starfighter )
    The companion box of the yellow Jag convertible w/ the racing boats in the background was also very cool.
    I have managed to re-acquire a lot of these works of art from the 60's in the past few years...often the artwork on the box cover exceeded the execution of the contents inside.
    Like all those Aurora 1/32nd kits...The Wolf Wagon, The Ramrod, etc.
    My favorites have always been the Monogram hot rod kits of the early 60's..The Green Hornet, the Black Widow, the Yellow Jacket, the Blue Beetle, the Red Chariot.
    Those and the early Revell "Speed & Show" kits...the Stone- Woods- Cooke Willys, the Mickey Thompson "Attempt 1" & "Challenger", the Tri-Five Chevies.
  13. styromaniac added a post in a topic So if you had a choice of paint brands which would you pick?   

    When I got back into scale modeling in the 90's I was using what I was familiar with from my past and what was readily available, which was the Testors line of bottle & rattle can paints.
    I always considered detail painting ( engines, interiors ) my strong point but body painting my achilles heel...mainly due to my not having a spray booth, therefore I tended to forego the modeling subjects that required a killer paint job and develop subjects that were within my comfort zone and played to my strength..like beaters & rat rods. After putting in the hours & doing a lot of reading & talking ( Pat Covert's book for instance ) I began experimenting w/ brands that others had used..Duplicolor...Krylon..but it was the Tamiya line of rattle cans that impressed me the most...they laid down smooth & relatively trouble free. Only negative was the amount of coverage per can & the cost..but the results I deemed worth the price. It wasn't until I saw Donn "Lone Wolf" Yost at an IPMS event in Richmond awhile back that I saw what was possible with Testors enamel mixed w/ lacquer thinner and shot thru an airbrush. I bought the DVD and also found a reliable compressor at the same show. Since then I acquired a starter airbrush kit..haven't used it yet but with the scarcity of Tamiya colors lately & the increasing popularity of the Donn Yost technique it looks as if I may be returning to where I started..Testors.
  14. styromaniac added a post in a topic Revell '50 Oldsmobile Club Coupe 2'n1   

    Thanks. I'll have to look into that!