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  1. Thanks. The comments I saw were based on people's cursory examinations of online photos of Jessi sitting in the cockpit...I found it hard to believe anyone would design and / or drive something at those speeds without rudimentary safety equipment built in. ( Of course conspiracy buffs were posting all kinds of comments as to why the recent LSR attempts were up in Oregon as opposed to Bonneville....as if they were dodging more stringent requirements. That's the internet for you. )
  2. Lot of comments on The HAMB website and elsewhere about the apparent lack of a roll cage encapsulating the driver...although I'm not sure how effective that would be at those tremendous speeds. Jet pilots at least have ejection seats that are effective at any altitude. Rocketing along a desert floor in excess of 200 mph....and suddenly going unstable...what chance do you have of walking away from that in one piece?
  3. Last spring I found some articles and pics online about Jessi and the Craftsman twin 4-banger she raced on the beach at Wildwood NJ's " The Race of Gentlemen ". I was so taken with the look of the car I decided to whip up my own version in 1/25th scale for the TROG themed MAMA show in Maryland.
  4. Nicely done. I have too ask....is this the classic been around forever AMT kit ? Or the famous re-tool? Would be interested to hear from all which '57 Bel Air kit the lovers of this car consider the best....regardless of mfg or scale.
  5. Saw this on The H.A.M.B. website...nicely done!
  6. the AMT '29 Roadster is a great kit for post war Lakesters and TROG style racers...heres my latest version...Z'ed and channeled with a '48 flathead topped with resin Eddie Meyer speed parts from Replicas and Miniatures of Maryland.
  7. All good...but I'm surprised no one has posted a pic yet of the classic Jaguar XKE circa 1963-64. As a little kid growing up back then one look and I thought it was the sexiest thing ever put on four wheels.
  8. That green looks pretty bright. What undercoat did you use?
  9. Floats my boat! Well Done.
  10. Stylistically speaking...I think baby boomers like myself note 1957 as a good year...I was 4 years old when the 57 Chevy Bel Air debuted, along with the 57 Ford Fairlane, and that year's Corvette and T-Bird were pretty nice looking too. These days just about all cars look to me like the design came from the results of the same wind tunnel tests...getting harder for me to tell them apart. I often go out to the parking lot and confuse my own car with everybody elses...or maybe dementia is finally setting in. ( too much fumes from the styrene glue )
  11. I think Rod and Custom mightve also done a write up sometime in 1960.
  12. Monogram produced a model kit in the late 50s early 60s that was no doubt inspired by Fred Allens coupe...as the pic below shows. It was a Roadster instead of a coupe, but had the distinctive devil design on the radiator grille. Kit was re released sometime around 1994.
  13. Street Rodder did a cover story on a recreation of Fred Allen's Satan coupe in their Oct 2007 issue. The original car was written up in the Nov 1957 issue of Rod Builder & Customizer...see attached pic of both magazines.
  14. Its funny what some novices or people totally unfamiliar with the hobby call the sprues that all the plastic parts are attached to....on EBay I've seen used kit sellers call them "frames", "skeletons".
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