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  1. 1957 Bel Air Convertible

    So I see lots of nice photos of the full size car...wheres the model?
  2. Show Your T's

    Think Vince LoBosco showed this one at that Mid Atlantic NNL...
  3. Show Your T's

    Cool view of the valley at night from Mullholland Drive....
  4. Show Your T's

    Cobbled together from a number of kit sources.....
  5. Show Your T's

    Ive posted this before...the iconic Fred Steele T from the Ventures album.
  6. Show Your T's

    I'll participate...I put these on the table at the Mid Atlantic NNL last May.
  7. Resin Buyers Beware

    Doesn't sound very "reliable".....
  8. Anyone know a Bill Stillwagon?

    Both these dudes are a great asset to the hobby...feel fortunate that I live in the same general neighborhood.
  9. I can't believe it.

    So Bill....were you able to get satisfaction with those "complete" eBay buys...or was it "buyer beware."
  10. The Elvis Hot Rod

    At the Smithsonian......
  11. Anyone know a Bill Stillwagon?

    I was on my lunchbreak today at the Barnes and Noble near Springfield Mall, perusing the car magazines when I realized the white haired gent standing next to me was none other than "The Bill Stillwagon". So I turn and say "Bill"? He turned and thankfully recognized me from the MAMA meetings of days gone by. Of course I had to extend my hand and commence with the "what have you been up to...what are you building ?" conversation. After a lengthy chat I can tell you he is just as enthusiastic and helpfully informative about the hobby as ever.
  12. Kookies Tee in a plastic kit ?

    Granted many a nameless wrench turner pulled off the feat first...but are we talking iconic here? Ideal proportions, wheelbase, etc
  13. Kookies Tee in a plastic kit ?

    LOL....I knew it would be only a matter of time before you rang in with precise info....Thanks Bill!
  14. Kookies Tee in a plastic kit ?

    https://goo.gl/images/LJQq5i. T Bucket Plans website.....
  15. Kookies Tee in a plastic kit ?

    The first Hot Rod T Bucket? Did Tommy Ivo's Buick powered T arrive about the same time as Gabowski's T...or did it show up later? Then there was Ed Iskendarians T....which may have predated them all.