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  1. Just a few thoughts on scale

    Is 1/87th equivalent to HO scale ? I actually have some automotive kits in 1/87th intended for railroad dioramas.
  2. Just a few thoughts on scale

    You don't have 1/48th ?...isnt it also a favorite military scale ?...mostly aviation subjects? I know 1/35th is primarily Armor but some of the mfg are making Rotary wing in the same scale to match...
  3. Car shows on the tube

    I guess they feel compelled to add the comic relief to attract a wider audience, but it just comes off as pretty lame to me. I wouldn't mind a little back and forth ribbing between the personalities...but one of the last Bitchin Rides I watched they set up a nerf ball gunfight...and I remember watching one Fast and Loud episode where they included some silly wild west skit...my wife turned to me and said" why are we watching this stupid show?" If I'm watching a car show involving a restoration or a customization Id like to see the process...the problems encountered and the solutions they come up with. That's why I found the Wheeler Dealers shows with Ed China both informative and entertaining.Some of the Fast and Loud episodes were equally compelling before they started adding the goofiness. I really liked Rick Dales American Restoration for its informative educational value ( much like American Pickers ) but even they wandered into almost sit com stupidity at times.
  4. Thanks for the crazy journey! Outrageously original...and looks like a super clean build to boot.
  5. Car shows on the tube

    Getting to hate the inane scripted antics of the tattooed meatheads on some of these shows. I liked the skills the bearded mechanic Aaron on Fast and Loud brought to the show but the host Rawlings was really annoying. Danny on Counting Cars is a likable character but some of his crew...particularly that Horny Mike dude was a bit much. I like Dave Kindig's style & skill sets on Bitchin Rides but even they resort to scripted antics. The plot lines of Wheeler Dealers I found enjoyable but I miss the quiet dignity of Ed China...it was a good counterpoint to the host's gregariousness. The new mechanic Ant Anstead is filling in OK though. As for Garage Squad...I like the host Bruno Massel and his mechanic...but the real reason I watch is Heather Storm...Id watch her polish furniture for an hour.
  6. Texas Trouble 31 Ford

    Like where you started...and where you're goin with this one. Those resin tires...could they be the old Herb Deeks "Bigs and Littles"?...they look familiar...I used them on a Channeled AMT '29 Model "A" I started many years ago. Really like to know where you sourced the steelies...they seem to work well with those tires.
  7. Box art.

    LOL..."lots of chrome plated parts" .Yeah, right.
  8. Amt 36 Ford?

    I thought it might be House of Color...their paint really stands out...never tried it myself though...dont know where you can find it. P.S. the other 36's shown have great paint jobs too. I especially like that Lilac Lavender one imitating the box art.
  9. Amt 36 Ford?

    Nice paint job....what did you use?
  10. I own several of the versions shown...the wheels and tires are the major difference between them all, with a few other tweeks.The original Roth kit included options...such as the pick up bed...and cycle style fenders. In subsequent versions the cylindrical gas tank was dropped in favor of the bed, a traditional model T type radiator shell was offered in lieu of the chopped deuce style radiator shell...in addition to traditional T type headlights instead of Dual headlights. Not sure about the nerf bars. The small block chevy stayed the same...but the curved carb stacks gave way to the flared trumpet style intakes. I think the exhaust pipes went through some changes from kit to kit as well. Glad to see Revell restored it close to the original...even though I did invest Norm' s resin restoration kit. If you have collected two or three of these variations you have a lot of options on hand for T-Bucket builds. Now....how about Monograms original 1/24 scale "Little T"...and all its changes...."Boomer Bucket" etc.
  11. Collection pics!

  12. Collection pics!

  13. Collection pics!

  14. Collection pics!

  15. Collection pics!