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  1. I agree with Alan...the rear axle mock up looked a little "robust". Let me know if you can't find the units he suggested...I'm sure I have one or two in my stash.
  2. The Revell 31 Woody or Sedan kits as well as the 29 Roadster Pick Up have been good sources for those stock Ford Model A suspension parts and axles.
  3. Same story here Alan...as a 6 and 7 year old I remember those little bagged Airfix kits of brass era antique cars molded in red plastic...then I progressed onto the Pyro Tabletop series ( multi piece bodies ) as well as the Aurora 1/32 kits with the cool box art scenes ( Wolf Wagon, Ram Rod, Shiftin Drifter ). One of those kits and a couple of tiny bottles of Testors or Pactra paints and you were good to go. The wheels on my belly tanker are temporarily fixed in place...still culling through the boxes deciding on the final look. Have some detailing yet to do on the interior as well....but my initial question of the possibility of stuffing parts into a 1/32 scale drop tank seems to have been answered. Stay safe down under.
  4. Now thats a wild looking manned missile there! Thanks for the tip.
  5. Thats a cool idea....and I believe I own 2 or 3 of those AMT Avantis. Your streamliner....that's the one that came with the old AMT Ford Pick Up kit? Or Norm Vebers resin version?
  6. Thanks Dan. The "Hemi Fiat" I put together last Jan Feb...its an extremely rare 1/32 Monogram "Gasser"series kit ( there was also a "Wild Willys" and a "34 Ford Screamer" in the series ). Since then Ive been searching / collecting other suitable 1/32 scale kits that might have suitable parts for this little project which I started working on last March. Salt Flat discs would be desirable if I can locate some in this scale. The one piece wheel / tires are a bit of a challenge to make look right.
  7. Working in 1/32 scale is getting to be a thing with me.....
  8. A little more work with the Dremel on the underside of the top half of the body shell around the fairing to get it to close up more tightly.
  9. If you are interested, I hear Tidewater Automotive Modeling Society's own Greg Layton posted 300 photos of the show on the TAMS own Facebook pages. Really have to thank Joe Formato, Bart Powell and the rest of the club for managing to put on a good model show during these tough times.
  10. Was pleased my own AMT 29 Model A racer eeked out a 3rd place finish in the tough Competition Open Wheel category.
  11. Always enjoy the unusual entries...how often do you see a Metropolitan rigged for drag racing?
  12. Another interesting entry in the Competition Open Wheel category was this Historic Racing Miniatures 1926 Front Wheel drive Indy Racer. I didn't catch the modelers name but I believe he placed 2nd to Scott Bregi's Brabham BT18.
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