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  1. styromaniac added a post in a topic Found a very (extreme?) rare modelkit, dare I say it?   

    I've seen his basement casting operation & model collection  as well, and it is impressive. He is pretty much a one man operation....so when he decides to hang it up and retire it will be a tremendous loss to the hobby. Thats why I have stocked up on as much of his stuff as I can....for my own retirement days.
  2. styromaniac added a post in a topic Harry Pristovnik   

    Amy did a great job packaging Harry's delicate Revell  Orange Crate chassis and Olds motor, which I hope to finish one day....doing justice to his standards.Those of you who tackled this kit as both a kid and an adult know how challenging it can be.

  3. styromaniac added a post in a topic Scale Lighting.....   

    Outstanding work there Dad.  Thanks for all the info and pics.
  4. styromaniac added a topic in Tips, Tricks, and Tutorials   

    Scale Lighting.....
    Back in the day...and I mean waaaay back...working features were popular in scale automotive modeling. Started with opening up doors and trunks, then progressed to poseable steering...working shocks in the suspensions. Somebody somewhere got the idea of borrowing from the scale railroad hobby to put working lights in their model cars. If memory serves I  think it may have started with "grain of wheat" bulbs placed in headlights & taillights, powered by concealed battery packs. Not sure if the heat given off by those bulbs caused problems with the paint and plastic from extended use. With today's advancements in technology I've been wondering what success anybody out there has been having illuminating automotive subjects...or is that something that's just not as popular as it once was. I've talked to a few sci-fi modelers at  IPMS events about what they've used...would like to hear from anyone who has had good results and what they have used.
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  5. styromaniac added a post in a topic Ford Woody   

    Absolutely fantastic look on both builds....scale artistry.
  6. styromaniac added a post in a topic Hobby Shops, then and now   

    I've been living in the Northern Virginia area just outside of DC for decades and its pretty sad whats been happening to this hobby since I rediscovered scale modeling as an adult. We had a good shop called Granddads just outside the beltway that catered mainly to the model train crowd but they were sufficiently diversified to satisfy the average modeler, unfortunately they closed when the owner retired and moved away in the early 2000's. We also had Pipers Hobby  in Fairfax that catered mainly to the aviation and armor enthusiasts but they just closed last March cuz the owners widow decided to hang it up and retire to Pennsylvania. There used to be a Hobbytown USA in Manassas but they disappeared years ago. There's a shop called Hobby Hanger in Chantilly not far from where Piper used to be but they are almost exclusively a radio control hobby shop, but at least I can get paints and modeling tools there. I discovered there is a Hobby Lobby to the south of us in Woodbridge but that's a bit of a trek in heavy traffic ( I-95 south is the pits no matter what day or time anymore ).  It baffles me...I live in a major metropolitan area with a lot of high income neighborhoods not to mention a heavy dose of both active and retired military ( who you think would help support this hobby ) but there are so few choices. The only saving grace is a strong IPMS membership in Fairfax and a first rate model car club with MAMA ( Maryland Automotive Modelers Association ). Brick and mortar shops are a dying breed....as are scale modelers.
  7. styromaniac added a post in a topic Revell 30 Model A Ford Production Halted?   

    I just happened to pop into the Hobby Lobby in Woodbridge VA on Saturday and saw one 29 Roadster on the shelf , so I brought up the 40% coupon on the cell phone and bought it for $17.80...now it will sit in my mancave for a few months....I have other "wanna do" projects ahead of it. FYI...due to the controversy surrounding the 30 coupe I have scoured the Michael's and AC Moore stores all around N Va just to see and have seen no 30 coupes anywhere so the word of mouth along with the Internet buzz about that kit must've cleaned them all out. I myself own two or three of the original Monogram stock version of the 30 coupe so if I really absolutely had to build one as a rod version  I'd have a starting point ...my aftermarket supply would do the rest. Can't see forking over the absurd prices I've seen them going for on Ebay...even if it was discontinued...which they say it won't be.
  8. styromaniac added a post in a topic Thames Woody   

    As long as you're not doing a factory stock replica you can make that motor whatever you want....as long as it fits. Why not start with the 4 Banger with period correct hop up equipment? If a small block Chevy will fit, why not that? The venerable 283 with multiple carbs. Both mills can be sourced from numerous Revell kits.
  9. styromaniac added a post in a topic Thames Woody   

    So...will you be going for the weathered wood? Or the just like new finish?
  10. styromaniac added a post in a topic Barnes & Noble and MCM   

    Have been seeing it more frequently at the B & N  near the Springfield Town Center Mall in N. Virginia . Bought #'s 199,200, 201 there. With the loss of hobby shops it's good to have some place it can be found. 
  11. styromaniac added a post in a topic Double cobra 427! 1/16 & 1/24 (finished)   

    Looks like a good start. Always loved the Cobras. Don't know why the big one does not have the opening the little one has.
  12. styromaniac added a post in a topic TV Tommy IVO Showboat Dragster   

    Any tips youd like to share on getting this kit actually finished? Like a lot of Revell's Speed & Show kits back in the day, the detailing is good but the builds are frustrating.
  13. styromaniac added a post in a topic Fracturing decals ?   

    Thanks for the info. .
    I'll give it a try.
  14. styromaniac added a post in a topic Fracturing decals ?   

    What's the best remedy for salvaging decals?
    A clear coat spray?
    A liquid solution?
    Can anyone name a product they've used with success?
    I have a few nostalgic decals I'm sure will require some kind of treatment as a precaution if they are to hold together.