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  1. The Zen of Model Building

    I think a well executed model doesn't necessarily have to be super detailed...to me it's all about balance. For example...it makes little sense to me if a scale model car has a detailed engine compartment with all the wiring etc if the remainder of the model lacks a similar level of detail...its imbalanced. An out of the box rendition lacking all the fine details can still be a great model as long as the stance is good, the paint is nicely finished and the execution is clean. But that's just me...
  2. whats the rarest model you own and did you build it?

    Nicely done! I've always liked that box art.
  3. whats the rarest model you own and did you build it?

    Thanks Gary. Thats what ten or twelve years of ebay will do to you.Maybe when I retire in 5 or 6 years I will actually build/restore some of those kits.
  4. whats the rarest model you own and did you build it?

    LoL....good one there Jim!
  5. AMT Trophy Series Deuce 5 window Box Art Replica

    Not surprised you have those books Dave....I'm sure your work/hobby space is a veritable museum of kits and memorabilia.By the way...I've enjoyed your Fotki photo space for a number of years now....
  6. AMT Trophy Series Deuce 5 window Box Art Replica

  7. whats the rarest model you own and did you build it?

    Great thread. Years ago when I discovered the internet I began searching for kits from my youth, mainly for the cool box art ( due to shortage of funds I couldnt ante up for mint in box ) Eventually managed to acquire a few built or partially built kits. Can't speak to the AMT annuals or foreign sports cars....but based on years of searching for niche kits of the 60s...it became clear which ones appeared to have "holy grail" status. Kudos to anyone who has managed to obtain the following..... Any of the Revell "Double Car Kits" Monogram "Uncertain T" ( not my cup of T ) Monogram Daryll Starbird "Futurista" AMT "Wild Dream" and "Tognotti T" Revell Roth "Brother Rat Fink" After years of perusing the internet these five stand out as really hard to come by.
  8. AMT Trophy Series Deuce 5 window Box Art Replica

    Nice work Dave! And those old Revell/Pactra/Testors trophies make excellent book ends for your work bench/modelling library....I've picked up 5 of them through the years.
  9. Your favourite Box art

    LoL.... "Go Back Buggy".....think something was amiss in the translation....or maybe they drive it in reverse.
  10. Your favourite Box art

    Thanks for the compliment Michael. And yes...that is Mullholland Drive on the L.P. cover...overlooking the L.A. Basin.( Wonder if Deadmans Curve is anywhere near there ). The car was actually owned by Fred Steele from Massachusetts, he and Doug Spinney built it and Fred had moved west and become a member of the LA Roadsters car club when a photographer was looking for a suitable vehicle for the Ventures nightime cover shot and the ice box "appliance white" paint job on the T was perfect....bet it irked a lot of Californian hot rodders that an easterner was chosen! The build was deceptively more difficult than you can imagine, despite the availability of useful parts...real challenging to get all the work crammed and aligned into a 90 inch scale wheelbase...some short cuts were needed. Lots of info on the real car on the "T Bucket Plans" website....just Google Fred Steele T Bucket. P.S. Neat dune buggy kit...never seen it before. Would like to do my own version of a Meyers Manx from one of the kit variations out there. Steve McQueen's Manx from "The Thomas Crown Affair comes to mind...he did his own driving on the beach in that movie and no doubt scared Faye Dunaway blasting around those dunes.
  11. Your favourite Box art

    That album cover motivated me
  12. Where are all the Canucks from on here?

    I just spent 10 days hiking and camping up in Banf and Jasper....stunning country up there. Hello to all up north. Waiting for some of that cool Canadian air down here in hot and humid Virginia.