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  1. After awhile you can't escape the notion that it's all scripted....after all...you've got location shots, overhead shots from helicopters, and probably a second van or a semi hauling camera crew and equipment. But its still a fun show...I enjoy it...and the frequent references to past product history is informative and educational. ( like Rick Dale's American Restoration...I miss that show ). I got a big kick out of the episode where Mike Wolfe, Frankie Fritz and Danielle put a time capsule in the wall of their shop addition...Mike included a built up Rat Fink model and gave a little story about Big Daddy Roth...touched the heart of this old baby boomer!
  2. I've noticed that that my two local Hobby Lobbies have ceased stocking the Tamiya white and gray primer as well, a disappointment. Glad I stocked up on them this past summer and fall with 40% off coupons when I had the chance. Guess when the time comes I will try the Mr Hobby brand...but right now all they have is a can or two of clear.
  3. Let us know how they work out. I read elsewhere here that if you got the Testors metalizers in the rattle cans with the Rustoleum name on them you bought a different formulation that didn't work as well as the original Testors.
  4. Guess that would work on my lap top or desk computer, but how does one "right click" on a Samsung Galaxy smart phone?
  5. Thanks. I'm guessing there's something amiss after the latest update a couple of days ago...I'm obviously missing something....haven't figured out what it is yet. The process for posting links to my stored photos has changed...
  6. As far as I can remember, yes. But I'm wondering if there's a reason why the Google icon doesn't show up when I click "share links" and about a dozen icons appear on a list....like yahoo, Gmail, etc but no icon for my photos appears. There must be a step I'm missing to create a pathway to my photos stored on the cloud via Google...maybe I need to select an app...or maybe somehow I blocked access....just haven't figured it out .
  7. Long story short...the regular path from the paper clip symbol doesn't provide a link to my stored photo files on Google. When the "Click to choose files" prompt comes up...and I then click the "Share Link"....I don't see an Icon for Google appear...which as I recall was my usual path to stored photos. If I go the " Insert other media" route...I can " Insert existing attachments" but that only provides links to previously posted photos...my photo albums or gallery icon doesn't show. Sounds to me as if the recent updates added an additional step to the path way to my stored photos which I don't know about...or perhaps in fumbling my way thru I somehow blocked access to my photos.
  8. Yep...that's it! I've acquired a couple of the original release '56 kits from the 60's along with the other notorious Revell Tri-Five Chevies...the '55 and the '57... just because I love the box art...along with the original '56 Ford Pick Up, the '31 Sedan/Woody and the more tolerable '29 Model A Pick Up. Have two or three of that Revell '57 Nomad On the Beach as well. All of them are challenging assemblies...if even possible...but one thing they all share is nicely detailed motors, suspensions, some speed and custom options.
  9. Admittedly I'm not the sharpest tool in the box but in the past I've never had trouble posting pics with comments. With my old cell phone and now with my new Galaxy A71 5G I had a ready made path to my photos when the prompt came up to insert stuff from files...the photo or gallery icon was readily available to click on and access...but something has happened since my most recent updates...the path to my photo gallery seems to have been broken or maybe another step has been added to complicate things. When I go to the reply or quote feature while posting a comment the regular box shows up with the little paper clip symbol and "Click to choose files" w/ a list of acceptable file types, and another box just below that says "Insert other media" . Clicking the paper clip brings up a box with three choices..."Share Link", "Copy Link Text ", " Copy Link Address". This is where the posting process seems to have changed for me...in the past when I clicked the paper clip an icon showed up for my gallery or stored photos . Now when I click "Share Link" some icons pop up...about a dozen of them...but none of them are for my gallery or photos...its as if an extra step has been added...or maybe its asking me to choose an app to get to my photos. The pathway other than the paper clip route is a box that has two choices..."Insert existing attachments" ( which shows thumbnails of past pics I have attached to comments ) or "Insert image from URL"... which I don't think I've ever used. Somehow after my last update I must've either received a new step that I am unaware of to access my picture files...or maybe fumbling around I have created a block or extra step on my own preventing me from instantly seeing my gallery or photo icon. Any comments or advice from you experts out there will be appreciated.
  10. Think it was a car show at the Dulles Expo Center in Chantilly VA ...wintertime 1996...or maybe 1997.
  11. Try this... http://menooshea.blogspot.com/2006/03/surfink-post-150.html?m=1
  12. That Surfink was built by Joe Riley from the Dallas area, around March 2006. He was a bit of a bohemian artist type and had a fun blog site called " men-oo-she-a" on which he posted all kinds of trivia that aging baby boomers could relate to from our youth...bits and pieces from the t.v. shows,toy commercials and Saturday morning cartoons we grew up with, those hilarious B Sci Fi movies from the 50s by American International that many of us watched after school, etc. In addition to the build thread of his Surfink he had a build thread of the Chrysler Turbine car. Joe passed away suddenly in Nov.2007
  13. I bet even a full scale car could have wonky grill strips...from collisions with big airborne bugs.
  14. The windshield I sent you actually came from the AMT '27 Touring ( Tub ) kit...which used to be one half of the venerable AMT XR6 / '27 T Ford Double Kit. It might be a little tall for your use, but the curvature at the bottom should be pretty close.
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