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  1. I accessed a Milner Dragster resin body ( Fremont ? ) and decal sheet from an eBay vendor recently. In reading up on the subject matter I came across some build threads here and noticed the back and forth regarding some inaccuracies in the More American Graffiti movie car...main one being the Morosso heads on the engine ( which were not available until 1968...the movies Dragster scenes were supposed to be late 1964 ). I think there were some comments regarding the Enderle "hat" as well as the breathers, plug wires, headers etc. Was wondering...if one wanted to do a more accurate representation of a Milner Dragster circa 1964....what would one do to the original MPC Graffiti kit...or it's Ramchargers / Jawbreaker derivations ...to make it more like a '64 front engine rail? Any changes to the rail frame dimensions...wheels...front end?
  2. If true...that's exciting news. Always loved those Revell Parts Packs...and the Revell Double Car kits.
  3. Builder hasn't posted since April 8? Must be on a Sabbatical.
  4. I'd have to agree with you there. I used to get just about all my modeling supplies there, particularly Tamiya putty and rattle can primers in white and gray...but they quit stocking those just before ending the weekly coupons...they switched to Mr.Hobby primer. Their automotive model kit selection is almost exclusively muscle cars and trucks. I only go there for Krylon spray paints anymore...they go on sale 30% off now and then.
  5. Don't know about your Hobby Lobby...but the ones in my area only seem to stock muscle cars and trucks....was lucky to see the Revell '29 Model A re- release there last year. Wish they had a more varied line up.
  6. Thanks for the updated post Greg. I really enjoyed last October's 28th during the waning days of the COVID lock down...especially since so many other events I had hoped to attend were cancelled. Fingers crossed we aren't facing another lock down this fall and you guys can pull this off .....just like last year.
  7. Don't think so. Don't see how the location of those little nibs cause the hood sides to fail to properly close up . In fact...first thing I did after de bagging was to trim anything that looked like a sprue attachment point. I noticed when I picked up the bagged body shell and hood....the hood was riding up on the roof and A-Pillars in the bag just as the prior writer posted. I'm thinking his point about the plastic being soft and spread out due to the way it was packed is the cause.
  8. The plastic seems pretty thin. I was able to remedy some of the problem by inserting the chassis frame into the body shell...which pushed out the body sides slightly.... closing the gaps a bit.. A little more massaging is needed ...maybe a hot water bath with some clamping and subsequent cool down will solve the issue. All together...it sure does seem like a nice kit ...
  9. Upon reading these posts I signed onto Michaels website today and got a discount coupon and bought one of the three Jags they had on the shelf. Was quite disappointed to get home and open the box to find this exact same problem....hood stretched over the A pillars in the bag and not aligning with the body...same as your photo. Is there any way to correct this without cutting the sides of the hood away and regluing and sanding in order to get tighter alignment? Was thinking of dunking the parts in hot water and then taping the hood and body together. I've only requested replacement parts from Revell once in my modeling history....a poorly chromed tree in a Roth Mysterion kit many many years ago. What's the current procedure?
  10. Really liked that movie...so much I bought the DVD. Memorable music score....and David Suchet was great as the Soviet embassy guy. In a role reversal he played the father of the H Bomb Dr.Edward Teller in the PBS "Oppenheimer" mini series starring Sam Waterston in the title role.
  11. Greg tells me that the Tidewater Automotive Modelers will be hosting their 29th Contest and Show at the same venue this October the 23rd...theme will be Vintage Racers.
  12. Looking at that rocket engine bell housing at the rear....reminds me that I read once that Craig Breedlove supposedly tried to secure a Lunar Module descent engine from NASA...the thrust could be throttled up or down...to make another land speed attempt. Wonder if that's true...or just rumor.
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