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  1. Mid-Atlantic NNL 05/11/19

    Tom....which model of yours won the TROG theme?
  2. Mid-Atlantic NNL 05/11/19

    Indeed it was Brad. Sadly I arrived 3 hrs after the show opened so it was everything I could do to grab a few shots and hit some of the vendors before people started packing stuff up. It was well attended...with a good variety of builds. If interested in seeing more you can go to the Maryland Automotive Modelers Assoc website and check out links to some of the member's Fotki photo albums...prez Tim Powers took a lot of pics.
  3. Mid-Atlantic NNL 05/11/19

    This was the trophy for the TROG - "The Race of Gentlemen" theme, an Offenhauser valve cover turned into a wall clock....donated by vendor Ron Bradley. It was won by modeler Tom Geiger...who posts regularly on this site.
  4. Mid-Atlantic NNL 05/11/19

    And some more....
  5. Mid-Atlantic NNL 05/11/19

    A few more ....
  6. Mid-Atlantic NNL 05/11/19

    Well...nobody else seems to have posted any pics of the MAMA ( Maryland Automotive Modelers Assoc ) show on Sat May 11th...so I guess I'll post a few. Themes were TROG - the Race of Gentlemen....and Rally Cars. ( I arrived late so unfortunately I wasn't able to get pics of everything and get to all the vendors ).
  7. Some kits you know will never be available again . . .

    That Sizzler dragster kit was certainly a classic back in the day...albeit a weird scale...1/20th? The recent Slingster re-do seemed smallish in scale to me.
  8. Some kits you know will never be available again . . .

    Those Revell Double Car Kits were big in the 60s....extremely hard to find now. Basically a collection of their Parts Packs put together in the form of a kit...youd think they could re- do them if the molds still exist. As for extinct kits never to come back...I suppose the Uncertain T must top the list? And what about that companion kit to Revell's relatively recent '29 2in1 Model A roadster ....the '30 Coupe? Were the molds really stolen/vandalized in China?
  9. AMT 1929 Ford Model A Roadster

    Didn't this kit start out ages ago as the stock version 29 Model A in the famous Ala Kart kit ? I think that T body style with interior and pick up bed you are referring to may be the A la Kart parts. Subsequent releases only featured the stock Model A with a few hop up parts. The 4 banger engine is not as detailed as the Revell engine in their classic 29 model A and 31 woody kits, but the AMT 29 is a nice enough build.
  10. More reissues, Revell's Model A Pick Up this time

    As usual Greg...seems like you've got them all covered. Now...how about the 70s? 80s ? re - treads of those classic Roth kits...somewhere I saw " The Outlaw " released as " Canned Heat "...and " The Mysterion " re released as " Dual Jewel". Same for his monsters.... " Mr Gasser "released as " Mr Smog".........." Mothers Worry " released as " Heavy Head ." Talk about a company squeezing the last buck outta something...think they might've been made in Japan. Wonder if Roth ever saw any of that money!
  11. NNL Mid-Atlantic May 11th

    Looking forward to it....last spring's show had a great variety and some fantastic builds. Met a northern modeler...Vince LoBosco...he had a gorgeous late 50s T Bird convertible on display and an equally stunning Aston Martin ( loved his Rat Rod too ). JC Reckner ( aka "afx" ) had a collection of great Cobras. Hope to bring a couple of TROG theme entries myself.
  12. Reissues of the same kit

    You certainly nailed the topic at the top of the thread with the "Tweedy Pie" and all its variations. How about the "Orange Crate"...think it was re released under the moniker "Chopped Deuce"...or something like that. Basically the same kit with a couple of minor tweaks...headlight shapes being one of them. And Revells classic '29 Model A Roadster / Cab pick up kit ....re released under the "Rat Rod" name...with wide white walled bigs and little for tires.
  13. "Gulf" LHD Super 7

    Absolutely stunning. What scale is this? 1/1?
  14. Baremetal Deuce HiBoy Roadster

    Definitely following this one....
  15. Roll Call! NNL East! Who's going?

    Congrats again on another spot on build....you continue to set the bar very high with execution and attention to detail. Ive never attended NNL East...thought about hitting the road in the predawn hours Saturday in order to make it up there but decided I didn't have it in me for a 4 to 5 hour drive so I settled for the 1-1/2 hour drive to Maryland's eastern shore for Jalopyrama...which turned out to be a good second choice...almost 300 pre 1963 hot rods, gassers and dragsters on display...and the weather was nice to boot. NNL East remains on my bucket list.