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  1. Only thing missing is a Car Club plaque!
  2. Tom Daniel - Most Famous Kit Designer Ever?

    I think that about sums up the success story of those kits...ease of assembly, accurate renditions of what's on the box art. ( same winning formula for Monogram"s earlier successes with their Black Widow, Green Hornet, Blue Beetle etc. kits as well as their Starbird kits like the Predicta, Orange Hauler. Somewhat toy like level of detail but simple enough to not frustrate the young builder...molded in body color to minimize painting ...lots of chrome ) . I preferred Revell's "show and go" series of subjects ( Tommy Ivo, Mickey Thompson, Orange Crate, Swindler, all the Roth stuff...for their challenging level of detail...but I don't recall ever finishing one of those kits to my satisfaction.) For me the Tom Daniel subjects were too cartoon like and I had already moved on from the hobby ( "Hippie"-dom beckoned ) but they ushered in a whole other generation of builders to the hobby. Essential hobby history.
  3. Childhood models that you replaced in adulthood.

    How many ? Just about all of them...and then some.
  4. Show Your T's

    Thanks for the compliment Tom! This was only my third project when I got back into modeling as an adult...after studying the tips in the modeling mags and picking up on some photo books about the early days of hot rodding on the dry lakes. The tonneau cover and racing togs and rags were all made of tissue soaked in Elmers...then painted with an assortment of Testors flat enamel washes. I stretched some cling wrap over the opening in the car body for the cover...the rest were draped over the edge of a rattle can lid to achieve the desired shapes.
  5. Show Your T's

    Another great spin on a classic old kit!
  6. Show Your T's

    Nicely done, it has the look. Did something similar awhile back...narrowed T body with a four banger.
  7. Maybe getting back into models-recommendations?

    Sad but true....that many mom and pop Hobby Shops are history....I know we have lost a few good ones in the Northern Virginia area outside DC...surprising when you consider population density and the number of high income and military people in the area. Being a Mopar guy you might be in luck as most of the franchise type craft and hobby stores like Michaels these days ...if they carry model car kits at all...seem to lean towards muscle cars. I know my nearest Hobby Lobby has a decent selection of muscle cars and trucks...but lack choices in the hot rod and fat fendered automotive subjects.
  8. Two chrome platers left - which do you prefer?

    Guess the advent of AllClad took a big chunk out of their business.
  9. A Thought about the Magazine, etc.

    I concur....paper magazines are nice but this site is better.
  10. Celebrity Crushes?

    She's not doing real well lately...but back in the day.... From her brief pre Jefferson Airplane modeling days in the early 60s right up to the MTV Starship-era 80s...this lady rocked my world. Met her at an art show exhibiting her work in 2007...her eyes were still hypnotic.
  11. Celebrity Crushes?

  12. MPC's Pinto Engine - some real work invovled!

    In defence of the poor little Pinto...my first car back in the mid 70s was a Pinto. My dad bought two real cheap off a lot in Newport News Va after my bro and I finished school. A buddy of ours had one...a copper colored hatchback ( think it was a Runabout package that his dad...a former Army Air Corps pilot tinkered with...it was a hot little number. One spring break four of us piled in it and went down to Florida ). Anyway...I had a traveling job after college so I drove the wheels off that Pinto of mine....and it was not a fine ride by any means but it was dependable! Later on I worked for a stone and tile company in Landover Md...the chief stone mason was a mechanic who drove a 39 Chevy gasser back in the 60s ( Jolly Dolly ). He owned the C-gas class back then. By the time I got to Maryland he was taking the 2.3 litre Pinto engines and souping them up to put in racing boats. As for the jokes about exploding into flames when struck from behind...Ford did eventually correct that problem by recalling them and extending the fuel filler and inserting a shield between the fuel tank and the differential. Kind of a bad rap....If you ask me...anybody driving a sub compact car of any kind is taking their chances on the road...
  13. Tweedy Pie- my way

    Nice build. This kit has been a longtime favorite of mine.
  14. 3 Traditional Hot Rods Finished in 2018

    All good....but that black pick up is one of my all time favorites....great color choices, stance...love the wheels and wide whites.