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  1. Thank you! Been working on my own '36 flatbed truck and the rear end has had me stumped. Guess I need to get down and scratch build the thing from styrene.
  2. Havn't seen a clear shot of the rear axle yet.... what did you use Charlie?
  3. Example of that Committee: The illustration in post #1 has three sets of wheels on the photoshop file. The original were first (Buick or Chrysler tri-bar of some year) on the original drawing. Then a set of chrome reverse added to the illustration on another layer. Then they said they wanted the stock hubcaps. They changed their mind on a lot of things through the process of creating this piece. But it wasn't nearly as bad as the story regarding the illustration for the "Hemi-Hydro" kit... (That one still hurts)
  4. Big difference between Revell and Round 2. At Round 2 John Greczula is the talent behind the boxes and choices of which molds to use. (Plus he hires Brad Leasure from time to time) It's one mind, with approval from Tom Lowe of course. At Revell it's a committee. And you know what they say about a committee? Oh... to those detractors who say Revell can't produce this in the USA. Revell still owns and has use of two injection molding machines here in the U.S.! So it could be possible...
  5. I remember a conversation with someone from Trumpeter regarding the carving of molds. Seems the artists who are working on the molds have never SEEN some of the cars they are making models of. In the far distant past the mold makers probably road and grew up in the very cars they were modeling. In the near distant past the makers relied on drawings and photographs. Something the Trumpeter director said stuck with me... he said "it would be cheaper to stuff an actual 1:1 car into a shipping container and send it to the makers in China, Korea or where ever the molds are being made." Today with computers and 3D scanners.....many of those mold makers use 3D masters made here in the States. But unfortunately that grill for the '46 falls into the era of drawings. Turning a well done 1 dimensional drawing into a perfect representation of an actual piece takes skills I am afraid the Koreans didn't possess when those molds were made.
  6. The original Revell kit included the two figures molded in three pieces. Hendrix has taken them and cast them in one piece plus the base. The build up is of an AAM resin kit I built back in '03 or '04 to which I added the Rancharo chassis, front and rear bumpers. But I never had any figures in resin till now. The length of the boys arms includes two cap pistols. Did you take that into account Jim?
  7. Received today! (Fast shipping!!!!) Casting is nice. Cowboy boots have the heels molded weird.... but hardly noticeable. Time for paint.
  8. Nobody seems to use the side pipes. Can I have them?
  9. Did you guys also get the little cowboy too? He was in the Revell kit as well. I did. http://Little cowboy
  10. SWEET Rich!!!! I'm getting one for me. Thank you. I knew one of you guys would know where to find one.
  11. Revell's 1959 issue of the '57 Country Squire kit had a cowboy in it. He's even holding a saddle! I am sure somebody has cast the darned thing by now....
  12. I agree! But then I have a few woody projects that stalled in this stage too so... I have no foot to stand on.
  13. When you say "drawn" what do you start with?
  14. If you read the interesting story about this one.... you'll learn that it was a pre-production car modified to LOOK like a prototype.
  15. Now that is not bad! Not bad at all!!!!
  16. Polling is still open Danno so you can do the count if you want. Think I'll wait and be surprised. The update on the race is.... that we held two races. Different winners in each and ... well, if you want to know. You'll have to read the thread yourself. Don't want the race results to effect the Concours polling. Two cars pulled out so we are down to 6 entrants for the last and final race. Now that the snow is gone I'll set a date for another track.
  17. I've been on Fotki for seven years. Only problems were when Hurricane Sandy took out a few servers. Took a few years.... but they restored all my lost pics. Other than Sandy, never lost a pic.
  18. That is a VERY, very nice build. Super clean and after studying all the photos I find only one tiny critique. And that is the wiper placement. They actually are designed to park themselves against the trim so they will be totally out of the way. Nearly hidden actually.
  19. Seriously Donald? You felt this was THAT important to post when the discussion was about a model car? So I left out the word "production", but I got my info from the same site as you did. Okay the correct phrase would be "The first production aero engine in a fighter/tank buster to breech the 2000hp mark"! Happy now? (BTW, you are now on my ignore list, congratulations!)
  20. Yup, first piston engine to breech the 2000hp mark!
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