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  1. Thanks David, that's a great idea. I may use that depending on how my current efforts play out. David G.
  2. Thanks David. I'm still building but I have slowed down considerably. Right now I can only work for thirty minutes to an hour for one or two days per week before the mental fatigue sets in. Yes, now that you point it out those pins do seem a bit spindly. It's kind of funny that the stock bumper, which fits very close to the body and has almost no weight, is supported by big 2.5mm mounting pins that are placed in the outer third of each half of the rear panel. Very secure, very stable. While the continental kit which extends 2cm from the back of the car and has about as much plastic as the car's assembled engine is supported by two 1.5mm pins placed on the inner third of each side of the rear panel. Much less stable, much less secure. It would certainly make sense to supplement the mounting points for the continental deck. However, a thought occurred to me during my initial test fittings when I realized that the bumper and continental deck each snapped in and out easily and held rather securely while in place. This would allow me the ability to occasionally switch between the continental kit and the stock bumper, an option I'd like to retain if only for its own sake. So, I've already started migrating the mounting holes to better align the continental kit and it seems to moving in the right direction, so to speak. But it's slow work. File, fit, cut and place some stock, glue, cure, lather, rinse and repeat. Thank you Randy, I appreciate your kind thoughts and words. The healing progress is frustratingly slow but it is progress. I keep reminding myself how tremendously lucky I am that the outcome is not nearly as bad as it could have been and that helps too. Best regards, David G.
  3. Hello Everybody, it's time for another update. I completed the continental kit assembly but there seems to be an alignment issue when fitting it to the body. There is no license plate bracket provided for use with the continental kit so I manufactured one using a parts box license plate mount and some styrene bits. When mounted, the right side of the bumper is slightly lower where it wraps around the fender. There's either a slight warp or a misalignment due to casting or design issues. In either case, I've decided to address it by adjusting the mounting holes in the rear facia on the car. Sorry about the tape in the shot 😕 As always, thanks for taking the time to look and please feel free to comment. David G.
  4. Excellent work on all of them. Though I don't know much about guitars, the ones you built look great to my eye. David G.
  5. Wow, such a variety and all of them very well done. To my eye, the one that truly stands out from the rest is the Fiat 500. You did a great job with the weathering and damage. David G.
  6. That's a great set! If I had to pick a favorite I'd have to go with the BMW M1. David G.
  7. Thank you Tim, glad you like it. David G.
  8. I'm sorry to learn of the difficulties you experienced this year Charlie, I hope things improve for you and your family in 2021. Excellent work on the Chrysler! With all those thin moldings, the foil work must have been a challenge. Regards, David G.
  9. David G.

    My 2020

    You have an excellent eye for color! Though as I scrolled through the photos I was impressed by each one I'd have to sat that the Delray is my favorite. There's just something about the color combination that I find rather calming. Well done! David G.
  10. Though all of your builds are very well finished, I'd have to say that the '57 Chevy is my favorite among them. I don't recall ever seeing a model of one built in white. It brings out a certain classiness or elegance to the car's design. David G.
  11. A great variety of builds! Though I'm impressed by your detailing on the 1:43 scale cars, the work and detail on your Centurion is top notch. David G.
  12. David G.

    My 2020

    A wonderful variety of projects this year, all of them very well done. I especially like the Bentley. David G.
  13. Excellent turnout for the year! Your patina on the Chevy Truck Trio is very convincing. David G.
  14. Thank you Bill. Your thought on the Batmissile engine is as good an explanation as any. I don't know that I gave the obvious engine/wheel conflict much thought before I held the Batmissile model in my hands. As I when looking at how all the went together, it seemed obvious to me that there just wasn't enough space for both the wheel assemblies and engine. I even got the engine from the Batmobile that I have to make a comparison and thought, "Yep, there's just no way." and wrote the whole thing off to Heroic Fiction. Which means that it doesn't necessarily need to be believable, just imaginative and impressive. And both of those it certainly is. Thanks for your comment, David G.
  15. I remember following your WIP on the 48 Chevy, an absolutely amazing amount of work and truly impressive engineering. Somehow I missed the build thread on the Ferrari and I'm blown away by the level and quality of detail on that one. They're all wonderfully done and each is amazing but those are the two that most stand out to me. David G.
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