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  1. I have mounted the "handlebars". This completes the construction of the basic kit. But I'm sure you know I'm not going to stop here. I plan to add a few extra details and do a bit more weathering just for the sake visual interest. As always, thanks for taking the time t look and please always feel free to comment. David G.
  2. David G.

    78 Ford LTD

    It's a great looking car, good color choice and a well done conversion. I've seen your work many times on this forum and I'm always favorably impressed. I would like to make one suggestion though. If you have access to photo editing software, you may want to try cropping your photos a little closer to the car. This way you can show less of the background and a closer view of your model allowing for more of the detail work to be seen. If you don't have access to photo editing software or are unable to otherwise edit you photos, that's okay, it's just a suggestion. I do enjoy the photos you post and I appreciate you taking the time to share them with us. Best Regards, David G.
  3. If you're ever in the mood for a quick build, this Bat-Pod would be a great choice. I now have all the sub-assemblies assembled. Next up is building and attaching the handle bar units and then some weathering and detailing. As always, thanks for taking the time to look. David G.
  4. Thanks Carl! Your post also reminded me that I hadn't posted my traditional Display Case Shot. So here it is! Thanks again. David G.
  5. This is finished and there is a new thread in the All The Rest section. Here's the link. Thanks to everyone who took the time to look and especially those who offered their support, advice and encouragement. David G.
  6. The Bat-Pod from "The Dark Knight" movie by Moebius Models. It's a rather simple kit, not much more work than building a fairly detailed engine for a scale automobile. Painting and building these three sub-assemblies took me about six hours. This should be a rather quick build. As always, thanks for taking the time to look and please feel free to leave a comment. David G.
  7. Nicely Done! Love the color, solid looking build. David G.
  8. Very cool! The paint chipping and lighting effects nice. Well done! David G.
  9. Cool little bits of history, nicely done. Now that's what I call optimism: "It's gonna rain... It's gonna rain... and when it does... I'll be ready!" David G.
  10. Fantastic Work! I love all the little details you added. Your weathering is great especially the tires. So many times I see a supposed barn find, junker or dirt track racer with tires that look like they were mounted just minutes before the photo was taken. David G.
  11. Nicely Done! I can't imagine working with rigging on that scale. Some of the 1:25 details are a bit challenging for me. When I saw your plane on top of the Pontiac, I also immediately thought it would make a good RC plane for a 1:25 diorama. David G.
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