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  1. Thanks JC. I had no idea that there were so many different versions of this kit. The one you have looks interesting, it seems to be a curbside like the one I'm working on, yes? David G.
  2. Spectacular work! Everything looks spot-on. David G.
  3. Hello Everybody! The more I work on this kit, the more things I find that need worked on. Case in point: In test fitting the ground effects I discovered more modifications to be made. The flare fenders are supposed to blend at the front with the chin spoiler. They don't. Obviously I'll be working to correct this. And let's not even talk about those unfortunate sprue attachment points. I cut out some styrene bits to build up the ends of the chin spoiler where it has to blend into the fender flares. With the shapes roughed in and attached to the corners of the chin spoiler, the real shaping work can begin. The stripe on the piece I added is there because it came from a styrene "For Sale" sign I bought at Home Depot to use as stock. The markings also come in handy for identifying which side is which so I can keep the shapes consistent. That's all for now. As always, thanks for taking the time to look and please feel free to comment. David G.
  4. Thank you Bob, I'm glad you like it. I found that WIP thread of yours, it turns out that my version of the kit includes many of the detail items that are in the one you were working on. It looks like they just left out the engine sprue and swapped the chassis plate for the curbside version. In any case, I'll be following along with your WIP on this one. Thanks again, David G.
  5. Great work on this one so far Bob. I'm currently working on the curbside version of this kit, it'll be interesting to follow along with your build to see how you solve some of the problems that this kit presents. David G.
  6. Fabulous progress you've made on this one Ian! As always, I'm enjoying the hand-made details you add. David G.
  7. Lots of great eye candy going on there. Too much excellent detail to comment on any one thing. Fabulous work overall! David G.
  8. Nice rig! It looks like a real workhorse ready for action. David G.
  9. Fabulous looking interior! 😮 Great looking paint, nice color too. David G.
  10. Nice roadster, good clean build. David G.
  11. Nice detail work on the engine and interior, great color! David G.
  12. Thanks Carl. Yeah, I've decided that I can live with them. David G.
  13. Very convincing rust and paint effects! There's just something about this kit that cries out to be built in such a manner. I built one almost thirty years ago and did it in a similar fashion. But yours looks much better. David G.
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