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  1. David G. added a post in a topic 77 AMC Matador   

    I but them to build them!
    David G.
  2. David G. added a post in a topic 77 AMC Matador   

    Thanks Carl. I agree. The one I'm looking for though, is the 77 Hornet hatchback.
    David G.
  3. David G. added a post in a topic 77 AMC Matador   

    Thanks Brian. I saw my first Matador in 1974 at the age of 10 and immediately fell in love with it. Maybe being 10 years old had something to do with that .
    I also have a Pacer kit. While standing in line at the checkout counter of my LHS with the Pacer kit, one of the employees there commented on my selection, "A Pacer?!"
    I replied, "Yeah, a Pacer."
    "Why would you get a Pacer, did you used to own one?" He asked with a slight air of derision.
    "No, I just like the orphans, the oddballs. You know."
    He still wasn't convinced of the wisdom of my selection. "But... a Pacer?"
    "Well, you know, I could put it back."
    With that, he saw that the path that this conversation was taking was in conflict with his goals as an employee and he decided to change his tack, "Naw, it's cool man."
    As I got ready to complete my purchase, I glanced up at the cashier and noticed that she was glaring at him. I smiled at her to let her know that all was well and bought my Pacer.
    David G.
  4. David G. added a post in a topic 77 AMC Matador   

    Thanks Mike. On this one the axle rides under the shallow part of the oil pan.
    David G.
  5. David G. added a topic in On The Workbench   

    77 AMC Matador
    Here's my current project:
    One of my all-time favorite cars. I was lucky to find this kit at the most recent Desert Scale Classic in April.

    I usually start with the engine. Here I've got most of the bits already painted.

    I don't like "floating alternators" so I usually make some kind of believable bracket.

    The silver thing on the front of the engine block is the bracket I made to "support" the air pump instead of having it hang solely from the fan belt.

    Here's the finished engine complete with spark plug wires and fuel line.

    As always, thanks for looking and feel free to comment.
    David G.
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  6. David G. added a post in a topic Guide to posting pictures.... please   

    Ok, my turn to try it:

    David G
  7. David G. added a post in a topic Project Phoenix: Custom '61 Dodge Dart resurrection. Back up, Oct. 9. '15   

    It's nice to see this one again Bill- looks good.
    David G.
  8. David G. added a post in a topic AMC Modelers   

    It's Duplicolor BNS0503 Orange Mist Met (metallic?)  (014). It's a very close match to the copper color on the box illustration.
    I don't usually paint the model the same color as the box art but that copper color is just perfect for 1977.
    You ought to post a picture of yours, I'd like to see it.
    David G.
  9. David G. added a post in a topic AMC Modelers   

    I'm currently working on a 77 Matador.

    David G.
  10. David G. added a post in a topic What's Everyone Profession,etc..job,   

    It's a calling Harry. I like to think that I help my fellow humans through some of the most difficult events in their lives in a way that not many people can.
    For me this isn't a family business. I sort of fell sideways into it by way of the transportation industry. Years ago, a business partner and I built an airport shuttle company here in the Phoenix area. After several years, I sold my part and started looking for another career. I needed something to keep busy while I was working out what my next big adventure was to be. Since driving for a living was familiar to me, I interviewed as a mortuary transport driver. I didn't get the job. (I've since learned that it getting a low-level job can be difficult once a prospective employer learns that you've owned and operated a couple businesses of your own.)
    As a result of that interview, I began to research a career in funeral service. The more I learned, the more I began to feel that this was what was right for me. There are technical, scientific, personal and spiritual aspects to this field that provide many opportunities for personal fulfillment.
    It can be difficult too. In the nearly twenty years I've been a funeral director, I've had my heart broken many times as I've helped young mothers dress their infant children for the last time or arrange the burial of a homeless veteran who will have nobody at his graveside service except the honors detail- and nobody to receive his burial flag except me- the funeral director.
    For me the biggest rewards come from helping the people- even and especially the ones who can't say thank you.
    David G.
  11. David G. added a post in a topic 2012 POST APOCALYPSE/ZOMBIE HUNTER COMMUNITY BUILD   

    Daxman- nice work,love all the added details.
    David G.
  12. David G. added a post in a topic 32 Ford 7-Window Coupe RATROD --- UPDATE 10/08 --- New Photoshop mockup   

    Hmmm, I'm watching with interest.
    David G.
  13. David G. added a post in a topic Delta Wing Street/road car   

    That Delta Wing kind of looks like a ladies shoe.
    David G.
  14. David G. added a post in a topic 1/8 scale woody   

    Excellent work! I don't know where to begin-it's all fantastic.
    David G.
  15. David G. added a post in a topic What's Everyone Profession,etc..job,   

    I'm actually surprised there isn't more of us here. With all of the meticulous attention to detail that our careers require of us, model building seems like a natural extension of such traits.
    David G.