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  1. 1970 Bonneville

    Nicely Done! Great garage diorama too. David G.
  2. Batmobile

    Amazing work so far, I admire your creativity and dedication. David G.
  3. 2 tone 57 Ford Custom

    Great color combination, excellent detail work and paint- Well Done! David G.
  4. My 71 Duster

    Nicely Done! David G.
  5. 1951 Chevy De Luxe Convertible

    Plaid interior trim may not be correct as factory options But I had to come up with something to go with the non-factory paint color. Too bad the color on the camera wasn't a little better. As you might imagine, trimming out the door panels was a little tricky. Overall, I'm fairly pleased with the outcome. Thanks for taking the time to look and please feel free to comment. David G.
  6. 1951 Chevy De Luxe Convertible

    Thanks Dennis, I'm glad you like it. David G.
  7. 1951 Chevy De Luxe Convertible

    Thank you Curtis. Thanks David. I removed that one right after I snapped the photo, while it was still wet. I laid on a much heavier layer of Tamiya flat clear on the rest of that first printing and had no more trouble with the ink adhesion. I think it came out fairly well. I'm going to try to post some photos later today. Thanks, David G.
  8. Nicely Done! David G.
  9. 1951 Chevy De Luxe Convertible

    Ok, I think I have a solution to the bland interior situation. This is just a practice run but I think it tests well. The ink didn't bind well to the decal stock but I think some more dull coat will "fix" that. Thanks for taking the time to stop and look. David G.
  10. 1951 Chevy De Luxe Convertible

    Thank you Dave.
  11. 1951 Chevy De Luxe Convertible

    OK, I'm starting to get the color scheme knocked into shape. I really like this blue- Testors Turquoise Enamel #2965. It's not factory correct but it looks right on this car. The interior is Tamiya Racing White TS-7 and a custom Tamiya gray mixed from the leftovers from a couple of other projects. I like the gray and white combination but as it is, it's just too plain. I'm working on an idea to dress it up a little bit. More about that in the next update. As Eeoyre says, "Thanks for noticin' me." David G.
  12. 1951 Chevy De Luxe Convertible

    Thanks Randy, I'm glad you like it. Hi David, it is the up-top from the kit and it fits fine. I just didn't have it positioned squarely on the body. Like I mentioned in the post, I hadn't intended to upload this one so I didn't take as much care in setting the shot as I usually do. I frequently take photos as planning aid. That way I can see what an option looks like without without having to look at it... if that makes sense. David G.
  13. 70 challenger

    Looks good, I can see your skills improving with each build. David G.
  14. 1951 Chevy De Luxe Convertible

    Thanks. I owned 4 or 5 of them over the years and really enjoyed driving them. No worries Dave, I enjoy the little sidebar conversations that tend to develop in these Workbench threads. Just to show that there are no hard feelings, I'll upload a picture. It's one that I didn't even plan to upload but it's the only one I have ready at the moment. I was trying to decide on a color scheme for the interior and this is one of the colors I tested. It's a Duplicolor metallic. I think it has kind of a satin look to it. It might work for an over-the-top custom bling mobile but that's not what I'm aiming for with this one. I should be able to post some more pics soon. David G.
  15. 1951 Chevy De Luxe Convertible

    I know exactly what you mean Dave. Here's a VW Bug that I built years ago from spare parts. It's long gone now. David G.