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  1. David G.

    My 20 for 2020

    Each one is fantastic, love the Daytona though. David G.
  2. That's a nice solid looking build. Love the sano wiring job. David G.
  3. Okay, here's my traditional Display Case Shot. Thanks for everyone for all your support and kind words. David G.
  4. Beautiful work so far, nice touches with the added detail. David G.
  5. Great body work so far. I can't wait to see where you go with this one. After cutting the fins off, the car looks a bit like a Checker cab in profile. David G.
  6. Nicely done! In addition to the excellent mods. I really like the vanity plates and the engine. David G.
  7. Thanks for your vote of confidence Chaz, I appreciate that. I've built a couple other Polar Lights kits and I've been very happy with them. This kit, like those others is well engineered and nicely detailed. The overall appearance looks properly proportioned and well designed. It should yield a satisfying model when completed. My own opinion of the molded color notwithstanding, I think the purple hue you're seeing is more a result of the cellphone camera than anything else. As far as painting, I've pretty much challenged myself with building this one in its molded color. Though I was initially disappointed, the color is beginning to grow on me as I work with it. Since these initial pics were taken, I have put a coat of black on the inside of the body shell which helped add some substance to the color. I think with the addition of the orange stripe, the decals and detail painting, it'll be a good looking model. I agree Carl. The more I work with this one, the more I begin to like it. Thanks you all for your comments. This build is progressing quickly so I should have more photos to post soon. David G.
  8. Absolutely Amazing! Could easily pass for the real thing. David G.
  9. A very cool concept and nicely done. David G.
  10. In a strange way, that works! Kind of like something from an old Speed Racer cartoon. David G.
  11. I bought this one a couple of years ago because I've always liked Ford's GT series- especially the ones in Gulf livery. Since this kit is molded in color, I thought that I would try building it without painting the body, just cleaning up the casting artifacts and polishing it. When I opened the box to scope out my new kit I was honestly a little disappointed in the shade of blue that it was cast in. So I put it in the closet until my initial disappointment faded. The illustration shows a nice rich blue. Even the photos of the assembled model shoe a more appealing blue than what I discovered in the box. I mean, it's not bad and it's probably accurate, but in my opinion, it doesn't quite match up to what I expected. Here is some of the basic test fitting of the engine and frame. More test fitting of the body and chassis bits. As always, thanks for taking the time to look and please feel free to comment. David G.
  12. Looks great, keep it as it is. David G.
  13. Very impressive work on a very impressive model! Looking forward to seeing more. David G.
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