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  1. Excellent work! All the custom bits are well fitted. Great looking interior. But that roof would be a killer at freeway speeds, talk about buffeting 😮 It would have to have some strong anchor points. David G.
  2. Ah, that makes sense. It was just conspicuous in its absence. David G.
  3. Well Done! Looking at the end result, one would never guess that there was so much work behind it. David G.
  4. Sweet Pinto! Your paint looks great. It's nice to see the orphans get some attention once in a while. David G.
  5. Excellent work! Love all the added details, especially the wrap on the steering wheel. David G.
  6. Great looking truck! Love the flame decals and custom stacks. They look like something an owner-operator from this time period would have done. That and keeping their rig clean. One question though. Were there no trailer connections provided by the kit? David G.
  7. Wow! That's just gorgeous! Tight and clean inside and out. David G.
  8. Nicely done! I like your interior detailing. There was something special about those vintage Chryslers. "Mopar - MoPower!" David G.
  9. Beautifully Done! The corrected wheel arches make a world of difference. David G.
  10. Thanks Terry, I should have more to post in a day or two. David G.
  11. It looks like you got a pretty good fit out of those custom bits. David G.
  12. No, as I recall Guido, the 60 Starliner engine had embossed valve covers, a lot more detail and several build options. I also seem to remember something about a Thunderbird engine. David G. edit: I actually found a photo of the Starliner I built about a decade ago. Here's a shot of the engine. If you're interested in seeing more, here's a link to the build thread I posted in 2010 Hope this helps. David G.
  13. That's cool! It's nice to see a DR 1 not all "Red Barron-ed" up. David G.
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