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  1. Nice progress. This will be one great looking model when it's done. David G.
  2. Best of luck with the repaint Bob. David G.
  3. Good conversion, nice looking paint and stance. Nicely Done. David G.
  4. Hello Everybody! Not much of an update today but hopefully I'll have more soon. There are two chrome bumper pods that attach to the rear of the car. Unfortunately, the sprue attachment points on the rear bumper pods were on the top and outboard sides leaving noticeable scars in very visible areas so I stripped the chrome and smoothed them down. Why do designers do this? 😕 A quick shot with some Dupli-Color Chrome paint has them looking like cast aluminium. Good enough for my purposes. As always, thanks for taking the time to look and please feel free to post a comment. David G.
  5. Thanks Carl, I'll have another one to post soon. David G.
  6. Nice detail work on the engine bay! Everything else looks great too. David G
  7. Wow, that's a bummer. I don't know the extent of the error but in similar circumstances, I've been able to do a touch up by brush. I'm assuming that you used spray cans. If so, you can decant some paint by spraying a small puddle on a paper plate and use a small brush to apply some paint to cover the bleed. It can take a keen eye and steady hand but it may be better than repainting the whole thing. Best of luck with it. David G.
  8. I'm continually impressed by the extent of the custom work you're putting into this build, all of it exceptionally well done. It's a pleasure to watch. David G.
  9. Thanks! I'll have to experiment a bit with that, I really like the effect. David G.
  10. Nice looking classic fastback! What kit is this BTW? David G.
  11. I remember seeing similar 1:1 kits in the Eighties. They weren't usually finished as well as yours. Excellent work! David G.
  12. Cool idea for the bed. Glad to know that you're on the mend, I hope a total recovery is in your future. David G.
  13. Yellow is a great color for these buggies Bill! I really like the way the chrome on the engine turned out. The smoke clear you used, was that acrylic or lacquer? BTW, I did mine in yellow too. David G.
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