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  1. Floki the Shipbuilder - 1:10 Clay Dreams Miniatures

    Looks Great! Flesh tones are difficult to do well and you nailed it! David G.
  2. 1971 plymouth satellite

    Nicely Done! David G.
  3. Constitution Class Starship

    No worries Lee, I completely understood what you meant. David G.
  4. Constitution Class Starship

    Thanks Bill, glad to know that you're still with me on this (so far) 5 week mission. Thank you for the compliment Lee. I struggled with the thought of addressing or correcting those points and a few others as well. But I had to ask myself what I was actually building. Was I building a replica of the model built for filming the television show? If so, which version? Or was I building a representation of a fictional starship from a 50 year old television show? I chose the latter. If I ever did decide to buy and build a model of the Enterprise, this one would probably not be my first choice. But as I mentioned earlier in the post, this is a gift from my son and I'm glad that he was thoughtful enough to select a subject that I would actually enjoy working on. My plan is to give it to him on his birthday in December. Again, thanks for the compliment and thanks for taking the time to share it. David G.
  5. Constitution Class Starship

    Sanding, filling, sanding and repainting- here they are. Not perfect, but I can live with the results. "Kep-tin. we hev waarp power!" As always, thanks for taking the time to look. David G.
  6. Jo Han, a few ancient builds

    Each one is beautifully done! David G.
  7. Edsel is resurrected.

    Beautiful! David G.
  8. 68 Mustang 70's Style!

    I can almost smell the burnt rubber and un-burnt hydrocarbons! Nicely Done! David G.
  9. LHD Gulf Seven

    The amount and level of detail are mind-blowing. Thanks for sharing the process with us. David G.
  10. 74 Lincoln Continental limo

    Looks Great! David G.
  11. Constitution Class Starship

    Thank you Scott. I hope to get some more photos posted soon. Thanks Jim, me too. David G.
  12. Nicely done, great color choice! David G.
  13. Constitution Class Starship

    I think I've hit the stage of the build where things begin to come together more quickly; the "Tipping Point" as I like to think of it. For my automotive projects, the tipping point is usually when I get the wheels under the chassis. For this model I've decided that the tipping point is when all the prep work and painting are done and most of the minor assembly tasks are completed. I'm just not happy with the seams on the warp nacelles. Looks like I'll have to do some filling and sanding. The secondary hull is assembles and properly weighted. Also, I'm very happy with the way this photo came out. Thanks for taking the time to look. David G.
  14. Constitution Class Starship

    Thanks Bill. There are a few differences I discovered between building this starship and a model car kit. On this kit the windows must be placed into the hull sections from the inside before assembling the hull. This doesn't leave many options for addressing the seams between the sections. I just assembled the secondary hull yesterday and there some visible seams. I'm still trying to decide if I want to go back and address them. They are minor but they are there and they are visible. Thanks for the confirmation on that G. David G.