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  1. I have a old convertible promo of one to restore will be glad to see it back ether way.
  2. I have the Nova wagon but its in need of a lot of parts and work sadly.
  3. I was so happy to see it go to a good home...that needs to happen to them plus it makes the world a little better of a place in the end for someone and that is much better than money. I have many grails so its very hard for me to pick the top one but they all mean something special to me in my hear even though I know Ill probably never have them..or enough of them to make one with....LOL.... Monogram U-Real Roller show rod kit..was the first ever kit I built with my dad. Monogram large scale funny car Mean Maverick MPC 68,69 Bonnevilles MPC 69-72 Grand Prixs..even the custom ones Normatt Winnebago Motorhome Johan 67,68,69,70 Cadillac Coupe DeVille HTs MPC 71-75 Dodge vans MPC 70,71 Mercury Cyclone Spoilers MPC Fast ones series snap kits...70 GTO..70 Grand Prix..etc. AMT 70/71 Ford LTD 4 door HT AMT 70/71 Pontiac Ventura/Sprint Johan 66 Chrysler 300 HT MPC 70? 1/20th scale 2wd Ford vans MPC/AMT 69 Impala HT These are on top of my grail list anyway.
  4. I use to when they were cheaper take 2 and make my own creations from them or build project ideas I wanted to do. I have a few I really would like to do right now but..???
  5. I have dozens just waiting for parts to be found for them yet many are very old but not all...and some are dream build projects I have wanted to do for decades now but Ill have to wait till I have what they will need yet... Family owned replicas of vehicles the family had owned over the years. cool project ideas I want to make. Kit bash more 60s station wagons. dioramas. etc.
  6. I have the 65 Mercury buildup needing parts and work and lucky enough to have a off white promo of it that is mint still...cool cars.
  7. Me too...! I still have my old childhood one but needs parts and restored....great find..!!!
  8. True Bob...but to me I never cared if they had the well detailed chassis or not to me its what its of the car or vehicle mostly...unless Im trying to do a very detailed build it would be an issue with but Im also a promo guy as well. I like them all rather there full highly detailed or just a nice replica that is promo like.
  9. Well put Carl....some of us dont have the resources to spend much on them so we have to work within our means best we can too..just takes longer to do them and get what is needed for the build. I love building and restoring older models but the new re-issues are the same to me its the vehicle or project of them we want to make of them after all. Older kits/models are very cool but the prices make some go for the re-issued ones they can find of the ones they want.
  10. Snake..google one there cool looking. Id like to make the 73 Hurst Olds Cutlass we once owned someday. ..there would be a little bodywork but not a ton to do one.
  11. Id love to see those back out too. I have whats left of my old childhood builds of the Ertl IH and Massey farm tractors but not enough to do anything with them and there in bad shape.
  12. I think there has to be little gremlins running off with parts that get dropped....seems its a 50/50 deal ever finding them again. I cant count how many times I was in the middle of a build and dropped something and could not find it again. My projects all get a box to store them in till its time comes which helps..do the same with extra parts.
  13. I love the old rerto 70s custom vans..built many of them as a kid even owned a 75 Dodge factory custom one once Goodtimes conversion...love to build a replica of it someday.
  14. Its defiantly not a Johan I have a promo and a old build up of those both needing parts and repairs dose not match a Johan at all. Palmer had some pretty crude kits but some were at least decent subjects if nothing else.
  15. I have always liked to older trucks looks myself...same for the other vehicles made. I think the very late 50s through mid 70s era had some of the best looking and classy vehicles made. I also lost interest in Nascar for the same reason...when everything looked the same it seemed there was no point to me and lost its luster. I also think when many iconic vehicle went to front wheel drive they lost theirs as well or at least to me. As for big trucks I love the older ones for their brute power look.
  16. That is very nice bill..! I have the same passion for family owned replicas ether models or promos of them. Many I already have but need parts and work others Ill have to try to get a hold of if possible..??? Wont be easy ether...some were never made in scale plastics...others are too expensive if one can find them. I have a few done already but a very long way to go yet and we once had some great and rare vehicles once in the family too.
  17. Cant remember what year one we had but think it was the 70 that had a 400ci 4 speed in her...all black. That thing would run. My plan is to make replicas of them and other vehicles we once owned...we had some great ones over the years in the family. I have some of them but they need parts and work yet.
  18. I love Pontiacs and Grand Prixs grew up with them in the family we had a 64,67,69,70,71,72,and a 83. Stunning car there..!
  19. Cool...! My very first real car was a 72 Toronado...it had a vinyl top and a vent in the trunk lid. id love to find a 72 like it in a model or promo sometime to add to my family owned replica collection of scale vehicles. Been working on the replica collection for years now. Johan made some really cool kits and promos even though they had their issues. Nice kit.
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