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  1. Looks like a great start Misha, If your going to Steve’s on the weekend and your doing a caddy engine I have some cool 3d printed valve covers for you.keep up the good work. Russ
  2. They look good. so what’s the next step and is it better to order a bunch so print table is full let me know
  3. These are going to be used on the revell parts pack Cadillac 354ci engine. dimensions in mm are 21mm in length, 5 mm in width and 3mm in height. let me know if you need more info thanks
  4. Hi All, Not sure if this is best area for this but I’m hoping someone in this community can help with my search. I need some parts that are not available in current kit form for some reason. They are the stylized Cadillac script valve covers like shown. They are for 1/24 scale. Any help is appreciated, Russ
  5. Nice Job on what is a difficult kit! I really like the outcome of the color. I think I might use that idea of smoke over the color. A fellow modeler used it over chrome with really good results.
  6. Well Done Helmut, I did the same thing to mine. It was an old build with lots of orange peel in paint and finally took it all apart and went a little more custom but vibe is same.
  7. m3fan

    Porsche GT3R

    Well after a long hiatus of not doing a race car I jumped into this one! I normally enjoy recalling but felt a little rusty with this one and ended up with more wrinkles than I wanted. This kit goes together very well and it has the scale Motorsport flying lizards lemans entry fro 2007…almost a historic car now haha. I wasn’t going to post but I’ve not seen one of these built with the decals and hoping it might inspire someone to build theirs I also added the scale productions wheels and tires that are on the real car
  8. Hey Steve, Good thing were all so used to wearing masks as with all the body mods and sanding your doing the dust cloud must be something to see!! haha But seriously your work speaks for itself. Look forward to color!
  9. Hey Steve, Impressed with speed/quality of this conversion! Looking forward to finished product. My vote for wheels would be #1
  10. I applaud you Bil for this undertaking! Are local club did this for the Deuce Days back in 2019 and we as a group built all the variations of the venerable 32.
  11. Great Job David, Love the attention to detail especially spraying all the interior red. Most including me skip this step. Love the tip about the decals. Thats why mine are all glossy paint jobs when I do the pinstripes:) I got lazy when I did mine and its just a curbside.
  12. Hi Bob this was a built up that I got from someone so no box but it is the revell/ monogram kit it that helps
  13. Thanks Thanks Oliver, I really like your version as well.
  14. Hi Dennis, Thanks for the comments. I love your work so for you to comment on mine it’s appreciated Thanks so much Thanks I’m glad you like it Thanks Phil, Hoping you can see it in person at Gord’s if all goes well Thanks so much Thanks Roger. Maybe you should try one and it may become a favourite
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