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  1. Very well executed! Looks like you can hop in and fire it up
  2. Thanks for all the replies. It was a fun quick build although vacuformed "glass" isn't my favourite:)
  3. I acquired this little kit from a fellow modellers collection. It was very successful car for Colin Chapman as it won its class 501-750cc and its chief mechanic was no other than Graham Hill. It is a very straight forward curb side kit from Profil24. Everything goes together well for a multimedia kit. paint is tamiya racing green and the bare metal is some self adhesive foil from mfh. comments welcome
  4. Looks Great Phil! Looking forward to seeing it person one day. Wish I had more of those wagon rods the chassis are great
  5. m3fan

    Inca Jewel

    Misha, that turned out great! Looking forward to seeing it whenever we’re allowed to gather again
  6. Well done Tim! so question for you is do you clear over decals in this scale? Keep pumping out these great builds I’m just putting final touches on a 1/43 Renaissance 1963 Ferrari 250P
  7. Looks great Phil. Can't wait to see it in person- someday!
  8. Thanks Jim! You know I never noticed for some reason! Guess I wasn’t worried about being street legal😂
  9. beautifully built! Colour looks like Bud Moore grabber orange.
  10. Small update. finished the inside wood frames and put a coat of polyurethane on everything. Lots of fiddling. Sanded the flanges off the glass for flush mounting. Also the inspiration for my build.
  11. Thanks for all the nice comments!
  12. Thanks to all for your kind comments! now back to the bench to finish more.
  13. This was built to coincide with Deuce Days 2016 here in the city I live in. It was as close to Sid’s car as I could get. the cowl and Duvall were grafted from the phantom Vicky, the Bop Top was made using the roof from the Vicky as well. Kelsey Hayes were from the 32 sedan and tires were from Joseph at Fireball. The paint is the same Jeep Rescue green used on the 40 coupe I posted. I was able to show Sid the model when he was here as our club put’s on a scale deuce days show on the same day. I think he liked it as he took quite a few phots and went to get his family to show them.
  14. This is one I built a few years ago. Chopped the top approx 3-4 scale inches. Body was fit over the 32 chassis from the 29 roadster kit using all the drivetrain and suspension from said kit. Wheels were from 37 Ford pick up. I can’t remember exact colour used but I do know I put some gold pearl in the clear.
  15. Well done Tim. I have a large collection of 1/43 kits built and still to build. I like that they don’t take a huge amount of time and they take up very little space!
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