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  1. LOL! Good point I chose the title based on the non factory colour and “ hot rod” stance but thanks for looking
  2. Thanks for all the replies! Claude, to answer your question I picked up from a craft store years ago a whole assortment of pearl powders. I add some to my clear then airbrush as a mid coat then go over that with straight clear. hope this helps.
  3. This Ferrari 250GT Spyder California was a rebuild that I first completed 20 plus years ago. It was not a bad build but the orange peel in the paint was terrible. When a couple of trim pieces fell off I decided to see how far I could take it apart and it seemed to cooperate. I kept the overall look it had before but lowered the stance and added MG brand wire wheels and tires.they almost have a big and little kind of look.the paint was an experiment using Tamils mica red then clear red and finally red russet pearl in clearcoat. I also added some 3D badges from model factory hiro and replaced the kit seats for something I had in my parts bin. Although not perfect I’m much happier with this on the shelf now. thanks for looking.
  4. Look Great on a very complex decal and masking job! Makes me want to start on the ones I have! Russ
  5. Thanks all for the comments and yes Steve and Phil you both should build yours! Also forgot to mention my new favourite clear is the Mr Hobby super clear with uv. It dries super hard and fast and levels out great on its own very little polishing needed.
  6. My final build for 2020! mostly box stock with plug wires added and Cadillac air cleaner from Replicas. Paint is Ford Diamond green with some fox pearl added which doesn’t show well with pics. A dark green interior added for contrast and the wheels were sprayed with tamiya smoke to tone down brightness. I got this tip from fellow modeller Steve Hayden. As has been mentioned before the kit is very well engineered and build up quickly, great slump buster kit. I hope you enjoy. Russ
  7. Well done Steve! Look forward to seeing it in person hopefully someday soon. Russ
  8. Very well executed! Looks like you can hop in and fire it up
  9. Thanks for all the replies. It was a fun quick build although vacuformed "glass" isn't my favourite:)
  10. I acquired this little kit from a fellow modellers collection. It was very successful car for Colin Chapman as it won its class 501-750cc and its chief mechanic was no other than Graham Hill. It is a very straight forward curb side kit from Profil24. Everything goes together well for a multimedia kit. paint is tamiya racing green and the bare metal is some self adhesive foil from mfh. comments welcome
  11. Looks Great Phil! Looking forward to seeing it person one day. Wish I had more of those wagon rods the chassis are great
  12. m3fan

    Inca Jewel

    Misha, that turned out great! Looking forward to seeing it whenever we’re allowed to gather again
  13. Well done Tim! so question for you is do you clear over decals in this scale? Keep pumping out these great builds I’m just putting final touches on a 1/43 Renaissance 1963 Ferrari 250P
  14. Looks great Phil. Can't wait to see it in person- someday!
  15. Thanks Jim! You know I never noticed for some reason! Guess I wasn’t worried about being street legal😂
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