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  1. Hey Dan, Glad I came across this, I have not been on the forums much lately. This is just wonderful, a truckload of Mopar's!! It just does not get any better than this, you did a great job on this one. How about some shots of the individual cars when you get a chance? The only thing I can say is just....WOW!!!! Thanks for posting for us. Mike
  2. Hey Bernard, Wow, you had a busy year, like them all, but love the parts box one the best. It's hard to make a choice when all of them are cool. Thanks for posting!! Mike
  3. Have any of our local physicists noticed that weight is not spelled wieght? (No offense Bill.....) I am not being sarcastic, I just woke up from a nap and found this topic. Now I am going back to sleep before I start having high school flashbacks about those two trains on opposite coasts!! I LOVE THIS PLACE!!!! Mike
  4. I don't have the money to buy this right now, I wonder if Danno would go halves with me.......?
  5. Hey Gang, How do you handle the one piece interior tubs? I just can't seem to get the right angle for painting, foiling trim and handles, etc. I was thinking just cutting would be good, have you done this on your models? Do you think it is better to cut lengthwise (which was my thought) or do you think cutting the side panels off where they meet the floor is better? Or, should I just keep spraying them black? Which seems to work if you don't want anything to be seen..... Appreciate any tips and especially pictures of your work, and I want to thank in advance anyone who cares to respond. Thanks!! Mike
  6. Hey Gang, This has by far been my favorite topic on the forum to date, I think I like the painting and the end results as my favorite part of the build, although I have so much to learn. I hope Santa brings Donn's videos, I left Santa notes everywhere I could think of!! Two quick questions.......when you are just doing one car at a time, what do you do with the airbrush when you are waiting for the coats to flash a little bit? I don't want to keep emptying and spraying the cleaner, then putting in paint over and over, any suggestions? (I have the same Iwata as the good Doctor, so detaching a bottle is not an option.) Also, still wanting some more advice on the acrylics I bought, (Testors) I know Cranky uses a lot of acrylics, any tips for thinning, etc.? I just hate to waste the paint, won't buy more, just use the ones I have. Hurry up Santa!!!! I want my videos!! Thanks. Mike
  7. Springfield here, althought I have not lived there since '78 I do visit from time to time, miss my midwest friends, don't miss the snow. Now I live mere feet from the Gulf of Mexico in Texas, great if you like the water, not great if you hate the rodeo.......or hurricanes..........and man I sure do. Mike
  8. Hey Romell, Welcome back. Get a bat. Use it wisely, but....use it. Then post some work for us!! Mike
  9. Hey Cranky, There have been many many nights when I felt that getting on the forums was just as important, if not more important, than getting to the workbench. I started building about 6-7 years old, in an unfinished addition my parents were adding to the house, the bathroom was the last thing done, and it was my model cave for a couple of years, no one around, just me concentrating and building. It was really cool, then....got away for too many years, then discovered this place right about the time I started back building. Today when I went to log in and the site was down, total forum withdrawal, (T.F.W.) glad it is back up. Since I spend a lot of time working at home, I can get away with logging on once or twice a day, makes me a better builder and makes my enjoyment of this great hobby even better. I turn into a kid again, takes me to a good place in my mind, and if I build a work of art, or a glue bomb, I am fine with either. It's just the mindset for me, and I like it daily!! Styrene rules!! Mike P.S. I might be the only member of this forum that has never been to a model show, a few 1:1 shows and I do security at the drag strip sometimes, but never a model show. It is sitting right at the top of the list in the bucket!!
  10. Hey Steve, This is just great, brings back memories for me too. I had a slot car set when I was a kid and I had this exact car, was the coolest thing I had ever seen on four wheels. Don't know much about the 1:1 but I know you build is just awesome, you did a great job!! Thanks for posting and thanks for the memories. Mike
  11. Hey Nick, You've really got something to be proud of here, every time you post the improvement in your skills is obvious, each one is just better than the one before, and, that's a good thing. This should have a proud place on your shelf, keep up the good work and thanks for posting. Mike
  12. Hey Ira, Wow, what a cool twist on a cool car!! I bought one of these a couple of years ago to build for fun, seeing yours just floored me, I would have never thought of this in a million years. Your paint/decal combination is just stunning, the hand, the driver, man, this thing is sick cool!! I really like these cars, and yours is the best and wildest I have ever seen, thanks for posting. Can't wait to see your next creation!! Mike
  13. I'll tell ya, I'm going to start leaving little Testor's bottles around and see if she won't use them instead....and leave my nail polish alone!! (Man, did I really just say that?) Mike
  14. Hey Curt, Nice, nice bike!! Looks just like it should, this one is made for riding, the tire/wheel combo looks really good too, you did a great job with this one. Me, I love bikes that look like they are made for riding instead of polishing. Great looking bike, thanks for posting. Mike
  15. Hey Gang, So, I get some nail polish to try and spray a finish on one of my models, and she put some of it on her toes!!!! When is all of this going to stop and modeling get back to normal? Mike
  16. Hey Gang, Well, since I enjoy a General Lee thread generally as much as the next person, I am surely enjoying this, generally speaking. The pancake on the bunny should be orange and have a confederate flag on it, other than that, things are good. Mike
  17. Hey Ed, Now, about that picture from Weasel, that wasn't who popped out of the cake, was it? Get yer money back!! Mike
  18. Hey Ed, Exactly how many candles on that cake and do we need to get a permit from the fire marshall? Just kidding buddy!! Hope this is a good birthday for you, have a good day, go do something fun and I hope you have many more happy and healthy birthdays to come. Mike
  19. Hey Robert, This is looking good and is going to be very cool when you get it done, am enjoying watching your progress. Thanks for posting. Mike
  20. Hey Barry, You could also try, if you can get to the area now, to polish it out, use either Novus or a polishing kit, use the finest grade paper in the kits you can, experiment on something not assembled then try on your van. Good luck. Mike
  21. Hey Dan, Looks really good, ya gotta love those Mopars. paint and finish came out looking really good, tweak the tailpipes a bit (know what you mean about the pictures showing the little stuff) and this one will be done. Bring it to the next Odyssey meeting, I'll show up just to see this one!! Thanks for posting. Mike
  22. Hey Rodney, Thanks for being a good sport, personally I think this is very cool and creative, just a really different build, and I like that!! Now as far as the windows...... Mike
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