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  1. The 63 split window was a C2, not a C3. As for watching this show, I did watch it but I didn't care for it the way it was done either. I personally thought instead of incorporating the C3 styling cues like the 72 front fender scoops and the remolded C3 style edges to the top of the hood/fender, the builder should have kept with tradition and had the car be a C3 with some hints of what was to come with the C4. GM did that with the 62 incorporating the new C2 style rear clip to the C1 body and just feel a C3 with C4 styling cues would have made a much better looking 83 Corvette. The split window was a nice thought but could have been much better executed to make it more a part of the car as the 63 was, and the "Stingray tail" in the center of the roof if used at should have just been included in the split window itself. It just looks stuck on with the flat roof panel of the C4 because with the C2 roof there was more curvature not only front to back but side to side that made the "tail" look more natural.
  2. I did get a chance to get some pics of the tires in the box of the kit my friend had in his inventory, and they are the same Firestones as the pad printed tires (albeit on the wrong carcass) that are in the new reissue. I also found that the same tire is also on the sprue with the bed sides in two pieces as a spare tire for on the wrecker bed.
  3. I got the chance to get some pics of the tires I mentioned previously from the original issue kit that my friend had in his inventory of kits, and found not only did that issue have the tires that are being pad printed in this reissue (albeit on the wrong carcass) but there was also a two piece plastic version on the sprue with the bed sides on it.
  4. This is the first as far as I know of, though in the mid to late 80s AMT did rebox the Back to the Future DeLorean from Aoshima and also a Lexus LS400. As far as I know, the only one to rebox Italeri kits up to this point had been Revell of Germany and Testors did rebox the Freightliner FLD 120 and container trailer along with some of Italeri's car kits also.
  5. Based on this, Round2 mentions the Bruce Larson car. I don't see the point in having a separate truck section ever since the pickup and van crowd were moved to this section, because I always came to this section just for BIG RIG information and now not only is this section cluttered with pickup and van stuff, now car discussion is filtering in. It doesn't bother me as much as some because I buy and build everything, so what is the point of having separate sections.
  6. I'm going to the same friend's place again tonight for day 2 of his weekly auctions, I'll grab a pic of those Firestones in the original issue. I'll also double check the box, but I think it even called out the Firestone tires on the box side art as many of those old issue (and the classic box art of new reissues) did on the classic issues.
  7. Yes, but as I also said before and will say AGAIN, that would be valid IF AMT/Round 2 DIDN'T HAVE LICENSING TO USE THE GOODYEAR NAME! All the nice pad printed Goodyear tires used in kits and the parts pack tire sets are just proof that Goodyear is happy with whatever they are getting paid for licensing from Round 2 and Round 2 is happy paying whatever Goodyear wants for the licensing fees.
  8. I do have to agree the pad printing looks nice and as a former driver that had an 18 year career in the real things that has been ended thanks to a stubborn fifth wheel release that resulted in two shoulder surgeries and now a barely useable right arm, it is just something my trained eye over those 18 years has learned to pay attention to. Also early on in that 18 year career, I learned just how hard it is for those like me that always took pride in their rides and wanted that little extra touch of white or colored lettered tires actually is, because when I attempted it on one of the rigs I drove, I spent hours painting letters and never did finish all 6 outer tires! This truck was one of many that I took pictures of while on a working vacation for the 2012 Iowa 80 Walcott Truckers Jamboree. I also discovered tonight while helping a friend that does live model auctions on his Facebook group that while these tires may be incorrect to my eye, there happens to be a logical explanation to the Firestone pad printing regardless of being on the wrong tire carcass. He just so happened to have in his garage full of kits an original issue of the Pete wrecker that I dug out a tire from, a what was staring me back in the face but the same Firestone tire as the pad printing represents! Of course, the carcass of that tire was different from the pad printed ones in the new reissue, but at least in the pad printed markings it represents the same type of Firestone that was in the original issue. I'm not sure if other reissues of the kit had the same tires also, because this is one kit that holds absolutely 0 interest for me regardless of the fact that not only did I drive for 18 years, but part of my career was also spent behind the wheel of heavy duty wreckers. I just personally do not care for the Big Stick boom on this wrecker, so this is one wrecker that will never find its way to my shelves. Now if it had the Holmes 750 as the 1/43rd scale AMT Pete wrecker does, you better believe I would live with the incorrect in my eyes tires and would have a few for my heavy duty wrecker fleet! As for the speculation if these may be the tires for the Big Rig tires parts pack, if they are the Friestones, the goof up in carcasses probably won't stop me from at least adding one set to my stash to dress up my custom rigs, though just as the look of the tire in the pic, I think they would look even better if they would be the Goodyears with the Goodyear name and Custom Hi Miler being done in the pad printing
  9. I believe it may not be a licensing issue at all with these tires but more of just an error in the carcass AMT decided to use for the pad printed tires or a case of a bean counter saying "Oh, nobody will notice" or just not caring about them being incorrect but hey, after an 18 year career driving the real things down the road it was something my trucking trained eyes noticed. The reason I don't feel it isn't a licensing issue though is tonight I went to help a friend that does live model auctions on his Facebook group do one of his weekly auctions, and he just so happened to have an original issue kit of the Peterbilt wrecker among the garage full of kits he has, and I looked at the tires in that original issue. Low and behold but it just so happened to be the same Firestone tire staring back at me just as the pad printing on the incorrect carcasses in the reissue have! So while they may still be incorrect to someone like me that has spent most of their life around the 1:1, the pad printing anyway is correct to what the original issue (and I'm only guessing the other reissues of this kit since this wrecker does not interest me in the least because I don't care for the boom included in it, would love if it had the Holmes 750 unit as the 1/43rd scale AMT Peterbilt ) had in it tire wise and at least in my mind fully explains why, regardless of not being the correct carcass, this kit's tires have the Firestone pad printing on them.
  10. Yes, but that is more to get around a licensing fee for a product they didn't have the rights to use, because Meng used the BFGaadrich Mvd Tarroin T/A lettering on at least the box art for their Jeep Rubicon kit. I don't know if the tires inside are the same way or not since that is one kit that has not found its way to my shelves as of yet. MPC also did that on many of their late 70s Pontiac Trans Am kits, which still is a matter of confusion for me because I had always heard that Monogram was the only one to hold the rights to use the Trans Am name from the racing sanctioning body the same as Pontiac had to pay for the rights to use the Trans Am name, but MPC still had some of their kits marked on the box as a Firebird Trans Am. They did the sneaky trick on the decals to break up the Trans Am decals for the body in about 3 separate pieces so the decal didn't actually say "TRANS AM".
  11. I would say that would be a valid point IF AMT didn't also have licensing to use the Goodyear name as they have done with the Polyglas tires in kits and the parts pack sets, not to mention using the Polyglas name on the 1962 Pontiac Catalina "Polyglas" gasser kit. I'm by no means an insider or expert on how the licensing works unlike the many that claim they are and the fewer that actually are, but I would guess paying for the licensing means you have the right to use that name. If it would be a "by use" deal, I would hate to know how much AMT had to pay for licensing on the Catalina kit, because only going off of Google images of the box art since I do not have that kit because the car holds little interest for me, AMT uses the Polyglas name twice on the box art and at least once on the side calling out the Polyglas red lines included in the kit and that's not including all the other times the Polyglas and/or Goodyear names are used not only on the box art but on the tires included as well. That alone leads me to believe that the licensing to use the names would most likely be an all encompassing type instead of a per kit or per use type just as it probably is with the Coke decals that AMT is making sure they get plenty of mileage out of.
  12. I just stumbled across something while reading through a thread in the "Truck Kit News & Reviews" section and it leaves me with two questions: 1. Why would AMT do this? 2. How many other tires have AMT made "fictional" with pad printing that no one has noticed? Even though this relates to tires found in the new reissue of the AMT Peterbilt wrecker that comes with pad printed "Firestone" tires, my questions also applies to the plethora of car kits and parts pack tire sets that it seems AMT has been throwing pad printed tires into just about as much as they have been Coke decals. I'm still waiting to see the Coke Construction Bulldozer or a Coke A-10 Warthog or even a Coke Saturn V rocket with Coke Lunar Lander to be reissued! As for question #1, this is what leads me to have that question in my mind, these are the "NEW" pad printed tires in the wrecker kit: and these are the tires I dug out of my 1977 issue AMT Kenworth Alaska Hauler kit to compare to the supposedly "new" tires because after many years of building truck kits, the distinctive diamond shapes around the sidewall of the tire stood out to me. The reason I wonder why AMT would change these tires and make them a fictional Firestone tire is for the simple fact of the Goodyear Polyglas tires not only found in car kits but the Polyglas Parts Pack tire sets as well, why didn't AMT just pad print these tires with the Goodyear markings? It obviously isn't a licencing issue or AMT wouldn't be pad printing the Polyglas tires for the car kits along with whatever other Goodyear tires they may have included in kits, I just mention the Polyglas because that is mostly what I find in muscle car kits I have and the pad printed tire sets I have on the shelf. Honestly in my opinion, I think these particular tires would have looked much better with the Goodyear and Custom Hi Miler called out in the pad printing and the tire size information left alone, because a white letter tire is something very rare on a big rig anyway, mostly just found on show trucks and even at that, the white (or colored) letters are painted on by the owner using paint pens. They do add a nice custom touch though, just as a white letter tire does to a car. Now on to question #2, just how many other tires have AMT done this to that no one has noticed? It might not be as noticeable on a car tire as it is on these truck tires that honestly I think Stevie Wonder could tell these tires are old Goodyears that AMT just put Firestone markings on, but it still raises the question if AMT has done this for car tires too. Car tires don't usually have something distinctive on the sidewall like the diamonds on these tires, but they do usually have a distinctive tread pattern and how many of us really pay attention to the tread pattern on a tire? Even though I've never noticed anyone else ever posting anything about any of the pad printed tires being pad printed for something they are not, has anyone ever noticed this with any of the other printed tires? Also, I'm not talking about kits with tire decals but just actual pad printed tires. The decals if they aren't the right tire or in this case the right manufacturer are more or less an option and can simply be left off, but the pad printed ones can't be changed quite as easily as a decal can.
  13. As I had thought, get the fleet of Autocars ready for a huge load of fertilizer! These are the Goodyear Custom Hi Milers from my 1977 issue AMT T-511 Kenworth Alaskan Hauler and even as Stevie Wonder could see, these "new" "Firestone" tires are nothing but the Goodyears with the names removed and Firestone pad printing applied. Now my only question for AMT since they have added not only Firestone pad printed tires into car kits but Goodyear pad printed tires in the Goodyear Polyglas tire sets and kits as well, why not just make these pad printed Goodyears as the original tire is instead of making it a fictional Firestone tire? Obviously with the Polyglas tires, AMT has the licencing to use the Goodyear name and in my opinion, having the Goodyear and Custom Hi Miler in pad printed white lettering and leave the 10.00-20 Nylon 12 Ply Rating callouts just as is on these original tires would have looked much better for a show truck style white letter tire.
  14. Those are not "new" tires because I have some of them in my stash. The pad printing (which raised white letter tires are very rare to see on a semi anyway unless it is a show rig and even then the lettering is usually painted with white paint markers) might be "new" but without digging through my truck kits right now to be 100% certain, those tires look like Goodyear Custom Hi MIlers that are common in many AMT big rig kits so the tires themselves being "new" is a load of fertilizer large enough to fill a fleet of the reissued Autocar Dump trucks!
  15. Along with adding Coke decals to the 70 Impala Fire Chief car, they could also reissue the pumper, ladder chief, aero chief, and the Chevy rescue van with Coke decals and one could have an entire Coca Cola plant internal fire department!
  16. If you are using a Windows 10 PC, you can "draw" on the pics by simply saving them to your PC, click on the pic you want to draw on, and in the upper right hand corner you will see "Edit and Create". Then click on "Edit and Create" and you will see the "draw" option. That will give you this bar where you can select what type of "pen" you wish to use and color by clicking on the "pen" and draw what you want to add to the picture then save the pic with your lines drawn.
  17. Actually from this screenshot from Chris's video, not only does it have a curve, but to me it also seems like the stripes above the door handle are not tall enough and also seems to me that it also does not follow the top body line as it should. At first I thought it might have been an issue with Chris's decal placement, but after comparing the pic of the decal sheet, the real car, and the one of his finished model it is definitely the decals themselves. It seems to me Revell not only have a curve in the decal but the height of the stripes from the door handle back are not tall enough for the decal to properly follow the body line as it should.
  18. I can't help but laugh at 2 full pages of complaining about a rear end in a kit that most of the time it will never be seen when the model is sitting on the shelf! I would also guess most everyone complaining about the Cuda having a Dana rear end would also be the same ones that would misidentify the rear end in the Monogram/Revell Ford F250 and F350 kits as a Dana rear end when it is not!
  19. This has been the first time I've seen that message circled in red, and have already fixed it on my PC and simple to fix. 1. Go to the very bottom of the page where it says "Theme" with the down arrow next to it. 2. Left Click on "Theme" 3. Select "Default" and the message disappears. I was getting the message when I first came online for the first time since this second upgrade attempt, and the "CleanCut 4.0.0 (Default) was selected. I changed it to "Default" and that message disappeared.
  20. highway

    Terrible Box Art

    At least those are slightly better than these ones like this Nova that I call "box of chocolate" kits because you never know what you're going to get inside! I had bought this because I have a thing for grocery getters and the box art clearly shows a STOCK Nova on the box and of course this is also when AMT/RC2 put little or no information on the kit box describing the kit inside. I was quite disappointed when I opened the box and found nothing but a prostock/prostreet version in the box with not even an option to build the stock version on the box art.
  21. I hope it's not true, but also wouldn't be surprised since Paccar did in the W900 with that new plastic pile of you know what called the W990.
  22. I'm not even that big on the Metalizer line, but that is only because I know while some including a close friend of mine have great success with brush painting the Metalizers in the bottles, I never could brush paint it well. I do like the Metalizers through an airbrush though for larger projects like this 1/32nd scale tanker trailer that the main body is sprayed with Metalizer for the main tank body and a few different shades of Alclad aluminums for some of the other parts for some visual difference.
  23. Honestly it wouldn't matter to me if Testors does get rid of their paints because I have slowly been phasing their colors out for years with Tamiya paints for my brush painting needs. As for spray paints, I would miss some of those like the Custom Lacquer line such as the GM, Ford, and Mopar colors, but even those I only use for specific projects. Anything I don't want a specific color I use Duplicolor automotive paints on and if that specific color is available in Duplicolor's line I'll buy the Duplicolor over Testors.
  24. The original 1971 issue of the KW W925 and also the original 1971 issue of the KW K123 had Alcoa 10 hole wheels as well in all positions. The original 1969 issue of the Peterbilt California hauler and the 1970 issue of the Peterbilt 352 also were like the KWs and equipped with the 10 hole Alcoas. As for the International 4300 and the F-4270, I have both but know for sure where the 4300 has Alcoas and the F-4270 has spoke wheels but without doing a direct kit beside kit comparison not sure if the two share anything else or not.
  25. I second the motion for the option of white stripes, and also would like to suggest maybe a set in white and black of these R/T stripes too and for both the 70 and the 2009.
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