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  1. Those complaints fall on deaf ears here because ever since any non commercial 4 wheeled trucks got moved to the truck section, those of us that are interested in the commercial aspect of modeling such as big rigs, emergency, and service vehicles have been complaining about the stock, off road, and hot rod styles of trucks and vans being in the truck section. It used to be exclusively commercial use vehicles and that is how it should have stayed and it has hurt that part of the forum for the ones that are exclusively into that type of modeling and been one of the pet peeves of many there since the change was made and is one of mine as well. I do build quite a bit of heavy commercial vehicles since I spent 18 years of my life driving one before medical problems ended my career, and before the change I went there for information on the latest and greatest on the newest news for that segment of the hobby, and while I do have interest in pickups also the section I used to go to for my main interest in the hobby is now flooded with nothing but pickups and things that hold less interest for me. I have to agree with some of the other pet peeves I've read here, and sometimes they aren't as much pet peeves as much as just things that leave me shaking my head like the beautiful paint jobs with mold lines spoiling them or tons of aftermarket photoetch and parts then like the example of the mold line on the radiator. I've judged quite a few shows when I was a member of a model club on my area before it lost membership and was no more, and there were many times that there were models that could have easily been an award winning model if the builder had spent just a little more time on the basics of building instead of pouring their time and money into putting on the flashy bling thinking that was what won awards. I do have to say not only one of my biggest things that not only leaves me shaking my head so hard but is also the biggest pet peeve I have when I see it applies to my favorite segment of big rig models, and that is the seam around the fuel tanks on trucks. I don't how many builds I have seen that go from average to some that are absolutely mindblowing, but then my eye goes straight to that huge seam in the middle of the fuel tank where the tank halves go together! I don't know if it just because the builder insists on chrome fuel tanks and doesn't have an airbrush to use Alclad or doesn't want to take the extra time to strip the chrome and sand the seam then use BMF if airbrushing isn't an option, but it ruins the entire build! Sure, there are correct seams on the real things, but only one where the aluminium would be rolled into the tank shape and that is usually hidden from view, and on each end where the end caps are welded on to the ends and one where the filler neck is welded on, but not one completely through the middle of the tank!
  2. I can't remember for sure without digging one of them out in the stash because I have both the street machine and stock versions when AMT did the "you want options, you buy separate kits" deal back in the 90s, but I'm pretty sure the sides of the interior are separate pieces from the interior tub. If this is the case, AMT shouldn't have had to tool and entirely new 4 door interior tub, just the 4 door side panels unless the back seat portion of the 2 door tub wasn't part of the 2 door side inserts.
  3. Yeah, I've kinda got to agree it gets a little annoying every time a question is asked like this that seems to come up. Sure, I have my fair share of kit knowledge also, but I also try to explain it and the differences between kits instead of just showing I can use a search bar or Google or spend hours of my life knowing every little nuance of a kit because I don't. I'm familiar with kits I have and that is quite a large collection and through some research what kits those kits are based from or share roots with but I don't know everything about every kit ever made like some here seem to think they do. Anyway back to the topic and the other part of your comment and question, I would say if any are currently available, it would be the Fujimi kits. Even if any aren't in the current release lineup, as I had mentioned earlier those would still be the easiest ones to find in the either in the resale market or maybe in those out of the way hobby shops that have older stock on the shelves.
  4. If I may ask, why does it have to be a "domestic" manufacture? If it does have to be a domestic manufacture to please you though, the only ones I am aware of are the old IMC GT40 kits that have been done in every variation from MK I through MK IV but can be a little pricey. The MK I and MK II variants I have in my collection were both between $40 and $60 a piece when I bought them, but also to my knowledge the only 1/24th/1/25th scale examples you will find with complete engines in them. If I do remember correctly without digging them out of the stash, I believe at least the MK II and possibly even the MK I even come with 289 and 427 engine options, but without digging them out to check them, do not quote me on that. A much easier and cheaper alternative though is the Fujimi kits that have also been reboxed as Revell kits. While these don't have full engine detail but are still very nice kits, I've picked a couple of these up in a Facebook live auction model group I help admin for as low as $15.
  5. I just looked on his Facebook page Models by Dave I follow and the last post there was in late October. If you are on Facebook, you might want to try to message him through there or email him through his website. http://www.modelsbydave.com
  6. Yeah, but there is a lake off of Toledo, OH Sam. That is just a little ocean! ?
  7. Yes there are, because while there are plenty of kits that have a character tie in on the box, it seems very few have an actor tie in on them. I even found it odd in my example that the original issue only had the picture but the reissue 12 years after the show went off the air had the names of not only the characters but the actors as who played them as well on the box when I would have thought that would have been included on the original's box art when the show was on the air. The only way I even knew of the show "Movin On" when I had that reissue when I was young was because of photos of my older brother in an actual show truck as it toured the country while the show was airing.
  8. I've already thought about it when I first seen pics of it being built and while I was building this custom 16V92 out of two V8s for another project. ? I've got two engines in the parts box from Super Boss kits that I bought as parts just to build a custom 24 cylinder out of!
  9. Too bad that letter behind the O is an R and not an H Sam, because I'd be more than willing to make the probably 3 hour drive to Toledo, OH to help you sort through parts, but OR is a little farther drive. ☹️
  10. Obviously you must have missed my post because mine is also one of the very few that also answers the question asked that has the ACTORS name on the box art as well.
  11. The 1988 reissue of the Movin On Kenworth from AMT has Claude Akins and Frank Converse's names on it plus their picture and character names. I find it odd though that the original issue from 1974 (of the Movin On kit, NOT of the Kenworth W925 kit itself) when the show was on the air does not, it just has the picture only.
  12. Even though F bodies, and mostly the Trans Am, are one of my favorite cars, that was one thing I was not aware of Scott. Honestly the lower trim level cars with anything less than a V8 never really got much attention from me with the exception of the 89 Indy Pace Car edition Trans Am only because that V6 was the Buick Grand National Turbo engine. Those 6 cylinders from that 69 kit get thrown into my parts box to be completely forgotten about.
  13. Rob, not sure if it would be a 250 6 or not and I know that from 69 to 70 1/2 the F body platform was restyled, but would the optional 6 found in the MPC/AMT 69 Firebird kits be a donor for a 6 cylinder base model car?
  14. A very interest topic and also looks like your book would be a very interesting read Tim, I'm going to have to hunt up a copy. I do have to agree a 70 El Camino is much needed, as is the same era Ranchero even though I have a resin conversion for the AMT Chevelle and a full resin kit of the Ranchero to fill those voids in my collection. Another in the Ford companies lineup that I would like to see in a kit form, though not really sure if it would be a popular kit or even if anyone other than me would even buy it, and even if by 76 it was really even still considered a muscle car because I know the one I owned was far from muscular, especially when a friend in high school challenged me to a drag race after school and he beat me in that race with me in the car and him ON FOOT but I'd like to see a kit of a 1976 Mercury Cougar XR-7. This is like the one I had in high school. The closest I ever found in kit form to it was the MPC/AMT 73 which was close but still needed major reworking for the 76, and this only had a 351M which I don't think has ever been offered in scale either though the modifieds were based off the Clevelands so maybe the 351C that is in the Revell 70 Mach 1 Mustang (IIRC) that is still waiting for me to pull off the shelf may be visually close enough to fill in for a 351M/400 engine. I also can't remember if the Cougar shared the platform with the Torino from those years or not, I do know it did share it with the Thunderbird and LTD, but if it did share bones with the Torino also, Revell already have most of the kit and just needs some body tooling to pull that and even the Bird and LTD off too.
  15. While I would like to see some new stuff too, I have no problem with Round2 reissuing older kits because some of the stuff they have reissued in the past few years like the Pinto, Datsun pickup, and Subaru Brat just to name a few have been kits that I've had interest in having but not at insane collectors prices to buy them. There are even some of the kits reissued lately that haven't seen the light of day since either before I was born or at the least before I began building so I never had the chance to build some of these kits, so regardless of how they may not measure up to more modern tooling standards, to some of us in the hobby they are still "new" kits to us.
  16. It's sad the only thing on that list that even interests me in the slightest isn't even a car, it's the bucket wheel excavator that has not only been one of my Holy Grail kits but just last weekend has hit my shelf thanks to a friend that wants me to build it for them! I'm just curious now to see what the price is going to be on it and if I may get one for myself as well or not, since the one I have now is the best of both worlds since not only do I get to build one of my grail kits, my friend is having me build it as a commision build so I get paid for building a kit I've always wanted but just could never pull the trigger on!
  17. Yes, it can be changed and quite easily also. I used an AMT Freuhauf flatbed tandem as a guide (since the chassis is a Freuhauf also) and cut the front axle and springs and relocated them to make a more standard American chassis tandem and some spoke wheels from the parts box. A little relocation of the kingpin to set the entire chassis and trailer back from the cab and looks fine behind an American truck.
  18. At least from my experience watching the show, once Discovery Canada has finished airing the new season north of the border, the Weather Channel then starts the new season for us in the states.
  19. Thanks Tim, regardless of if Moebius does anything for loads in them for the laden option or not, I know a few of these are already on my wish list and a friend I was talking to last night on Facebook is eagerly awaiting these also! He also said he, and I'm sure as with me and many others here too, would love to see Moebius bring out more modern tractors to pull these trailers too like some new KWs or Petes.
  20. I really like the idea of the idea of the two beds! Do you know if there are any plans of a load option as well such as coils as were in the AMT kits?
  21. Roger, I just happened to pop on just about the same time I seen you had just posted this, so I went and grabbed a quick and better pic of the crew cab I have with info for you. You shouldn't have any issue backdating that body to the 70s style you want with a little work since the entire front is open on it. I had bought this secondhand, so I'm not sure if everything I have in the pic that I have is all that comes with it, that is all that I got with it, but that is the info that was with the body, beds, and also a few other bodies I bought along with this.
  22. I'd have to check again to see who made this, but I found this one plus not only this dually bed but a standard 8 foot bed for it as well.
  23. This is an Italeri 1/24th scale tractor with a 1/25th scale Moebius trailer. I really don't understand why it is such a big deal to some. This Peterbilt 378 would look fine with the Moebius trailer too, but I guess that's just my opinion.
  24. Could it be possible that maybe as AMT and also MPC has done in the past to get around licensing or in more recent times PC issues the decals may be included but just not shown on the box art? I'm sure unless one has been living in a cave it is common knowledge that has been done with a "certain" flag decal in a well know Dodge Charger kit. MPC and also later AMT had also done that for many years in their Trans Am Firebird car kits, because while I still don't understand how they got away with some of the "Firebird Trans Am" and showing the "Trans Am" names on box art and box art photos, Monogram was the only company that actually paid for the rights to use the Trans Am name. On many of the old MPC/AMT Trans Am kits I have they "creatively" got around this by breaking up the names on the decal sheets to piece them together.
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