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  1. Great build and the history lesson. Your work is top notch.
  2. I don’t do many street rods but I love the look. That body does look awesome. Love the wheels.
  3. That is a nice kit to work with. A guy in our local club just built one, his was slightly modified with a 99 cobra engine, rear suspension and eaxhaust, haven’t built one of these in years.
  4. Got a little more done, it’s not much but it’s that much closer to being done, I still need to make a back glass. I was just at my LHS last night and completely forgot to get some clear sheet. Chassis is almost done only needing exhaust extensions and touch up. Interior is as good as it going to be, Used some blue flocking for carpet and modified the shifter to work with the bench seat.
  5. Definitely going to follow this one, didn’t know they made one of these.
  6. Beautiful, I would go with the tan/gold combo.
  7. Does anyone know of a resin 67-68 Ford full-size wagon kit?
  8. Here a couple mor pics, chassis and engine slowly coming together.
  9. Got some color in the body and I’m going to leave it as is, there was not clean up that I realized. Going to chalk this up to being a resin rookie. My dilemma now is what to do for wheels and tires. I am thinking white walls and the Galaxie 500 full wheel cover, but I also have some open face steel wheels too. Only f problem is the don’t have hub detail for the front wheels. I’m open to suggestions as I am in short supply of dog dish hub caps from the 66/67 Failanes, those are for a couple of other projects.
  10. Watching closely, I need a couple of those for my Galaxie collection.
  11. Gonna follow this one close, very cool build. I assume you are using the Cutlass chassis as is?
  12. Forgot to ask, what color primer do you use under your light colored Tamiya paints and do you shoot them straight out of the can?
  13. I think I might need to do that this year. Paint a bunch of bodies so I can just build when it gets cold. Even though I live in the south they weather wasn’t that great this past winter.
  14. Nice work, I’ve worked on few of these years ago. They had already been out for about 7 years when I got in the business.
  15. Do you use the trumpeter kit for chassis and such?
  16. Not much to report on this yet, shot some Black which is the lleast favorite color. This one is going to take some work and I ran out of paint till tomorrow if my LHS is open. Was just there and totally forgot the paint.
  17. Got my colors figured out and got some paint laid down today. This being my first Resin body it’s turning out”ok” I guess. Didn’t realize I need some more clean up before I shot paint. Live and learn. Wimbledon white and light blue interior.
  18. I as at a car show today and saw this 17k mile 1960 Pontiac Ventura. Does anyone know if there is a resin body of this out there.
  19. That is some nice work. If you only have a few builds under your belt you are ahead of the game.
  20. The color is awesome, that’s going to be a beautiful model when done.
  21. Great build, I’m going to need to get one of those trans kits. We I was a lot younger I passed on buy a Mercury Cyclone back in the early 90’s.
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