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  1. That’s beautiful Francis, I just don’t have words, amazing talent!
  2. Thanks John,I appreciate that. I purchased “AMC Motorsports” book suggested by another follower and I was disappointed as there were no new photos that I didn’t already have and then the written information on the Hornet was completely wrong as it had it listed as a tube chassis car, and that wasn’t legal in 71. I’m so far into this build that I’ll probably just continue with what I have. I already have too much time and money invested in this project to spend another $30.00 on a book. Had this book came out a year ago I would have been all in.
  3. I love your thought process, a very analytical approach to the issues of this kit! My uncle was a collision repair tech ( Bodyman ) in the 60s and 70s, he used to get a cup of coffee and sit staring at the repair before starting, I questioned him what he was doing and he said he was repairing the car in his head, weighing the problems he might encounter and the order he wanted to proceed with, so he didn’t mess things up and create more work. I found this advice very sound and I have drank a lot of coffee in my decision making over the years. I can only imagine the cups of coffee you’ve consumed, or is it tea?
  4. Yes Francis, that helps, I don’t have the tools you have access to, I may give this a try with my hand tools. Your rear body panel is amazing!
  5. I made valve cover spacers, and another test fit. Engine compartment looking cleaner. I just need some painting weather now.
  6. I finally came across a color photo of the engine and engine bay, everything looks flat black, so I make take some liberty for detail sake. I lowered, and reshaped the shock towers, I still need to fabricate the shock mounts. I glued the interior tub to the chassis and filled the gaps and seams on the firewall. The engine was mounted with simple L shaped metal brackets on the real car, so I tried to duplicate the same though mine are a bit out of scale. I may try and sand them smaller. I’m really pushing to complete this as it’s now hit the two year mark. It sure doesn’t seem like it has been that long. I still need to make the valve cover spacers, come up with a master cylinder
  7. Wow! Just WOW, I’d like a little more detail on how you formed and shaped that rear body panel. That looks amazing!
  8. Hey Francis, I’ll be following! I’ve been thinking my next project was to be a 71-72 Demon Pro Stock, I have an original built up with hacked up rear wheel openings. I’m not satisfied with the front grille, the tail light panel at the very least need’s thinning, and the front wheel openings are incorrect. I’ll be anxious to see how you tackle these issues and I hope you don’t mind if I steal some of your ideas.
  9. A great big shout out to everyone at Slixx Decals, I pestered poor Becky, and she was so gracious to me! The decals are beautiful, went on effortlessly and look awesome! I’ve got my motivation back!
  10. You know I’m loving this…..are you sure you don’t want to put a Rambler motor in it?
  11. I really like this concept, I love injected nitro cars. Tony Stewart recently went to the finals in his first drag race, in an injected nitro dragster.
  12. Little progress, still waiting on the Slixx decals to be printed…..
  13. I don’t think I have ever seen one built stock before…… Very cool!
  14. Nice save! Looking great! I like your attention to the important detail.
  15. Very cool project, I’ll be following.
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