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  1. Just amazing Joe! I loved the back story also. Very cool!
  2. Thanks Clarence, that’s a good reference photo!
  3. Any updates, this was such a good start……..
  4. I like it, I may have to give one of theses a try…..
  5. I like it! I never understood why AMT made it a dual axle. Looks so much better as a single.
  6. This is so COOL, I love what your doing here. Great scratch building!
  7. Beautiful work Riley, your build is similar to what I built back in 1987. I think your doing a much better job though.
  8. Thanks Edgar and Scott, it was a lot easier than I thought it would be, and turned out better than I thought it would.
  9. Slow progress update. Scratch built hood scoop. I need to clean up the edges.
  10. I’ll give that a try, I’m no photographer, obviously:)
  11. Just beautiful Joe, I’m glad your doing better, it’s been a tough year for you!
  12. Super nice build Michael. I love the early Pro Stocks and you did a great job on this one!
  13. While waiting for the chassis mods to dry, I started on the tunnel ram. The Johan AMC motor has a deep curved lifter valley. A tunnel ram comes in the Gremlin kit but the lifer valley is flat and it’s too tall. I started with the duel quad intake from the 53 Corvette and added the plenum from another tunnel ram. The scrap Matador kit had a single 4 barrel intake the matched the curved valley. I cut the ends from the 4 barrel intake and put the AMC ends on the Corvette manifold. The 1/1 car had modified tunnel ram hobbled together by AMC, and this looks similar to theirs.
  14. Yes, I’m enjoying the build also, thank you, that’s a great shot!
  15. I think the front is a little low and I still need to raise the rear a smidge and get the body off the tires.
  16. I forgot to post the in progress stance photo.
  17. Stance, Ride Height, whatever you call it, can make or break a model! Get this wrong and it just won’t look right. All the detail in the world isn’t going to help if at first glance the model doesn’t appear realistic sitting there. I try to find a good photo of the car sitting still, and pay attention to where the center of the wheels are in relation to the body rocker panels. Is it above or below the rocker panel and I try to place the wheel centers accordingly. I also try and match tire sizes. If I can obtain the correct tire/ slick size, I measure different kit slicks and conversion the measurements to 1/1 scale. On the real car, according to my reference material the rear springs were moved inboard into the rear frame rails for additional tire clearance so I starter these modifications by notching the rear rails and filling the original spring mount holes with styrene. The Dana Rear axle housing was also braced, so I added the braces using Plastic Rod.
  18. Small update, the downer 69 Rambler chassis’ front crossmember was short molded. The front frame rails were also very thin, like Kit flashing, so I needed to replace the crossmember and I filled the gaps in the rails to strengthen it. Kari suggested the engine from the Matador kit might be a more accurate, so I pulled my NASCAR Matador kit out. At some point I had obtained a poorly built glue bomb and put it in with the new kit. There I found my answer to the crossmember. I cut it free and trimmed it to fit. I did look at the engine though, and I have the one from the original funny car kit and it appears to be a good choice, so I’ll be using it. I also found that the AMT NASCAR kits rear spring fit perfectly in the shock towers. I have some lower control arms, I think there from the Monogram 65-66 Mustang kit, that I’m going to try and make work
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