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  1. Thank you guys. Carl, a good friend just passed. Went to his funeral last week. That really wiped me out and my modeling. Been reading your books and that has helped! Going on a endurance run on motorcycles today. Rainy, maybe snow but going anyway. Trying to pull my head out. Thanks all. By the way, I really like Austin Powers.
  2. Thank you sir as this helps a lot!!!!
  3. Ok guys and dolls, I have lost my mojo. Since Vegas , I have not even had interest in building. What happened???? Been setting up motorcycles, building guns, hot rods. Everything else but building models. Does this happen to other builders? What do you do to get it back?
  4. Great job!!! How did you make the hood decals and the black on the hood look so real? I’ve been trying to figure how to do it without the decal shadow. Fantastic job sir!!!!
  5. I believe there is a scene in Secretariat, where a young man is building a model.
  6. Sorry for the slow response sir, it’s 1/12 a model factory hiro kit. And thank you.
  7. I agree, Venom. I’m struck in the 60’s, for cars. Some 50’s some 70’s. Or just a cool car in time. I believe the social order is different today. I was at hobby lobby the other day and this kid wanted to build a model. He asked his mom and she said yes. He picked out a 60’ s muscle car. He wanted to paint it and the mom said “ honey I cannot afford the paint” . He was ready to put it back but I paid for his paint and he hopefully built the model. This is also a problem. Affordability but we can go on for days about that. Socially cars are not a cool thing today for most people. Life just changes. My 18 year old daughter has no interest in even driving. She has to now , to go to college. My son has other interests also. He is 32. I was talking to a Honda motorcycle owner. His bike sales were down but was replaced by side by sides. So he is wondering what the next thing is going to sell or be invented for sales. Things change, we may not like it , but times and interests change. I’m still stuck in the 60’s and 70’s. I still go to school to learn about cars. Just learned that Mercedes has over 137 computers on board. Holy BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH! I’m glad I’m retiring soon. Back to subject, I see kids building ban dai figures. Game board figures not too many cars anymore.
  8. Thank you Too Old. Here is a pic with the door open.
  9. Thank you sir! Trying to get my mojo back. Watching Chris Smith’s build, boy he’s an inspiration. And thank you Kingslug, your comments keep it going also!
  10. Hey Chris!!! Trying to build again. Your build is beautiful and is giving me my mojo back.
  11. Well Bill , welcome to the world of SUV. I thought it meant , stupid ugly vehicle. But I now have 3. A Jeep Grand Cherokee. Ford Explorer, and a Toyota Sequoia, The corvette, 65 mustang and the 85 Honda si are not driven much. The SUV’s are very handy. I was like you but when you use it, cannot beat them. My buddy John loves saturns. Has quite a few. He is a retired mechanic and has always driven saturns. Great score.
  12. Well trying to get my mojo back. Seem to need a rest from kit building. As soon as I was back from Vegas, I just lost interest. I build guns, so I build some and am returning to the Porsche. Chris is really going strong on his. All the guys are building the engine and other stuff first. But I am doing the body first. So far it’s pretty straight forward. Vents were a pain in the rear end. They are like paper , it’s so thin. Should have done them in brass. A lot of parts to paint. Will have to paint before winter sets in.
  13. Let’s see. It’s funny,I’m all over the place. I really like to build hot rods. But have stumbled into F1 cars. Bought a f1 collection of 1/20 and 1/12 tamiya kits. Few hot rods, muscle cars, Ferraris, aircraft and armor. And lately model factory hiro and large 1/8 kits. Last count was over 300. I do not see myself as a collector, more of a builder. But with over 300 kits, maybe a collector also.
  14. Thank you Paul. Here is a pic with my back yard.
  15. Thank you nazdrave
  16. Thank you sir. And your Daytona build is very impressive!
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