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  1. Opened the box. It was all nice and neat. Just checking the parts out. Not the quality of the old pocher kits. Reminds me of a old 1/25 imc kit. A lot of detail but nothing fit. It’s a start. The mercury is 1/25
  2. Great job sir! I also need to model something else every so often. Several years ago I built a Pitts bi plane and also thought it was a build that the plane guys would tear up. But I entered it in the IPMS nationals in Vegas and it took third place. So you never know. Yours looks fantastic. Car guys make great plane builders. Great build.
  3. Just a little, but I know this big build will kind of consume a person. This is why I am doing a few 1/25-24 kits, to clear my head. ( having fun) .
  4. Great fix. Yes you have to really look at the vague instructions and still it’s vague . I have put together 3 mfh kits and I know the challenge you are up against. If you never built a mfh kit, you do not understand the complexity of the kit. Just to even finish one is a miracle in itself. Great job….
  5. Great job! My model friend Phil said that model factory hiro is a very expensive scratch build model. In other words it takes a lot to build the simplest model factory hiro kit. Keep going and cannot wait to see more.
  6. The Miura is really so much better. Man the Ferrari needs a lot of work. To get the Ferrari to the level of the Miura is going to be interesting.
  7. Saw this today. The lady is selling it. Two people in front of me. If they do not buy it , I will have this for my car collection. 1936 dodge bros. 34,000 original miles. Unrestored , Has records. We will see.
  8. Yes Ray it’s the same. The kit needs a lot of work but I’m ready to tackle it. I’m going to paint it a different color. Thinking of a blue. A lot of fit issues and the interior looks real bad, really toy like. But the challenge is there and I’m ready for it. Really incredible the difference between the Muira and the quality of the Ferrari. The Muira is so good. And the testarossa is not. I still have a supersnake to build. the Mazda cozmo is comming soon. I guess a Porsche and a f1 Ferrari is suppose to be comming also. These new kits are sooo much better. Going to try to make this ugly duckling into a swan.
  9. Saw this at the Sacramento IPMS event. Their club had a expensive for sale table but the kits were really discounted. By a lot. But still expensive. I could not get this kit out if my mind, for the price. The kit needs a lot of modeling to get it to look right. But that’s what we do, right? Anyway, Scott had to go to Sacramento last weekend and he picked it up for me. What in the world am I going to do with another big kit? I’m glad my wife understands my insanity. Or it may be she just puts up with it. Here it is, it will go great with the Lamborghini Miura I’m building. Boy Since the daughter moved out to the college dorm, I can store these kits in her room. I’m hooked with these big kits. Just bought the 1/8 monogram jag for $40 also. Hello my name is Bruce and I’m a plastic addict.
  10. Thank you David G. My one thing on model cars that I really need improvement on is the interior. Here is a picture of Chris Smiths model factory hiro seat. He has it dialed
  11. P. S. They twist is fixed. All four tires hit the ground.
  12. Thank you Carl, I did not know these interior colors were available. I guess you have to order this stuff from Spain. The USA order, does not have it here. Mark got it for me from Spain. This was awhile back. May be different now. The reddish color goes good with the silver. Only a few more things to chrome and it’s put together time and it will be finished.
  13. Spraying the interior. Cut carpet from a mfh kit that I had left over. Using focus interior colors. Primed with a dark grey, then there are three air brush steps. I just sprayed the light color. Shading is next then color. This is all new to me. Only sprayed this one other time in my ferrari 166.
  14. Glued the floor in place and set the body on the frame and fenders. Set the interior in the body to see if there are any more surprises. This car I’m building on a mirror. Just to keep things straight. I built my model factory hiro Ferrari p4 on a mirror to keep that build straight.
  15. Put the running boards on and the steering rods. The car caught me again, when I put the running boards on , it twisted the frame. So I removed them and reset the running boards to the car and put the right twist in the frame so all the tires sit flat on the ground. Looks good now. I’m going to have to really get the body to sit right on the frame or the same thing might happen. I have the IPMS rules in my head, the first thing the judges look for on cars is that all four tires are on the ground. So I corrected the problem so far.
  16. Also you might want to try Scale Pro Shop. Art Latski. He has some cool items.
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