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  1. Yes absmiami, I have done the research and the covers were not black. They were raw aluminum. As were most of the other parts. The mags in the mfh car have them in the front but in some photos like yours , they were mounted in the rear. I do not know the reason for that. Thank you sir.
  2. Hello peteski, I like 1/25-24 the most. I did a 1/43 Ferrari Dino years ago. But it did not have a engine. I kind of fell into big scale a few years ago with my friend Mark. He needed someone to make kits and I was available at the time. He Works for DeAgostini USA. Did a Toyota 2000 gt( remember the lens was crooked and you helped me with that) and things kind of took off.
  3. Hello Peteski, it’s the metal. I polished the parts and this is what I ended up with. In person it looks polished. And the rough texture is not present. The pics really make it look rough. Smallest Ferrari i have worked on. Mfh kits are time consuming. My friend Phil calls them (time suckers). Good detail but it does take a lot of time. ( One of my things I do , is I take pics of the model in various stages and look at the pics for flaws. ) This works very well if you want to put the model in a contest. What I have so far.
  4. Great job sir!!! To even finish one is a major accomplishment. Yours is beautiful. Work of art.
  5. Cannot wait. Going to be a great show. People are fantastic, vendors are fantastic.
  6. Wired the engine. Took a few hours to do.
  7. Wired this Ferrari V12. It’s so small that it took several hours to do.
  8. A complete Johan mustang funny car kit. To trade only for a model car garage 1965-66 Shelby mustang photoetch detail set.
  9. Our club build is ( build a mustang) we had a camaro build several years ago. I always wanted to do this car, a 1966 Shelby convertible. There were only 6 originals made. Need two kits to pull this off. Here is the very simple mock up.
  10. Thank you Tim. A very big challenge.
  11. I really like the new kits. The 442 seems interesting. I work at a Chevy dealer and this young kid comes up to me and says he wants to restore a old camaro. So I’m thinking .. maybe a 67 -70. But he said a 1986. At first I was shocked but to him 1986 was a long time ago. So what I think is a old classic, it’s different in a young persons eyes. So I believe revell hit the mark with their kits. These are old classics in a young persons eyes. Do you really feel old now?
  12. By the way , I really love that 308 also. Another pininfarina beauty
  13. You are a very lucky man to have had the pleasure of owning one! I had a choice of a lime green 246 Dino or a silver 914-6. I bought the 914-6. Because I was told they had few problems. The 914-6 was still a fun car, just did not look as sexy as a Dino. Cool, I love the stories! Thank you for them!
  14. Thank you dino246gt. Speaking of a Dino 246 gt, reminds me when Ferrari of Los Gatos was open. I saw the most beautiful Ferrari I ever saw at that time. It was a maroon Dino 246 gt with a beautiful tan interior. I believe it to be one of the most beautiful pininfarina design on a automobile. I have a Fujimi kit of one and am working on it a little at a time. It’s going to be maroon with a tan interior. Cool name, cool car!
  15. Hello Carl! How are you and your family? Thank you sir
  16. Thank you Hotrod 97
  17. Hello TransAmMike, thank you sir. the car is 22.5 inches long. Here is a pic of a revell barracuda next to it. Barracuda is 1/25
  18. Thank you mustang1989
  19. Hello TransAmMike, it’s around 22.5 inches long. The purple barracuda is a 1/25 revell kit and thank you sir
  20. Thank you Ray. Yes the Shelby Vegas shop is in full operation. I always wanted to be a part of that, now I can say I’m in. If only in miniature.
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