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  1. Thank you Carl, Thank you ewetwo.
  2. I was very surprised that my 2000 GT made the NNL West Poster this year. Thank you NNL West! And Andy Kellogg for the information.
  3. Brudda

    427 cobra

    Hello, getting a break from the big kits. Wanted to get back to this project. Worked on the windshield of the cobra. It’s the hardest part of the build for me. So thin and fragile. It’s looking good . On to the next stage. Rear trunk area
  4. Pack 11 completed. No issues so far. Cleaned up the radiator pipes. A little detail , if you remove the spare tire you will see the pipes. Chassis reinforcements in place. Started on the front end .
  5. Hello Bill , I’m not going to get too crazy either. Here is what I did to the interior. Painted the seat belt backer flat black. Washed the gold seat rings in a black wash, and motolow the toggle switches. ( gold toggle switches?)Then added a little black to the toggles. Added mountings to the fire extinguisher. Painted some of the bolt heads silver. I was informed by Mark from DeAgostini that I am to do the official build for DeAgostini. Starting at pack 11. The person who is supposed to do the build in the UK is very ill. I was drafted into this. Not that I do not like a build, just not under pressure. Anyway Bill if there any issues with the build let me know and I may be able to help . I was supposed to do super details on this build but this has changed. Just a little detail. Pack 11 next.
  6. Great job Bill! I just left the paint alone . It’s not perfect but race cars are usually a little rough unless it’s a Penske car. So far I have had no issues with mine. I did paint the toggle switches motolow with black. They come gold and look a little toy like. Your gonna have fun!!!!
  7. Boy Chris, everything is going into place! Very nice job on a very , very hard kit. The frame is fantastic. The frame is very hard to work with. And your engine is fantastic. I hope I can wire my engine like yours. Beautiful job!
  8. Chassis and interior. So far it’s a great build
  9. Dash is cool. Had to paint the toggle switches, they were gold. Does not need a lot. Very cool model so far. As of today, not a single issue.
  10. Interior, work in progress. The seat belts are wrong for the era. They were black. The Sabelt are a vintage race car safety item update. I put them in my GT350 to vintage race the car. It’s ok and they look great but vintage updates should match. Like Avon tires etc. I was going to make them black but the red pops. Gives a little color to the interior.
  11. Packs 7,8,9 and 10 came today. Will update this weekend.
  12. Hey Chris. This is all I have done on my Porsche. Part of the engine and tires and wheels. Tubes make me nervous. What’s the name of that therapist?
  13. Bill the cobra is stunning.
  14. Thank you slimguy . Thank you doorsovdoon
  15. Bill. Sorry about your bank account but I really knew you were interested in the Jaguar. Looks really good. I might have to pull the trigger on that one. Yes and the cobra is really good also.
  16. Thank you Bill. The KR convertible would be great! I’ll have Mark put a word in. Agora is comming out with a 61 Jaguar XKE convertible. Check it out.
  17. Thank you vamach1. Thank you Deuces ll. Thank you Dinky.
  18. P.S. If you get this kit, there are the regular Goodyear’s with wheels. And a book. When I receive these things I will post them. I will put the wider tires and wheels on. I will also post the book.
  19. Agora Shelby Super Snake 1/8 scale. Built it out of box( boxes). Only thing I did was paint the door jambs white. Bill (Mr. Obsessive ) , these are very cool. Thank you for the door help. They were not so bad after its assembled. Took your advice and left them alone. Very, very fun kit to build. It’s huge and very heavy. I did have to repaint the roof stripes. Since it’s very heavy I did not put it on a soft surface. So all my fault. The instructions say to put the body on a very smooth surface but I did not listen. The model is a stunner when finished. If your into Shelbys, this is your kit.
  20. The super snake is finished!
  21. Thank you as I’m taking your advice. Leaving them alone. I did make a mistake on scratching the roof stripes. They are fragile. So I repainted them. Pack 12 is on its way . So I’ll be rapping this up next week. This is great fun and thanks for the heads up on the mustang.
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