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  1. jaydar

    Ferrari 458

    Very nice. I have one working its way to the top of the pile. I hope it comes out as nice.
  2. How many coats of Wet Look Clear do you spray before polishing?
  3. http://www.cybermodeler.com/hobby/kits/aca/kit_aca_15122.shtml Perhaps someone who has built this can comment. Thanks, Joe.
  4. Great start. What clear did you use? Joe.
  5. Which Dupli-Color clear do you use? I have used Perfect Match Protective Clear Coat Finish #BCL0125. Is this right one? Thanks, joe.
  6. Oh, mom! You did a great jib on that 'vette! Joe.
  7. I would kill for that finish. If you want better the toxic 2 part stuff is probably what you need along with a hazmat setup. Joe.
  8. Me too! If you find them let me know. I am likely to do Glacier Blue or Le Mans blue. Joe.
  9. I will buy a started kit even if almost half complete but not more than that. Joe.
  10. It's all smoke. GM gave an exclusive to Tamiya to do a 1/12 convertible!!!!!! Please don't wake ne up
  11. I am interested in this build. I will never understand why Model Car Garage never did photo etch metal set for this kit. Joe.
  12. I am at that stage on my '70 Challenger. I will try using the hangers on modified kit springs. Next time I will try the 'full Monty'. Thanks for the inspiration. Joe.
  13. I have one small area that is duller than the rest of my '58 Corvette. I don't have (and cannot get) Tamiya compounds. Let me know your experience using Novus and/or polishing Acrylic Enamel. Thanks, Joe.
  14. I wish you had done a WIP with that one! What clear did you use? Thanks, Joe.
  15. Thank you for sharing that tip. I suggest neodyium magnets for the door fix. Joe.
  16. My favorite car and a model i would love on my shelf. Joe.
  17. I add thinner until the mixture drips off the stir as soon as i remove it. About the consistency of milk/skim milk. Joe.
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