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  1. Perhaps someone else can shed light on this because I am not familiar with the Otaki kit.
  2. I’m not really familiar with the pictured kit, and I’ve certainly never seen one in person, so I really cannot comment or judge with conviction, and it’s an unfortunate angle, but something definitely looks way off about the body (looks a bit too narrow at first glance), and it does not necessarily fit into my “generally correct body proportions” criteria. Another Esci kit that does not qualify in my book is the Ferrari 250 SWB, which, despite a decent looking profile, has terribly misshaped nose, and it would take a top hollywood plastic surgeon to remedy that mess. These kits in question, however, are not up for rerelease, and the ones that are - the Volvo and 500 SLC (a 450 actually, since we’re nitpicking and discussing inaccuracies, but oh well) look decent enough to my eye, and I’ve held both in my hands. Sure, tires are wrong, interiors are bulky and squareish, engine bay on Merc underdetailed and somewhat incorrect, headlights do not fit well etc, etc… But with some time spent doing this hobby of ours, both can turn out quite nice in my opinion.
  3. Interesting! Thanks for the explanation. I have used your method to rewatch pretty much the entire season 3 finale last night, I even dared go a little faster, and for a recap it worked perfectly, but I’m sure I couldn’t watch new episodes any faster than regular speed. To me it’s like music. Every piece has its specific tempo, speeding or slowing it down changes the song completely. I see filmed material the same way. Every frame and shot is of certain length to achieve a specific dramatic effect, and it has to be seen as such… even if it is seemingly drawn out and overlong, I prefer to see it the way the author thought it should be for whatever reason. Or maybe I’m just slow 😝🤷‍♂️
  4. A friend of mine is doing a detailed build of the Lancia on a Croatian forum. He is quite a stickler for rally car details, and the kit lacks quite a bit of detail in the interior (especially for a larger scale kit of a domestic car), which I am not intricately familiar with, but there are all sorts of very obvious an inaccurate tooling solutions on the barren/visible interior floor. But don’t get me wrong, I’m not bashing Italeri or anyone here, just saying that no kit is ever quite perfect (reissue or new tool) and sometimes corners are cut for various reasons that arise during the production process. That said, I would not enjoy this hobby as much as I do if all I had to do was shake the box and get a perfect result. I actually find it fun and challenging to improve, change and adapt certain aspects of most any kit I ever dig into to suit my preferences. And yes, the tires in the volvo and mercedes kits are atrocious, but if I like the subject matter in general, I don’t worry about that and just do my own thing anyway. Plenty of options out there to chose from. As long as the general appearance and the shape of the main body features are correct, everything else in my book is subject to that magic thing we call kitbashing and scratchbuilding. So, bring them on I say 😀
  5. I’ve noticed you mention several times you watch Netflix stuff at 1.5 speed. I haven’t explored this, but I assume you mean sped up slightly? How can you enjoy/ take everything in like that? Apologies if I misunderstood, but I am curious 😀
  6. At last! I saw ep 1 of s4 last night, and I was like… wait, what? Ben who? 🤣 I was so involved with Helen’s fate and what will come out of it that I had completely forgotten about sideplots, especially regarding Wendy’s brother. I think I will definitely follow your example and at least skim through season 3 once again (I saw it well over 2 yrs ago) before I continue with season 4… but so far, looks deadly 😎
  7. Sorry if I offended anyone. And I myself am a fan of his dudeness so I respect your opinion man 😎 just trying to make a point that saying how nobody is interested in certain subject matter literally underneath a post in which someone expressed interest seems a bit redundant. I do understand the point that improving certain details/parts such as tires could have/ should have been done, but I’d rather see the kit reissued unchanged than not reissued at all… I can work around not-so-great, but find it impossible to work around nothing 😝🤷‍♂️ And btw, if you think new Italeri tooling is any better, you should take a look at their new 1:12 lancia delta inaccurato, pardon… integrale. Once again, my sincere apologies if my wording was crude, and kind regards.
  8. I have removed neither of the two off the sprues yet, so it’s hard to tell for sure, but my highboy frame looks ok, while the channeled version one seems a bit twisted. Definite warpage is visible on chrome sprue with windscreen frame, which is well wonky, but I hope that will fix itself once it is lodged into the body.
  9. Perhaps because there IS interest, despite the fact that it’s not your interest. And, as for crudeness, they are no worse than any old Jo-Han kit, but most anybody would like to see those reissued, and every so often we hear moping about those “precoius molds”… Oh, that’s right, they are American… 🙄
  10. I have the Revell kit, which I prefer to Fujimi for its full engine detail and functional gullwing doors, but I do like the Fujimi kit wheels and tires much better. So, if anyone has the Fujimi kit (showroom stock or f1 safety car) wheels and tires parted out or entire gluebombed/broken model with decent wheels and tires, I am open to trades or? I would also consider most Hobby Design AMG wheel and tire sets that would fit an SLS, but I do realize that is a long shot. Let me know if you have anything, however, and maybe we can work out a trade. Thanks in advance!
  11. Hopefully the 500 SLC will actually be released this year… it’s been annoumced for last year, but nothing yet.
  12. I didn’t get charged for insertion, and difference is almost 50 percent, give or take… and that is completely unreasonable, especially considering all the grief they’ve been giving me with verifying my bank info over and over again, before releasing my earnings. And now also wanting backup account info (which I do not have) “just in case”. In case of what?? Ridiculous! Way to drive users away.
  13. I just calculated, I sold my last item for 180 usd plus 30 usd shipping, so 210 usd total, and ebay issued me a payout of 165 usd, so they took 45 dollars total… not quite 25 percent, but if my math works well it’s 21.5 percent approx… still way too much, so now I don’t understand how come they charged you “only” 12.55 percent? Makes no sense. Either way, it’s pure thievery, and I don’t recall it being so expensive. Not using it ever again, I’ll stick with facebook groups. Who needs useless middlemen such as ebay anyway? 🙄
  14. I use paypal, but ebay will no longer deposit funds into my paypal because they are not working with them anymore (?) it is still possible to make purchases via paypal, however, so I really don’t get it. Either way, in order to release funds for my sold items, they requested all sorts of private bank info. I did finally get the money after much back and forth, but they now also want credit card info for “future purposes”, whatever that means, and even if I was willing to give it, I do not own a credit card 🙄 they could not have made it more complicated, and it used to be quite user friendly. Way to mess up a decent concept! So bye bye ebay as far as I am concerned.
  15. That is exactly what I thought. I sent the bank statement, which I already felt was major intrusion of my privacy. And then they wanted info for a credit card on top of that, so they could “charge an alternate source” in case there is no money on my verified bank account when I make a purchase (?) And all of that for a “mere” 25 percent commission on my sold items, including shipping costs. Yes, they take commission on shipping. Unbelievable! Daytime robbery if I’ve ever seen one!
  16. I’m pretty much done with ebay. Firstly their commission for sales is completely insane at around 25 percent (shipping costs included, which is ridiculous), and since they stopped working with PayPal their payouts for my sold items were a nightmare and took forever. They requested private bank statements and whatnot before they would release my money, and now they also want me to have a backup account uploaded. How many bank accounts/credit cards does one have? Terrible service and manipulation with one’s earnings, but hey, at least it’s expensive 🙄 Never again.
  17. PM sent! Thanks! Let me know, I definitely could use them!
  18. I can measure the ones I have if you want, but they are both built so I cannot measure the flaps that are used for gluing. Otherwise, perhaps someone with an unbuilt one can help with measurements?
  19. I’m not sure I understand what you are saying… Why do you need measurements? You want to scale and print your own based on full size boxes? Because the ones I am after are already printed mini boxes, ready for cutting out from card stock, folding and glueing. They come ready for assembly in most new release Round2 kits. No scaling or printing to be done. Apologies if I misunderstood something!
  20. These are the standard mini boxes that come in most all newer release Round2 kits. They come flat on a piece of card, and have to be cut out, folded and glued.
  21. I just got an idea to use these as ornaments while decorating my Christmas tree tonight. Problem is, I only have two 😝 I realize it will be too late for this year, but if anyone has extras of these they won’t be using, and don’t mind sending them in a letter to Europe, I sure could use a good few by next year. Let me know if you have any! Thanks in advance and happy holidays to all! 🥳
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