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  1. Both beautiful, and as the owner of a '60 Comet wagon, those cars always get my attention.
  2. I like this, it's got a full-on '70s show car/street racer vibe to it that's really cool.
  3. It looks great. The Mk. 10 has always been my favorite Jaguar sedan/saloon, despite what the market prefers. I might have to get one of those to add to the rainy day stack.
  4. Super clean build, the paint is great and I have to try that vinyl top paint now.
  5. That thread was nothing if not entertaining, so much so it was shut down after everyone got their punches in. I commented in it that it shouldn't be too hard to fix it, and I was *savaged*. "We shouldn't HAVE TO CORRECT THE STUPID THING! "Why is it so far off in this day and age of computer files, scanning and digital rendering? It should be PERFECT!" "I have been waiting for this kit for 25 years and they give me THIS?" "I don't know why you guys are so upset, it looks like a Mustang to me, but I think these were the ugliest Mustangs of all time, so what do I know?" And on and on. A real dog pile. So I decided to start a how-to thread on correcting the kit so I could build a model of my daily driver at the time, a '92 coupe which I still have. The thread got so many views that it maxed out my free Photobucket account in three days, and I had to switch to a paid account so the pictures would stay up. I only intended to build the one body, but no less than 12 members here PMed me asking me to have it resin cast so they could have one. They said essentially the same thing: "It looks great Mike, uh... I can't do that, can you have this cast because I really want one." Or six in one case. I was flattered, but I didn't know the first thing about resin casting. So at one of the Moonlight club meetings, Dan Baker introduced me to Greg Wann, the Master Caster, and that's how it all began. Greg said it was the best selling body he ever cast. I couldn't have imagined that, or that it would still be in demand 8 years later. But it is, enough so that I made a new resin master because the original kit body master is trashed, having been used to make four molds (they don't last forever) and the process is hard on a body, especially one with so many glue bond seams. I've done several other cars since then, including a Fox LX hatch back. It's been a fun ride.
  6. I love these prehistoric thread revivals. We need more to see cool stuff we otherwise would never find.
  7. Revell kits from that era are truly hit or miss, interesting subjects but confounding fitment issues, wonky body proportions, terrible two piece tires that resist all forms of glue known to man, needlessly complex sub assemblies, and crazy parts counts. But great box art, which is... something. Building one and making it look nice is a true achievement.
  8. Started this one in '94, when the car was new. Getting around to finishing it.
  9. Pretty sure the AMT Pacers had them too, a nice York compressor but without hoses.
  10. Just seeing this. Love it, fantastic period piece which is very representative of the period.
  11. Super clean build, and looks close to a car built on the show Iron Resurrection. Very nice indeed.
  12. Glad to see this one back on the bench, it was a favorite to watch. Iconic car, freshly restored, along with the red '67 coupe in Craig Jackson's collection. It's amazing that these two cars still exist.
  13. It looks very good, the revised one ton front wheel openings are a nice touch. I can't remember seeing a winch on the front of a dump truck of that era, but they were upfitted with special equipment to suit whatever the job was, so it's a nice upgrade. What's the plan, brand new truck, or weathered?
  14. Simply awful news, so sorry to hear that. All the best to you and your family, Mike.
  15. IPMS shows are often not very car-heavy, but Arizona modelers must not have gotten the memo. This show was great, and the models in the other categories were just downright epic. Something for everyone here.
  16. If your skills were overwhelmed ten years ago, they certainly aren't now. Fantastic build.
  17. The later non-warping promos were made of Cycolac, a trade name for Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene - or ABS. Depending on how the material was mixed, Cycolac can either be tough and resilient, or brittle and fragile. Either way, it's difficult stuff to glue. You can use ABS adhesive like Loctite Super Glue for plastics with activator, or Gorilla 2 part epoxy.
  18. This is going to be a little animal. The booster doesn't fit the Coyote swap in a 1:1 either, so they use a Hydroboost system from a Cobra. I made one for an AMT '93 F350 truck, the car versions were essentially the same.
  19. You could put a small block of styrene in there to increase the gluing surface.
  20. Pretty cool, this Fordvette is an unusual pairing, but it's coming out nicely. The dash looks natural, being kind of Corvettish as it is.
  21. One of my favorite Monogram kits, I built one when they first came out, first issue. I built it just like on the box, black, flames, red interior. When I was done, I couldn't believe how nice a job I did, (I was ten, so it wasn't *that* nice, but to me it was perfect) the Testors gloss black laid down nicely over the black plastic, and Dad's red Krylon worked nicely on the interior too. I remember the smell - Monogram kits in the '70s had a unique smell when you opened the box, and their decals were always fool proof.
  22. A few years ago, the city came by and pounded a bunch of small, colored flags into my yard and other houses on the street as part of a gas/electric line revamp. After the work was done, I pulled the flags out and saved the wires from them - they are exactly the same as model car axles, but about 15" long; perfect for 4x4 trucks and other projects that take extra-long axles.
  23. That car looks absolutely real, and builds that can make that claim come by very rarely. Amazing job.
  24. Fantastic looking Squire. Having worked on a number of '57 Fords, there have been many times that I have wished that they had standard forward opening hoods. Access with the reverse hoods can be a real pain, I usually have to remove them and set them aside.
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