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  1. Jim. Look for either one of these two. Most likely to be found on Ebay. As both are stock copies. I also bought and built both of these, and they are in my 57 Chevrolet collection.
  2. Posting about death's of famous people on here is how sometimes I find out that they died. MSM isn't always up to speed on every death. That being said if a post is of something I have no interest in I won't go to that topic. Such as I don't open topics about hot rod's/Custom/bagged models . Why because they don't interest me. Thus I just skip them. As you can do to these death threads/Post.
  3. I was raised out in the country about 5 miles to the nearest small town called Haviland Ohio. Home of the Haviland tile works at that time. They had a larger general store called Fisher's market . It was ran by the Fisher Family until they retired in the early 1980's. They had almost anything even model kits! Penny candy, nickel candy , and regular candy. I remember going there quite often as a child. A 16 oz glass bottle of soda Such as Coca Cola was 15-20 cents and would have enough change to buy a Wayne Candies Maple Bun bar! all for about $.40 cents! The store is long gone along with the Landmark grainer and two gas stations. The Tile mill is now a plastic drainage company, and the biggest manf is custom assymbly.
  4. Won't happen as it's a Revell kit. Maybe Atlantis has the molds for that??
  5. I wanted a full detail chassis under the recently re issued AMT '63 Impala. So I used the '61 Impala (Lindberg ) for the complete chassis and engine. plus used the inner fender well's from the '61 as well.
  6. Made the bay area look like its been used and stained
  7. Almost have it done. still have to add the muffler/tail pipe .
  8. Those are one of the best brands out there, and so is Nathan's Natural Beef hot dogs. For Sausage (rope Type) We love Ossian's brand which has natural casings. And also there's a brand of smoked brat's that GFS sales that has natural casings are are very good as well.
  9. That could be a tricky Question as to when did WWII start. Answer's could very from 1936 1940 to 1941. This depends On the invasion of Poland, and African countries, to France and England, and of course the United states. On the asian front Japan entering China ect.
  10. This is a work in progress, and it still needs items like a bathroom sink, and other small items. I built a 1/87 gas station about 8 or so years ago . I decided to try and make a 1/24-1/24 scale copy of it. Here's my Texaco Station so far.
  11. None of the above. He's was just up there with the pickup while a few items were being added to the garage below the pickup. At the time the photo was taken the pickup didn't have the engine glued in nor any of the drive shafts attached.
  12. The GMC Deserter kit is MPC and has a stock steering wheel The Big Game (Camo) is 1/24 and Revell.
  13. Thanks for catching that, I'll get it changed around to correct that.
  14. Working on this conversion of the MPC GMC Deserter kit . The cab/bed are not glued on as there are parts that need to be added to the engine bay. The suspension was cut down to non lifted stock height , and remains a 4X4. The tires/wheels come from a 90's Chevrolet Pickup since Chevrolet was using basically the same wheels as a choice back in '81. The conversion grill is from Iceman Collections , and is awsome indeed. The grill is very well detailed.
  15. I made my Bel air 4-door from the sedan kit that is like the 150 in your photo. It's not a hard conversion to do. Cut and move the door post forward, cover the old door seam , Then scribe in the new front/back door seams. Then add the rear vent window pillar, and outside door handles.
  16. Thanks, I think I have every main color's that Chevrolet had for 1957. One tone wise, two tone wise I know I don't as there were so many two tone color combo's. about 80% of those are the AMT Re-tooled with the opening trunks. There is one resin four door wagon, and three die cast 1/24 Nomads in with those. One Revell Bel-air sedan was converted to a four door sedan. Just have to get a resin copy of the four door Hard top. I also turned one of the AMT re-tooled into a 210 prototype that almost made it to full production that's the Prototype in the photo.
  17. On the Bottom (last shelf of "57 Chevrolet's) the three race cars #6 , #22, #47 all are the early Amt kits (IE Pepper shaker) The brown with silver roof is a monogram, and well the Revell Sedan's are easy to spot due to the door post.
  18. Yes I do I think IMHO that the '57 Chevrolet was the best looking of the tri fives. I have the Original tooled Amt '57 Chevrolets, The retooled Version's, The new Revell bodied copies Convertibale/ Bel air Sedan and 150 sedan. Monogram 1/24 '57 Chevrolet's And 4 of the Revell snap copies also in 1/25. Also have a couple of the old revell ones that the door's ,hood.Trunk opens on. Then there is Three 1/24 Die cast Nomads. and a Nomad Delivery customized Snap on tools Glo-mad.
  19. Yike's Don't throw away that Pro Shop '57 Chevrolet (yellow car on the box) ! That is one of the best detailed '57 Chevrolet model's going, In fact I have over 40 of those Retooled '57 Chevrolets built here. Those pro shop retooled copies come with real rubber hoses, bumper dagmars, and the photo etched parts! Not to mention plug wire as well! Of course I have nearly 70 built 1:25- 1:24 '57 Chevrolet's
  20. 100% 1970 Impala kit in that '69 box. The dead giveaway is that the front fender's are cut in for the front bumper, Unlike the '69 i the added photo
  21. MPC should have done the Chevrolet Pickup's from 1981- 87 . Either in Scottsdale or Silverado. with the options of 4X4 , two wheel drive, short box, long box and step side's
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