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  1. 1st pic, interior, very nice, 2nd pic, ROFLMAO, the roof pod on the Lambo is the funniest thing I've seen in a while. Extremely nice overall, the wheels suit it, thanks for the laugh.
  2. I can see days cruising at the beach in this, very cool.
  3. That's catastrophic, I feel for you, got to be thankful for small mercies one survived, I am, its still rebuildable & rebuilt it will be. Bucky, an x wife is a force of nature not to be messed with, I've had 2. My 1st destroyed models, my 2nd stole them. Chitown, Time Machine Resin had the body & tinwork, don't know if they still do. Thank you all for your commiserations, the Revellion will be rebuilt, after all, it is a model of the very 1st model I ever built but somewhat improved over the 1st edition, there are already upgrades planned for the 3rd edition.
  4. Came across this on another forum, I'd love to have the skills to do this sort of thing. http://www.modeltruckbuilder.com/index.php?/forums/topic/340-duel-peterbilt-281-in-brass-133rd-scale-work-so-far/
  5. Thank you Steve, greatly appreciated. Just found them online, now to restore a wreck. http://www.whoopiekatdecals.com/HTML/KitDecals/kd000004.html
  6. Thank you, it won't hurt the 40yr old plastic?
  7. Yes Not enough paint & thinner fumes mixed with the fresh air maybe Made me cry I hope there won't be a 2nd time & thanks
  8. There used to be a bloke on ebay that was selling the Dodge Revellion Decals but I'm unable to locate him, does anyone know where I might get replacement decals please?
  9. Has anyone had to strip Alclad, if so what process please. I'm in Oz & we have no purple pond here that I'm aware of.
  10. Seems as though I had a wee accident, I cried. Was sitting on the TV base, the TV's sitting in front of an open window, big gust of wind caught the TV, model on the floor, TV on top.
  11. https://www.clearlyscale.com/category/engines
  12. Always liked this kit, I look forward to seeing what you do with it. PE saws are much better than the back of the old #11, take your time & use the right saw even corners can be done very successfully & it's a much cleaner & tighter cut.
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