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  1. Diggin this one, and many of the others that have posted. I will try to get more work done on my project so I can post, but I am a SLOOoooww builder with limited time in the hobby room
  2. Really enjoying seeing the stuff you guys are putting up, i hope to have something to share first of the week, i started with the motor
  3. I keep getting broken picture links, and did in this case as well so I cannot see the picture
  4. Sooo happy to see this. For those considering the trek, it is indeed a great venue location. See you there Danno
  5. Looks really nice, I always liked this style of custom.
  6. Simple, yet creative (like the seat wedge) solutions you have going on here. I need more of that in my life.
  7. Built mostly box stock. I really like the general proportions of the kit, and I am mostly pleased with the results, there are some oddities which are interesting, but unnecessary, such as work springs for the rear wheels, and reclining seats which you cannot get to unless you cut the side glass out before installation. There is a lack of chassis and motor detail as this is basically a modified toy, with a battery box where the motor should be that the dash mounts to, and the molded in rear axle leaves obvious space for gears to crank the wheels. Throughout the model, there are very few positive mounting brackets, but the fit is good, and the kit gives mutliple year option for the headlight and tail lights. Paint is @https://scalefinishes.com/ with 2k clear.
  8. Danno, the DSC still a go again this year? The website still has last years info and I can’t find anything on the 2023 show.
  9. Very nice, great variety as well. Was the Explorers model a kit, or scratch? (very fun little flick)
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