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  1. this power wagon is a danbury mint in 1/24 scale it was a green p/up that i turned into a produce truck using my friend kens name as he ownes a farm here in nj. for a little more realism i removed the nose of the truck and remade it out of already rusted tin.i made a stake body using screening for the sides. i can't remember everything i did to it as it was a few years ago pictures are not that good. a little on the dark side. i will post again if and when i can get better shots but here it is.
  2. super build and yes i did see it there. it looks even better up close.my pictures of the show somhow got deleted from the camera. i think my daughter did it by accident so any i have are what i have been getting off of the internet.
  3. it sure was fun. i only wish i had a big bankroll.lol so many great things i had to pass up.
  4. WOW Jean you sure took a s##t load of pictures and they are great. clear and sharp. and by the way my salvage yard never looked so good. thank you for that.did we talk at all when you were there.
  5. thats just to cool. and the playdough is perfect for ice cream.super great job. B)
  6. i have been wathing this build foe quite awhile now and i am floored buy your attention to detail and your great talent for desighning and the making the things you need to do the build. when you said you damaged it a little in your small work room i felt so bad for you because i have the same problem where i do my work. if i turn to fast i can bang my head on somthing. its getting to the point that i look more like a hoarder than a model guy. but man do i love this station and i will watch it untill it is done.but at the same time i have my own little saying. ( THANK GOD ITS DONE. OR IS IT. )
  7. i have been watching as you do this dio and i must say it it looks great now, i can just imagin it done. i realy like the deer very life like.
  8. i do so manny stupid things i don't think there is enough room on this forum to list them all. but ere is just one. i reached for a brush and as i brung my arm back i elbowed the open jelly jar of laquer thinner all over the work tabl the model and me. and let me tell you when that stuff hits your stuff and you guys know what i mean. ooooooowwwwwwww.
  9. heh heh heh!!! now we know why the series ended.that was my all time favorite show. i still watch it.
  10. i agree with everyone here. this is a great site and i only wish i had more time to spend here. i have only been here for a short time and everyone has made me feel right at home. thanks to all the great members and all of the people responsible for keeping it going. i have gained more knowledge here than websters dictionary.lol
  11. whats wrong with dust. lol they are realy neat builds. and some are now daily drivers. great stuff and welcome
  12. welcome Jamie some sweet builds there. and my buddy Paul would die for your 1.1 so would i for that matter.
  13. i agree totaly.i was going to say the exact same thing. its a super diorama of a shop most anyone would love to have.
  14. taken at nnl east on the diorama board. http://www.modelcars...showtopic=57666
  15. thought a couple of you might like to see the yard at nnl east. i took these pictures from the internet. some are a little to light but you should get the picture.my own pictures did not come out well so i am using these.the cars by the big brown barn are 1/18th scale. the rest are 24th and 25th
  16. i posted this on the 1:1 forum http://blog.hemmings.com/index.php/2012/04/12/ohio-man-busted-for-trying-to-sell-cloned-chevelle-z16-as-the-real-thing/
  17. i saw this on jss and it blew my mind what some will do to make a buck. http://blog.hemmings...the-real-thing/
  18. me to it is done to perfection.everything badluck says. its funny i don't have any vans in my junkyard i better get busy.
  19. this one was in a junkyard somewhere in jersey. going by the beer keg inside it may have been used as a party den one weekend.lol it is a danbury mint 24th scale holiday coupe repainted green and white.homemade tires/ real glass/aged and rusted.
  20. this is a wonderfull open diorama done with so much feeling. i love everything about it. to cool for words a man after my own heart. just great. B)
  21. a little while ago i posted some pics of this diorama that were a tad blurry. i said i would try to get some better pics so today i had it out and took a few i hope these are a little better.
  22. green is my favorite color so you know i like this one. very well done.
  23. to coool!! i like everything about it. great job
  24. good gosh what a great build. you are one lucky fella to have a wife that can get into modeling as you do. if thats her first model.!!!!!look out guys theres a new sheriff in town.
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