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  1. As it was an 'already started' kit I cleaned up the chassis, the 'Alitalia' decals were old, dark and seemed to be on a sheet of cardboard, I searched the web and found this 1:1 car to base it on.


    I only found one 'HF' decal in the stash, so had to find other 'white' decals.





    Three versions,


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  2. 40 minutes ago, dougwintz said:

    Hi PatW. This was from Beemax. The kit is the "Audi Sport Quattro S1 E2 Group B Audi Team Team sponsored by HB International - Monte Carlo Rally - Rallye Automobile de Monte-Carlo, Sanremo Rally 1985 and 1986"

    They are hard to find now...Spotmodel.com used to carry it at https://www.spotmodel.com/product_info.php?products_id=55980

    Now, I think the only place to get it is on Ebay. 

    Hope that helps. 

    Thanks for that Doug. I've recently bought the NuNu version. So I'll see how that one builds up.

  3. Revell Lancia Stratos. As the kit decals, possibly ten years plus old, look as if they on a piece of cardboard, I have taken a day or so searching through two or more boxes of decals. Having searched the web and seen a dark blue version of the car, have painted the body with a rattle can Plasti-Kote Dark Blue, have now laid up some decals.

    It is now under a coat of Plasti-Kote gloss clear.


  4. On 7/3/2023 at 3:13 AM, Bainford said:

    Nice conversion, Pat. I’ve been thinking of doing the same with mine. Did you have any problems?

    Thanks Trevor. No problems as such, look at plenty of pictures just remember to measure carefully before cutting anything (measure at least twice and cut once), body sides before and after rear wheel arch, chassis, transmission, exhaust etc.  On this or another site there is a shortening of the side window version (Revell was it?) To me the difficult bit was the roof as you can see on mine! 

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  5. On 3/28/2022 at 12:54 PM, Gramps46 said:

    1996 Joest TWR Porsche WSC 95  Wurz/Reuter/Jones Le Mans Miniatures

    The Porsche WSC-95 was a Le Mans Prototype originally built by Tom Walkinshaw Racing. It was modified by Porsche from the original Group C Jaguar XJR-14 from which it derived from and run by Joest Racing. Originally intended to race in the IMSA World Sportscar Championship, the WSC-95 saw very little race action even though it won the 24 Hours of Le Mans in both 1996 and 1997 without being acknowledged as a factory supported project. (Wikipedia)


    Very nice! Tom Walkinshaw had his race team about 20 miles from here, in nearby Oxford!

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