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  1. I'm waiting for Fotki to answer my complaint. With this on there each time I want to post another photo it opens an extra Album under this kit heading! Why is that? Instead of having one file/folder under Rolife Green house it opens another and another!

  2. Having built a greenhouse for my wife just ten years ago, she wants me to build another but a shade smaller! But this one won't be growing real tomatoes/cucumbers/chillies/flowers or peppers, just scale model versions!


     I completed the Greenhouse door today. A few problems during the build were: finding that the 'glass' was too small lengthways and opaque, plus the clear glue supplied has hardened slighly so difficult to get out of the squeezy bottle. So taking the top off and using cocktail stick to lift it out. I collect clear plastic retail packaging, so easy to measure and cut.


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  3. 3 hours ago, CabDriver said:

    One of my favorite things is parts lots - although I don’t pick them up THAT regularly.  Often they’re semi-destroyed built-ups of subjects that don’t interest me, but this little auction lot caught my eye…




    All kinds of cool little kustom parts - Appleton spotlights, Caddy bullet taillights, custom grills and wheels and AMT mini-trophies…I suspect most of these parts are from AMT kits actually but I’d have no idea which ones…

    Weeks of fun ahead sorting thru them looking for treasures! 😍

    All very nice but no tyres!

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  4. 4 hours ago, bobss396 said:

    Outside of shows and of course eBay, I have not seen a truck kit in stores in a long time. We had a close-out store that had tons of various kits. I bought up maybe 20 Louisville Ford box trucks, well over 50 of the green Craftsman (Quaker State) trucks for $1.97 each. 40 will fit in a shopping cart. 

    I had also grabbed those ERTL promo cars, they were $3 each then 2 for $5. On eBay I had 2 guys in a bidding war over a '68 Corvette that I had clearly advertised as being issued in 1995. That topped $60.

    The prices are right but to import one is nearly $30!

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