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  1. 5 hours ago, Joe Handley said:

    Yeah, between these and GM’s new EV SUVs, I’m not sure if the roads over there are big enough.  They’re all massive.

    Our EV charging network isn't extensive enough for everyone to have an EV anyway. Parts of London have a massive number of charger stations or on-street charging. More than the rest of the UK  put together. The cars are far too expensive and too heavy for our tarmac road surfaces.

  2. I bought this, dated 1986..


    I've built the chassis interior unit, now for the decals!


    Oh dear! I started with the front wing, and as you see Collapse! So I sprayed the sheet with a gloss clear, waited for it to dry. The bonnet and roof decals are fine but any decal with curves, collapse again! I'll cut the others down to 'flat service' and try again, but two decals already lost! I've found the email address for Fujimi to ask for another set of decals, but won't hold my breath! So I will remove the two side decals and see what I have left!

  3. The first coat of gloss clear highlights my first glaring blunder! With the body having primer, two coats of matt white undercoat and three coats of gloss blue, prior to the gloss clear going on I test fitted the windscreen as all windows fit in grooves from the outside, I will need to scrape out the paint around each window area! OR shave off around each 'Glass' to fit!


    Yes the decal down the side of the windscreen came away so some red paint will be carefully brushed in!

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