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  1. Thanks Trevor. I took a slice from behind the doors and at the end of the chassis after the spring hangers. The only thing to remember is to measure and measure  keeping all saw cuts at right angles. I had built it once after taking the first slice behind the doors and then realising it wasn't short enough, so cut through the body and chassis together upside down, keeping completely straight at right angles to the body. It's the first time doing this! I've seen so many top-chops on custom cars but far too scared to do it! But feel after this one I might, just might try one!

    Oh, ak have just bought out (just this week) a kit of an SWB Lanny but it's £35 here in the UK!  

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  2. Having already built one of these with the kit decals I chose a after market set by Renaissance purchased through Grand Prix Models here in the UK. It depicts the 911 driven by Patrick Snijers in the 24 Hours of Ypres in the same year 1984.




    And with it's brother car on the shelf..



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  3. Another build where using a new model of the 911, the NuNu version and adding early 911 rally decals, in this case from 1984 and the 24 hours of Ypres! As the shape of the 911 has evolved careful lay-up of the decals is needed. Some work to be done on the front wheel arch before finishing the build due to the decal being longer and having to be trimmed when wet. 


    Update: Note the Bastos decal on the white bar across the bonnet? That should be on the other door! I used my largest paint brush loaded with water and peeled it off and re-laid it in it's right place. The layout plans on the after market decals show all with a white background although some of the decals like the Bastos roof ones are red as you can see. The third red one should be across the bonnet so later laid that one in the correct place. More pics to come although out and about in Oxford tomorrow!

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