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  1. thank you! yes sir, gotta round up the bits first...
  2. Yours looks great great progress
  3. This is great! back in like '70-71, my mother got my father the Shelby Drag Team kits for his b Day.. he straight axled' it in no time.. I found it not too long in a box, I started re assembling it, not re doing it, i didnt post it for fear of retribution! May I HI JACK this thread with a pic soon?
  4. this looks sooo cool! Tim, was it YOU that did the tutorial in Street Rodder a LOOOOONG time ago about Chopping one of these?
  5. For me, a MAGICAL time in the funny car realm! beautiful car, Tim CRISP masking!
  6. i REALLY REALLY like it!
  7. The QUEEN of the classics, in all her Majesty! excellent! Superb!
  8. Great save... love the steelies on the back..
  9. Bravo! my FAVORITE Chevelle! Id like a green 70 LS-6 Convertible please
  10. I got 8 bucks on a friday morning in the summer for my allowance..... i walked to my LHS, chose this over the sister release of the Z/28... came home.. dug into it.. i was " tunnel ram BBC?, lakewood scatter shield?... solid front axle?... yours is SUPERB!!!!!
  11. i get a warm fuzzy MoPaR vibe from the Fins
  12. this is fantastic. I DID have a mowing customer with a falling down fence...as i mowed it each week i could see through to a yellow THING in the backyard. there was also one on C-List yesterday....
  13. fantastic job! i had it as a kid, i SWORE it said Piranha on the valve covers... my re -issue does NOT thoughts? comments?
  14. Love the hot side discoloration
  15. love that i was sooo let down with that kits valve covers..was hoping for more...
  16. very nice, loves me some 8- lug wheels!
  17. that TOP! uhh- mazin'
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