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  1. i love the way you cut the nose off leaving the rocker full length!
  2. love it.. is that Gapp & Roush Cleveland power?
  3. love it... was unaware!
  4. jus beautiful! In 1976 at the NSRA Street Machine Nationals in Tulsa, i saw it sitting outside, kinda beat up and showing cracked-in- process repairs... no one was looking at it. I was standing there thinkin to myself the sheer magnitude of it all...
  5. i love everything about it! my favorite part is the molding you put around the cockpit area on the trunk!!
  6. WOW, now i wanna pie-cut the nose of one of my johan mav's.....
  7. 1978 i got $8.00 allowance on a friday morning... i walked to the hobby shop , came home and started in on it, it was sooo cool to me!! i still have a few parts of it, i have another "parts" car as well. its getting re-issued? YES!
  8. oh yeah,... go with the tempest.. can we do half a 326? half a 671 half of a enderle you get the idea.
  9. LANDFILL!! LOL build it!! or dont! i have stashed away some "rare" kits... for WHAT? i might jus hack em up too....... I think my 32 yr old son appreciates my models.. I don't think he has the affection for them like I have for the ones I watched my father build when I was a wee lad...
  10. love it all when you filled in the hood parts, it reminded me oy father doin the same thing in 1:1 to our 57 Sedan delivery... i was 6.... good times!
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